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Lingo. Free Online Image Editing. Introduction - Material design - Material design guidelines. Get Great Logos, Brand & Mobile Design Now. Photos For Class - The quick and safe way to find and cite images for class! Checklist for Better Web Typography. Typography influences whether or not viewers read the content, as well as having a subtle effect on how they perceive your site.

Checklist for Better Web Typography

Choosing appropriate typefaces and controlling their presentation is critical to conveying your message. The following checklist serves to summarize the major points and to help you ensure you’ve done all you should before finalizing any web site you are creating. Use this navigation and jump directly to content : {Layout} {Typefaces and Formatting} {Content} {Graphic Text} 2015 Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet and Image Tricks. Editor’s Note: Find our updated image size cheat sheet for 2016 here.

2015 Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet and Image Tricks

Social media trends are hard to predict. You never know which social platforms will take off in a big way, which won’t, or what changes popular networks will make in the months ahead. One of the biggest trends we’ve seen in the past year is the importance of visual content. In 2014, visual-centric social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram continued to see their user count and engagement rate skyrocket. Today, 70 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram daily and 50 percent of Pinterest’s 30 billion pins were added in the last six months. Great visuals have become a crucial aspect of online marketing. How can you create the great images for your business’s social channels? One of the most important things you can do is keep track of the optimal photo dimensions for all the social media channels you use. We also pulled together some of our favorite tricks for using images on each of the top social networks. The 100 Best Infographics of the Last Decade.

Something Sketchy: A Beginner’s Guide to Storyboarding. Easy Alignment in Scribus. Resource Cards - Selected free resources for designers. Create Easy Infographics, Reports, Presentations.


15 Best Sites for Open Source Images. Recently, a teacher we know put together a concise and effective PowerPoint presentation which was well received.

15 Best Sites for Open Source Images

The only thing was that when the students inquired where the photos came from, the teacher said he searched for them using Google. The students replied, “You mean you stole them!” Some of the images still prominently displayed the watermark from iStock Photo. It looks like open source image sites weren’t a consideration here! Trust me, you don’t want to be in this position, especially if you are trying to teach the 21st Century Fluencies of Global Digital Citizenship. The lines have become foggy as the Internet blurs the lines of fair use copyright issues. Resources for Copyright: Google So let’s address the giant in the room: Google. When you pull up Google’s main page, you’ll see at the top left something that resembles this: Click “Images.” Go to the bottom right which shows Privacy, Terms, and Settings. It’s that simple! Creative Commons Pixabay.

Web Design

How to work with SVG icons. There are many ways to use SVG icons in HTML and CSS, and I haven’t tried them all.

How to work with SVG icons

This is how we do it in our small front-end team at Kaliop. It works well for our needs, which include: Content and communication websites, often based on big CMSes, rather than full-JS web apps.Icons which are often simple, single-color icons (each potentially used in several different colors depending on context and user interactions). Two-color icons are possible too.IE9+ support. Table of contents Preparing your icons When you get a SVG icon from a designer or from a graphics tool you use (Illustrator, Adobe Assets, Sketch, Inkscape, etc.), it’s tempting to just throw it into your project. Work with a new document or artboard Create a new document or new artboard in your favorite tool, and copy-paste your icon in the center. Square is easier Your icon doesn’t have to be square, but square icons are easier to work with (unless your icon or graphic is really wide or really tall).

Breezy on the sides. 10 best free fonts 2016. The best free fonts for Windows and Mac for you to download: serif and sans-serif, script, vintage and more.

10 best free fonts 2016

If you want to get your hands on the best free fonts, like Grand Hotel for free or Bariol for absolutely nothing, then look no further. We've collected the best free typefaces online, so you don't have to. Whether on a logo, a text-heavy website or an infographic, typography is a wonderful, flexible design tool to change how people feel when reading your content. It’s no surprise, then, that there is a hell of a lot of fonts. These fonts can be expensive - but good, cheap fonts hard to find, let alone great ones. Though selecting the right font for your project can take time, it is one of the most instantaneous ways to transform a design. We’ve kept the list short, to make sure we only feature the very best.

10 Tileable Seamless Paper Patterns - GraphicsFuel.