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Epiphone DR500MCE Masterbilt Review - Music Skanner. Only a decade or so ago Epiphone was still regarded as Gibson’s subsidiary that was tasked with producing instruments that were more affordable than what Gibson had to offer.

Epiphone DR500MCE Masterbilt Review - Music Skanner

The plan was to have a company that would deliver everything characteristic of Gibson guitars, except the sound, to those who wanted to have a Gibson guitar but couldn’t afford one. This way you could actually purchase a Les Paul copy that was directly licensed by Gibson, and wasn’t some no name knockoff. These days the things have changed drastically. Epiphone is slowly shedding their reputation, and building their own. Their instruments are improving in both quality and sound, which is attracting a much broader audience. >>Check out Roland TD11KV Customer Reviews on Amazon<< This can be attributed to the fierce competition in the segment of the market for which Epiphone was made to compete. Epiphone Masterbilt DR500MCE Review Features The neck is a one piece mahogany design which features their Slim Taper ‘D’ profile. Best Interface For Logic Pro X - Recording at Home - Music Skanner.

In terms of DAWs and music production, Logic Pro X is the most popular software used on Apple’s platforms.

Best Interface For Logic Pro X - Recording at Home - Music Skanner

Since a lot of recording studios and enthusiasts alike use Macs, it’s no wonder that Logic Pro X is so widespread today. If you know anything about Apple computers, you know that their hardware and software are pretty tough on compatibility with other devices and programs. You need to watch what you install and connect to your Mac in order to avoid compatibility issues. Finding the best interface for Logic Pro X is not too hard, but some devices work better than others. We have selected three audio interface models that we think are the best you can use with Logic Pro X. You see some familiar names on this list, and some that are known much outside the Apple community. Best Patch Cables for Pedalboard - When Good Signal Chain is Necessary - Music Skanner. In this day and age you can hardly do a stage performance that involves an electric guitar without having some sort of effects pedal in front of you.

Best Patch Cables for Pedalboard - When Good Signal Chain is Necessary - Music Skanner

In most cases it’s going to be at least a tuner, wah pedal, some kind of overdrive or distortion, compressor, and a delay. Figuring out the effects pedal order is a whole another dimension of guitar world, but one thing keeps coming up over and over. Patch cables. What sound you are going to get with your setup doesn’t only depend on the type of pedals you have in front of you, or what kind of pickups you have on your guitar. The connection between every single element in the chain, starting from the guitar and ending at the amp, can determine whether you will have great clarity in your sound or there is going to be some noise. Best Tube Practice Amp - Big Sound In a Small Package - Music Skanner. Tube amps have become extremely popular in recent years.

Best Tube Practice Amp - Big Sound In a Small Package - Music Skanner

When solid state and digital modeling amps became a thing, most of those who wanted to experience a decent sound at an affordable price saw them as a great way to get more for less. Only seasoned musicians with sizable budgets remained true to tube amps. These days the situation has changed. Tube amps spiked in popularity again and manufacturers are racing to deliver models that cater to every segment of the market. For a reasonable amount of money you can buy a low-power practice tube amp which you can use at home.

We’ve looked into these amps, and found three that might prove to be best tube practice amps for you. Best 61 Key Midi Controller - Fusion of New And Old - Music Skanner. MIDI controllers are becoming an irreplaceable part of any decent live performance setup.

Best 61 Key Midi Controller - Fusion of New And Old - Music Skanner

They are just too valuable, and offer the kind of control you will otherwise have trouble finding. Those who have some piano background will need something more than a regular MIDI controller can offer. They already have the experience and knowledge that can be applied to their music through a keyboard. Vox AC15CC1 Review - Legendary Tube Sound - Music Skanner. Small tube amps of limited power are quickly becoming more and more popular.

Vox AC15CC1 Review - Legendary Tube Sound - Music Skanner

Every manufacturer that can, has already launched a model of this kind of tube amplifier. This has only introduced a whole new group of users to tubes, which would otherwise still be running a solid state amp. Vox, one of the most popular manufacturers of guitar amps, saw this new situation as a great moment to revamp some of their old legends. One of the more notable amps they offer is the AC15CC1. Older generations of guitar players will probably know right away just how good this amp is. The revamped series we enjoy today share a lot of similarities with the original, and generally bring a legendary sound in a new package. Vox AC15CC1 Review. Best Speakers Under 500 - Music Skanner. If you’re used to listening to your favorite tunes on a cheap set of computer speakers, you are missing out on a lot.

Best Speakers Under 500 - Music Skanner

Not only are those speakers built to last a several years before they break or lose their quality, but they simply don’t have what it takes to reproduce the songs you like in a way they’ve meant to be heard. You don’t need to be an audiophile to notice the difference. One of the biggest misconceptions about audio equipment is that it has to be crazy expensive if you want something that is decent. While the price usually rises with the quality of audio equipment, it’s absolutely possible to find excellent speakers that won’t brake your bank account to pieces.

Our task today is to find the best speakers under 500 dollars. The three sets we have selected are in our humble opinion the best you can get under $500 at this moment. What Are The Best Speakers Under 500? Best Studio Monitors Under 1000 Dollars - Music Skanner. There is nothing more crucial for proper music production than a set of good quality studio monitors.

Best Studio Monitors Under 1000 Dollars - Music Skanner

With stuff like this, it all comes down to how much you’re willing to pay for the quality you need. Good equipment cots a lot of money, and sometimes we have to make compromises. For a home studio, or decent professional studio, you are looking at spending at least $1000 on a good pair of studio monitors. We’ve selected some of the very best studio monitors under 1000 dollars, which offer a refined experience necessary for you to hear every detail of your project.

Without further ado, let’s dig in. Best Midi Controller For Ableton - What To Get? - Music Skanner. Ever since MIDI became a thing in the ’80s, opening the possibility for all kinds of music software to be created, we’ve seen a lot of Digital Audio Workstations appear.

Best Midi Controller For Ableton - What To Get? - Music Skanner

Some of them never broke through, but others became legendary almost in an instant. When it comes to electronic music, Ableton Live is probably one of the most popular DAWs on the market. It has plenty of unique features that producers simply love. However, Ableton Live is special for one more reason. If you’re looking for a MIDI controller for Ableton Live, you will see some of these devices. Roland SPDSX Sampling Pad Review - Force Multiplier - Music Skanner. The evolution of technology has greatly impacted the world of music.

Roland SPDSX Sampling Pad Review - Force Multiplier - Music Skanner

Even the most conservative instruments such as drums have been touched by this new wave of improvement. First we saw electronic drum kits and everyone said they will never be on a level that is even close to a good old acoustic set. Needless to say, that changed. Best Guitar Amp Attenuators - When You Need to Reduce The Volume - Music Skanner. Amp attenuators are devices that solve a very old problem that is specific to tube amps. If you want good distortion, you have to crank the volume to the max. This has to do with the fact that power tubes provide the best sound once they are under maximum load.

So in general, the rule of thumb is that the quality of sound increases with the volume. However, it’s impossible to play on max volume all the time, especially with large tube amp stacks. You just overpower everything and your amp gets too loud. This is where power attenuators step in. Best Combo Amp For Metal - Small Package, Big Sound - Music Skanner. Metal is by far one of the most satisfying genres of music that you can play on an electric guitar. Whether it’s something spartan in nature like hardcore, or more technically demanding like death metal, the feeling of satisfaction is always there. With that said, you can’t play metal on any kind of setup if you want to get that thick distortion sound.

Sure, a guitar with a nice set of active humbuckers is preferred, but it’s not absolutely necessary. What is necessary is a good amp, and a good distortion. When we say good distortion, we’re talking about a good overdrive/distortion channel on the amp, or a good distortion stomp box. If this is something you are trying to do, stay with us as we embark on a mission to find the best combo amp for metal. Basic Blues Riff: Blues 101 - Music Skanner. Blues is about the only genre of music that was able to express the emotions, pain and suffering of those who wrote it in a way that shared some of those heavy feeling with the listener. Roots of blues are set in one of the darkest times of American history. It was invented and made popular by African American slaves who worked the fields in the South.

After a hard day’s work, they would gather around and play blues on crude instruments to relieve some emotion. For a long time, blues was a closely guarded secret. It only made it’s way into mainstream music sometime during ’30s and ’40s thanks to the popularization of Delta blues in Mississippi Delta. One of the most beautiful things about blues is that every region influenced this genre in its own way, giving us an array of similar but ultimately different styles of blues which we enjoy today. Best Amplifier Brands - Who Makes The Best Stacks? - Music Skanner. There are many companies from all around the world who make guitar amps today. They come in all different shapes and sizes, use different technologies, and offer different features. Most Popular Guitar Pedals - Legends of Guitar Tone - Music Skanner. Just how big of an impact guitar pedals in general had on music in past decades is hard to fully describe.

Every new type of pedal that appeared expanded the existing sound with a whole new dimension. Now let’s go one step deeper and say that every model of every type of pedal had its own little twist. How each of these pedals reacted with one another multiplied the type of sound musicians could create to a ridiculous amount. Naturally, some pedals were more popular than others, while few were so loved they reached a legendary status.

Today we will try to name some of the most popular guitar pedals in history. Most Popular Guitar Pedals Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer. Roland TD-30 KV Review - Elite Electronic Drum Kits - Music Skanner. When you ask them, most drummers will be critical of electronic drum kits. They will say that nothing sounds like the real thing, and that there is no substitute for wood. No matter how advanced electronic drum kits become, this sentiment will be hard to change. At this moment, if you look at entry level electronic drum kits, you can understand where this opinion is coming from. 15 Watt Tube Amp - Low Powered Beasts - Music Skanner. Modeling and solid state amps have their benefits, and have definitely changed the playing field when they showed up.

They are affordable, bring a decent sound, and support a whole array of features that make them the optimal choice in most cases. Some of these amps even come with digital amp emulation, and allow you to choose between dozens of different sounds. However, tube amps still rule the guitar world. This old technology has withstood the test of time, and is still the preferred choice of the majority of professionals in the field. Best Combo Bass Amp - Powerful But Portable Sound - Music Skanner.

In a way, combo bass amps have become the standard. Unless you are playing on a large stage, a decent combo amp will give you all the power you need to cut through the mix. Best Drum Set Under 1000 - Which One To Get? - Music Skanner. Drums are one instrument where it really matters what kind of set you get. There is a lot of things you need to pay attention to, from the quality of the wood, to the type of techniques used to construct the drums. Best Multi Effects Pedal Under 200 - Affordable Effects - Music Skanner.

Until the mid ’90s, the only way you could have any kind of distortion was to get an effects pedal of some sort. While this is still the standard around the world, it takes a lot of money to create a pedalboard full of distortion and effects that will satisfy all of your needs. Roland VG99 Review - Guitar Processing At Its Best - Music Skanner. Guitar effects processors appeared in mid ’90s and completely turned the world of guitar effects upside down. Inl MB20 Cymbals - Every Metal Drummer's Wet Dream - Music Skanner. When it comes to drums on any given track, nothing can give the whole song a specific character more than cymbals. They can make a calm track sound aggressive and vice versa. Meinl is on of several companies that have been making some of the best cymbals for years.

Along with Zildjian and few others, they have constantly been pushing the advancement of cymbal design, technology and sound. When they release a new set on the market, it’s no wonder the eyes of the whole industry are on them instantly. Boss ME70 Review - Effects On a Budget - Music Skanner. Even after all this time, effects processors are still regarded as one of the most efficient means of having access to guitar effects. Best Guitar Amp Head - The Masters of Stage - Music Skanner. Guitar amps come in sizes and flavors. You have tube and modeling amps, combos and amp heads, low watt versus high watt amps, and so on. Each one of these is built with a specific purpose in mind. Overall, the best of the best, the absolute heavy weight champions of electric guitar amplifications are going to be amp heads.

Best Headphones For Recording - Hi Fidelity Audio - Music Skanner. When it comes to music production and recording, there are multiple factors that need to come together for a project to be good. Aside from your knowledge as a producer, and your creativity, you also need decent gear to work with. Roland SP404 Review - The Dying Breed - Music Skanner. Cajon Drum Reviews - Unusual Percussion Instruments Worthy of Praise - Music Skanner. Pioneer CDJ350 - New Kid On The Block - Music Skanner. Pioneer CDJ350 - New Kid On The Block - Music Skanner. Pioneer DDJSB Review - Lightweight Heavy Hitter - Music Skanner. Akai APC 20 Review - A True Performer - Music Skanner. Best Portable MIDI Keyboard - Creativity on The Go - Music Skanner. Alesis DM5 Review - Drumming On The Go - Music Skanner. Best Audio Interface For Home Studio - Music Skanner. Gibson Memphis ES339 Review - One And Only Jazz Axe - Music Skanner.

Roland SP404SX Review - Long Expected Upgrade - Music Skanner. DW5000 Series Review - Pushing The Limits - Music Skanner. VST Plugin Nexus - Abundance of Quality Sound - Music Skanner. Lemmy Signature Bass - Rickenbacker Tribute - Music Skanner. Audio Interface USB 3.0 - Is The Technology Mature Yet? - Music Skanner. EMG Quick Connect - Modding Made Easy - Music Skanner.

Dorian String Tricks - Expanding Your Technique - Music Skanner. Prince Guitar Rig - One Legend's Unique Style - Music Skanner. Fender Stratocaster Aerodyne Review - Little Known Japanese Beast - Music Skanner. Best Guitar Amps for The Money - Music Skanner. Best Studio Monitors Under 300 Dollars - Music Skanner. Finding The Best Small Amps - Music Skanner. Dave Grohl Guitar Rig - Music Skanner. Best Tube Amps Under 500 - Music Skanner. How To Become a Better Drummer - Music Skanner. Essential Guitar Pedals - Music Skanner. Order Of Effects Pedals - Music Skanner. Guitar Dimensions - Bigger is Not Always Better - Music Skanner. Gibson Signature Series Review - Gibson's Dark Secret - Music Skanner. Best Overdrive Pedal For Tube Amp - Music Skanner. Best Acoustic Guitars - 2017 - Epic Guide - Music Skanner. Electric Guitar Bridge Types - Music Skanner. Electric Guitar Bridge Types - Music Skanner. Best Speakers For Music Production - Music Skanner.

Top 3: Best Cheap Condenser Mics - Music Skanner. Best Electric Guitars - 2017 - Epic Guide - Music Skanner. Peavey Windsor Head Review - Stripped Down Beast - Music Skanner. Schecter Tempest Blackjack Review - Classy Brute - Music Skanner. Ibanez Montage Guitar - Bringing the Future Closer - Music Skanner. Best Bass Guitars - 2017 - Epic Guide - Music Skanner. Best Electronic Drums Under $1000 - Music Futures. Best Budget Electronic Drum Sets - Music Futures. Best Electronic Drums for the Money - Our top 3 list. Best Beat Machines for Beginners. Alesis Performance Pad Pro Review - Music Futures. Database Error. Best Delay Pedals for the Money - Music Futures. Best Overdrive Pedals for Tube Amps - Music Futures. Epiphone Les Paul Standard Review - Music Futures.

Best Gibson Les Paul for the Money - Music Futures. Blackstar HT 20 Head Review - Music Futures. Best Looking Acoustic Guitars - Our Top 3. Ibanez AS93 Review - Music Futures. Epiphone Masterbilt DR 500MCE Review. Best Bass Combo Amps Under $500. Best Guitar Amps Under $1000 - Look our Top 3. Best Overdrive Pedals for Tube Amps - Music Futures. Epiphone Les Paul Standard Review - Music Futures. Best Looking Acoustic Guitars - Our Top 3. Best 12-Inch Subwoofers for the Money - Don't miss our Top 3. Best Acoustic Electric Guitars for Under $1000 - Music Futures. Best Studio Monitors Under $1000 - Music Futures. Best Studio Monitors for the Money - Music Futures.

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