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Slave training

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What Is Slave Training? By lunaKM on February 24, 2009 In this week’s video tip I talk about what training is to a submissive and the value it has to a D/s relationship.

What Is Slave Training?

When someone thinks of slave training, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Is it a submissive on their knees going through the paces that their Dominant puts them? Is it Gorean-style positions and changes in speech? What Is Slave Training? Slave Positions. For purposes of expedience, not exclusion, this page is written from a Master / female slave perspective.

Slave Positions

The slave positions outlined here are common to many different protocols and would be applicable to both male or female slaves alike. Author John Norman did a good job in describing most of these positions in his Gor series of books, and those who practice Gorean protocols will be quick to recognize most of them. However this is not a page about Gorean positions specifically. It is because of the large number of Gorean enthusiasts that have shared information on the Internet about slave positions that the Gorean names for these positions have become well known, and as such, are in common usage outside of less open protocols.

The Enslavement Training Theory; Setting Goals & MotivationB.E.S.T. slave Training Guide. The B.E.S.T. slave training guide is based on changing a slave’s behavior, emotion, self-image and thinking. gaged slave – Image by China Hamilton Slave training teaches a slave the proper ways to serve and obey her Master.

The Enslavement Training Theory; Setting Goals & MotivationB.E.S.T. slave Training Guide

The slave is guided through a process of change. The purpose of this part is to encourage thought about theoretical concepts for training and not procedures. Submissive's Sample Set of Positions for Memorization by Author Unknown. Experience BDSM Slave Training In The Privacy Of Your Own Home.  BDSM lifestyle - slave training - Master slave - domination. Slave Check List. The process of becoming slave requires several things, including: 1. Learning complete obedience. Slave Training information,  BDSM lifestyle , submission. This is intended to be relationship based on trust between consenting adult.

slave Training information,  BDSM lifestyle , submission

Anything else is abuse and not what this website is about. Torture to obtain submission has no place in the lifestyle and is a violation of law. Slave Training. Training a Slave. These pages are currently under (sporadic) heavy work and thought, so please excuse the broken links and unfinished thoughts At this time I am seeking select girls/women to train in any of my areas of interest.

Training a Slave

Please contact me if you'd like to talk about learning from me (Limited time offer, no purchase necessary, not all interested parties will be a mutual match, conversation/interest does not imply obligation to follow through by either party ;) There are many different philosophies behind training and even more approaches to doing it. Here I shall try to explain things in both as general a way as I can, while pointing out as many specifics and variations as I am aware of, as well as explaining my own feelings and approaches. Slave Training information,  BDSM lifestyle , submission.

Slave Positions. Experience BDSM Slave Training In The Privacy Of Your Own Home. Becoming a slave - Slave Training information,  BDSM lifestyle , submission. What Is Slave Training?