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University of the Arts London - The UK's leading arts university

University of the Arts London - The UK's leading arts university

London celebrates Jean Paul Gaultier Ad campaign for the fin de siècle collection, Women’s prêt-à-porter spring /summer 1995; art direction and photography: Jean Paul Gaultier Artist Frank Bowling donates two new scholarships to MA Fine Art at Chelsea Hamish McLain - MA Fine Art Desire and disgust: the inspirations, passions and guilty pleasures of artist and Chelsea alumnus Jonny Briggs Jonny Briggs.
Balancing the Air Conditioning in Workplaces Many organisations including local authority ICT departments require air conditioning units as part of their risk management procedures. Due to the amount of servers and computers that can occupy a single server or computer room, the heat build up needs to be maintained by an air conditioning unit. Expanding Universe Expanding Universe
De Montfort University - Leicester, UK | undergraduate, postgraduate and part-time education
Creative Writing and New Media Archive Creative Writing and New Media Archive This website contains online lectures delivered as part of the MA in Creative Writing and New Media at De Montfort University from 2006-2010. Visiting lectures, delivered online by leading practitioners across the world, were an integral part of the course. Teaching via video, Skype, chatrooms, slideshows, websites and plain old-fashioned discussion boards, the speakers outline the realities of working in new media; detail the rigorous creative and theoretical challenges, and celebrate the sheer pleasure of breaking new artistic ground in this dynamic medium.
Transliteracy Research Group Transliteracy Research Group At 3Ts 2013: Transliteracy from Cradle to Career in Saratoga Springs this week I learned some new things about transliteracy. 1. In What I Want, When I Want to Watch It: Brief Thoughts on Television Literacy in the Streaming World with Hollie Miller & Michele Forte, Hollie aka @theotherinside showed us a feature on Hulu Plus which allows you to choose between adverts. That means that when the ads come on - as they invariably do - if you don't like the one they're showing, you can choose a different ad from several on offer. Very interesting ad-based literacy - I've never been asked to consciously choose my own ads before, even though I know I'm already trading off that information on many of my social media platforms.
Kate Pullinger - writer Kate Pullinger’s new novel Landing Gear, will be published in the UK and Canada in April 2014, in the US in May 2014. Landing Gear takes the story first developed in Kate’s work of digital multimedia, Flight Paths: A Networked Novel, and explores what happens to Harriet and Yacub after he lands on her car in a supermarket car park. Her novel The Mistress of Nothing, won the 2009 Governor General’s Literary Award for Fiction. Kate Pullinger - writer
Here are my slides from 3Ts 2013: Transliteracy from Cradle to Career, held at Empire State College in Saratoga Springs on 15 March 2013. Thanks to Tom Mackey and Michele Forte and their colleagues for a very stimulating and enjoyable event. We talked about many things in the course of the day and I tried to keep a note of all the links I needed to pass on. Here, in no particular order, are the items I think I promised to share. Do contact me if I missed anything. Sue Thomas Sue Thomas
The IOCT is a university-wide research institute that concerns itself with the practice, theory and history of creative technologies. All its projects are either interdisciplinary (applying the methods from one discipline to another), multidisciplinary (teams from various disciplines combining to investigate a research question) or transdisciplinary (across and beyond all disciplines). IOCT Research focuses upon three areas: Creative Computing The Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK The Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK