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United States Patent and Trademark Office. Intellectual Property Office - Design right gives automatic protection of an original design. Patent search - Patent Attorneys - Patent Applications - Patent Sale. Upload & Share PowerPoint presentations and documents.

Star Delta connections regarding motors - Electricians Forum. Star Delta can be a little confusing, so you're not alone.

Star Delta connections regarding motors - Electricians Forum

I know sparks who won't even touch it! The above image is of alternative wiring. Double-Tongued Dictionary. Starting today, the Double-Tongued Dictionary is now a part of A Way with Words!

Double-Tongued Dictionary

That means that more than 18,000 dictionary records are now at home here and searchable from the top of every page. These are undocumented or under-documented words from the fringes of English, with a focus on slang, jargon, and new words — and we’ll keep adding to them. Browse the dictionary here or search its contents. History of Double-Tongued Dictionary In 2004, when Grant Barrett was a newbie lexicographer (and not yet the A Way with Words co-host), he needed a sandbox to practice lexicography. So, he created a site he called Double-Tongued Word Wrester, a name he took from a citation under the entry for word in the Oxford English Dictionary. Since then, the Oxford English Dictionary has also added Grant’s print dictionary, the Official Dictionary of Unofficial English, which was based on the Double-Tongued Dictionary site, as a citation for word-wrester, right next to his original source for the term.

How To Grow Sweet Potatoes? Growing Sweet Potatoes The Easy Way. How To Grow Sweet Potato Vines At Home Growing Sweet Potatoes is very easy in tropical and sub tropical climates.

How To Grow Sweet Potatoes? Growing Sweet Potatoes The Easy Way

(And not difficult in cool climates, either.) Tropical Permaculture Gardens: Growing Fruits And Vegetables The. THE CENTER FOR POTATO RESEARCH IN HOT CLIMATES - Home Page. The Socialist Party of Great Britain homepage index. Labour's electoral victory, 70 years ago this month, was a strange sort of revolution.

The Socialist Party of Great Britain homepage index

Since 1940, the Labour Party had been in power as part of the wartime coalition. 1945 saw them merely increase their share of the political cake. Clement Attlee, for instance, previously Deputy Prime Minister under Churchill, moved up a step. Similarly, Herbert Morrison, who had run the home front during the war, continued to run the home front during the peace. Morrison, Home Security during the war, stepped into Attlee's shoes as Deputy Prime Minister. Amongst rank and file Labour MPs elected in 1945, there were dozens of majors and lieutenants - the officer class – and not a single private.

Labour's crowning glory of '45 is seen as the creation of the so-called welfare state, in particular the National Health Service. The difference between star and delta wiring systems? - Yahoo! U. Take a look at the attached reference. 3-phase motors have three windings.

The difference between star and delta wiring systems? - Yahoo! U

On some motors, all six ends are brought out (2 ends per winding). On those motors, it is possible to connect the three windings such that they form a triangle shape (this is the DELTA configuration), or a radial shape that sort of looks like the letter Y (the WYE or STAR configuration). One then connects the three power leads from your 3-phase source to three points in those configurations. In some motors, the windings are already connected in delta or wye within the motor, and only three leads are brought out for connection of power. iTunes U, Education. Creative Commons. Welcome to Fair Trade Volunteering. Growing Vegetables (And How To Grow Vegetables in Hot Weather) Growing vegetables is a bit of a challenge for many people who newly move to a tropical climate.

Growing Vegetables (And How To Grow Vegetables in Hot Weather)

Even readers in subtropical climates struggle with growing vegetables in hot weather. No wonder. Most of the vegetables we are familiar with are most comfortable in a European or North American climate. We're all familiar with tropical fruits and exotic herbs and spices. But when growing vegetables in the tropics, everybody seems to fall back onto the usual lettuce/cucumber/tomato combo... Now, you CAN grow those vegetables in the tropics. But the best thing you can do if you want to grow vegetables in a tropical climate is to simply switch to growing tropical vegetables. United Nations warned that corruption is undermining grants to s. The following correction was printed in the Observer's For the record column, Sunday 11 July 2010 We have been asked to clarify that the reduced emissions from deforestation and degradation (Redd) scheme featured in this article is not, as we stated, "in the hands of the World Bank".

United Nations warned that corruption is undermining grants to s

It is a scheme shared by a partnership of countries and organisations that are committed to mitigate climate change by reducing carbon emissions. A revolutionary scheme backed by the World Bank to pay poor countries billions of dollars a year to stop felling trees is the best way to stop logging and save the planet from climate change, according to wealthy countries and conservationists, yet documents seen by the Observer show the plan is actually leading to corruption and possibly more logging. Under Redd, 37 mainly tropical countries have requested more than $14bn in grants from rich countries by 2015 in return for cutting their carbon emissions from logging and other forestry activities.