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Nebulas y sombras

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Mexico’s Narco Cultura: Glorifing Drug War Death and Destruction. There’s something bothering Edgar Quintero, lead singer of the Mexican-American band Buknas de Culiacan, which specializes in songs that glorify Mexican drug kingpins.

Mexico’s Narco Cultura: Glorifing Drug War Death and Destruction

Quintero lives in Los Angeles with his family and he’s a star in his increasingly popular musical genre, which is a little like the gangster rap of Mexico. But, as filmmaker and photographer Shaul Schwarz shows in his feature-length documentary Narco Cultura, Quintero can’t shake the feeling that he’s faking it. He sings about people and events he knows – and in slang he learns – mainly from the Internet. He yearns to cross the border and see the real Mexico. For Quintero, the real Mexico is the state of Sinaloa, home to the world’s deadliest drug cartel, and perhaps the last corner of the country most tourists would choose to visit.

Shaul Schwarz. Time & Space. Home. Photographer. Home. Adorama. Is there an audience for an $8,000 camera that only shoots in black-and-white?


Mason Resnick got his hands on one of the first Leica M Monochrom cameras to land in the US. La visión de Pierre Gable, fotógrafo ganador de HIPA - Camaramagazine. - ¿Dónde estabas y qué estabas haciendo antes de ganar HIPA?

La visión de Pierre Gable, fotógrafo ganador de HIPA - Camaramagazine

- Trabajaba en la fotografía, particularmente editando portadas de libros de literatura y de revistas. También trabajaba en una agencia para conciertos y para un músico, Pop-Rock. Me gustaba. Cuando el amor falla, ¿por qué no salir contigo mismo? Estar en una relación puede ser bastante apestoso.

Cuando el amor falla, ¿por qué no salir contigo mismo?

Como si tu propia incapacidad de lidiar con el mundo que te rodea no fuera suficiente, activamente decides limitarte a las locuras de otras personas, lo que me parece una cosa extrañamente masoquista en la que se clavó todo el planeta. René Burri - Paris Photo Agenda. Nov 06, 2013 — Nov 23, 2013 Esther Woerdehoff Paris Fair Exhibitor 36, rue Falguière75015 paris galerie@ewgalerie.comT +33 (0)9 51 51 24 Opening reception, book signing and lecture: Wednesday, November 6, from 6pm to 9pm.

René Burri - Paris Photo Agenda

The photographer will be present. René Burri, historical member of the Magnum agency, always carried along at least two cameras. Araki - Paris Photo Agenda. Oct 17, 2013 — Dec 07, 2013 in camera Paris Fair Exhibitor 21, rue Las Cases75007 paris contact@incamera.frT +33 (0)1 47 05 51 in camera is pleased to present, in collaboration with the curator Caroline Trausch and Zen Foto Tokyo, an exhibition of vintage and recent prints of Nobuyoshi Araki, chosen from different series which covers the last forty years of his work.

Araki - Paris Photo Agenda

Nobuyoshi Araki was born in Tokyo in 1940. He grew up in the district of Minowa, downtown Tokyo. Antonio Turok Photography, Oaxaca, Mexico. “Conviviendo con la muerte” Por: Daniel Aguilar.

“Conviviendo con la muerte”

Magnum Photos Photographer Portfolio. CUBA. 1964.

Magnum Photos Photographer Portfolio

Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Now You See It - Photo Gallery. La historia perdida de Robert Capa en México. Keith Dannemiller Photographer Mexico. Edgar Ramirez. Tod Papageorge. Capturing Moments of Complete Disorientation: Interview with Mark Powell by Todd Gross. Eric’s Note: I am excited to share this interview as a collaboration between Todd Gross (Quarlo) and Mark Powell (locaburg).

Capturing Moments of Complete Disorientation: Interview with Mark Powell by Todd Gross

I first discovered Mark Powell’s work through Todd Gross- who has been a big fan. I thought it might be a great idea to have Todd interview Mark – as he knew his work far better than I did. Enjoy the interview and images below! Todd: I’m pretty sure it was my friend, Eliot Shepard who first tipped me off to Mark Powell’s work on Flickr way back in 2004. I was immediately struck by the unique atmospherics and equally out there cast of characters present in the photos.

I had the good fortune of meeting Mark on a couple of occasions and his personality certainly mirrors his work–vivacious, affable, inquisitive and a touch bent. 1) Can you tell us a little about your background? Mark Powell. I grew up in Bay City, Michigan, a small industrial town on the Saginaw Bay. I later moved to Detroit and bought an old fixer upper house and was excited to be in the city. Centro de la Imagen. La mirada del arte es inaprehensible, inexplicable, impenetrable.

Centro de la Imagen

Cuanto mejor es una foto, resulta más evidente que el lugar desde el que se mira y lo que se mira constituyen opciones radicales. No importa lo que fotografíe, Antonio Turok siempre lo hará como si estuviera en el frente de una batalla. Sopitas. Hoy es el último día del Corona Capital en su edición 2013 y en hemos estado trabajando arduamente para que puedan disfrutarlo, hicimos de todo, desde regalar pases, hasta subir reseñas para que vean cómo se puso. Ahora vamos a mostrarles una entrada más histórica para que vean cómo estuvo el primer concierto masivo mexicano: el Festival Rock y Ruedas de Avándaro. Si tienes la idea de que tus padres o abuelos eran unos «ñoñazos» en su juventud, piénsalo dos veces antes de juzgarlos, porque, probablemente pudieron haber ido a rockear al Festival de Avándaro, que en los 70 fue EL CONCIERTO en nuestro país, se celebró el 11 y 12 de septiembre de 1971 (justo después de las Matanzas del 2 de octubre del 68 y del jueves de Corpus del 71 ) y reunió a más de ¡250 000 personas!

Algunos lo han llegado a llamar el Woodstock mexicano. (Foto: Archivo Pedro Meyer) Amazing Miniature Scenes Shot with Model Cars, Forced Perspective and a $250 P&S. Model maker/collector and photographer Michael Paul Smith is a master at recreating incredibly accurate outdoor scenes using his extensive die-cast model car collection and forced perspective. Mixing up miniature cars, detail items and buildings into a scene whose backdrop is the real world, he shoots the gorgeous miniature vistas of the town he has created and named “Elgin Park” — and he does it all with a cheap point-and-shoot.

Lara gasparotto – under the sheets. Las fotos que Hitler quiso destruir. World Press Photo. This project, by American photographer Stephen Ferry, was supported by the Tim Hetherington Grant, a joint initiative of World Press Photo and Human Rights Watch. Violentology: A Manual of the Colombian Conflict documents Colombia’s internal armed conflict with a focus on human rights and the struggle of Colombian civilians to resist the violence, often at great risk to their own lives. The project also looks at the history and current dynamics of the war in Colombia, while exposing the role of the distinct parties in the conflict.

Colombia is experiencing one of the longest-running guerilla wars in the world with over 3.5 million people forced to flee the violence. Ferry saw that no comprehensive photographic work existed on the war and decided to move to Colombia. Now, after a decade of photographic fieldwork, the project will be widely distributed across three platforms: an exhibition; a book; and selected chapters in the form of booklets free of charge available as a PDF. Magnum In Motion. Matt eich – fear & self loathing in america. Hover over the image for navigation and full screen controls ESSAY CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENT EPF 2013 shortlist Matt Eich Fear & Self-Loathing in America play this essay For the last eight years I have catalogued the American experience in pictures, trying to understand this country by focusing on specific places, on community and on the issues they embody. My generation lives in a constantly changing world, swept down a river of information with our eyes to the future and a shrinking awareness of the past.

Fuego, camina conmigo.