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Lesson 2 - From 1945 to 1991; a global power in the Cold War

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Cold War to Gulf War Terms and Concepts Flashcards. Cold War Quiz Flashcards. Extracts,Cold War Elea. TRUMAN. EISENHOWER. KENNEDY. JOHNSON. NIXON. CARTER. REAGAN. Truman doctrine and Marshall Plan - Sabrina, Julia. Video- The Truman Doctrine. Berlin Blockade and Berlin Airlift. Berlin airlift. Video: The Berlin Airlift. McCarthyism (Mathis and Marie A) Video: The Red Scare. The Korean War Marie. Video: What is Domino Theory? Vietnam War - Tristan. Video: Vietnam, introduction. The Cuban Missile Crisis - Sarah & Solène. Political cartoon analysis. Video: The history of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The arms race -Lou Ann. The Space race - Honorine. Video: Who won the space race? The Berlin Wall - Antoine & Grégory.

Video: The Berlin Wall (1961 - 1989) Reagan and the collapse of Communism- Marina & Léa.