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Postmortem ‘I am sitting here this morning,’ announced the magistrate, ‘as the coroner assigned to assist the police in their investigations. The task of this court is to establish the cause of the death of Ms Democracy. The relatives of Democracy, commonly known as Citizens, have claimed that she died as the result of a vicious attack on Democracy by Dictatorship. Kalaki's Korner Kalaki's Korner
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Name NGO leaders being funded by the opposition over the constitution, Government challenged The Grand Coalition on the Constitution comprising of civil society, student movement, activists and other stakeholders has demanded that Information Minister Mwansa Kapeya immediately releases the names of the organisations.. PF will manage IDC better than INDECO -Shamenda Livingstone pupils find it hard to embrace the new curriculum delivered in local language. SOME pupils in Livingstone have complained of difficulties to embrace the new education curriculum which involves teaching in local languages. A grade four pupil at Zambezi basic school in Livingstone,.. Zambia | Lusaka Times Zambia | Lusaka Times