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The World Coup - THIEFA vs Brazil [RAP NEWS 26] Impromptu Robert Foster performance at the Free Julian Assange Rally in Melbourne on 10 Dec. 2010. Rap News LIVE @ Julian Assange Rally. WikiLeaks parody of MasterCard ad... priceless. The War on Terra - Canada vs Australia [RAP NEWS 17] Australian Election: A Game of Polls [RAP NEWS 20] "The News" - [RAP NEWS 21: S02E01] - feat. Sage Francis. The Energy Crisis. Crimea: Media War Games - feat. Abby Martin [RAP NEWS 23] RAP NEWS 11: Australia Day (with Ken Oathcarn) RAP NEWS 12: Yes We KONY? RAP NEWS 13: A News Hope. Juice Rap News - Episode 14 - Higgs Boson Unbound. RAP NEWS 15: Big Brother is WWWatching You. RAP NEWS 16: OBAMA v ROMNEY - the Final Presidential Debate: RAP NEWS 6 - Wikileaks' Cablegate: the truth is out there. RAP NEWS 7: #Revolution spreads to America (#OccupyWallSt) - w Pilger, Mahfouz & Glenn Beck.

RAP NEWS 8: Osamacide. RAP NEWS 9 - The Economy w. Ron Paul & Peter Joseph. RAP NEWS X - #Occupy2012. RAP NEWS 1: NASA bombs the moon. RAP NEWS 2: OBAMA wins Nobel War is Peace Prize. RAP NEWS 3: Lord Monckton rap-battles Al Gore on Climate Change. RAP NEWS 4: Wikileaks v The Pentagon - WWWAR on the Internet. RAP NEWS 5: News World Order - the war on journalism (ft. Julian Assange)