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Visualize & Publish Maps. For over a decade, Stamen has been exploring cartography with our clients and in research.

These maps are presented here for your enjoyment and use wherever you display OpenStreetMap data. Toner These high-contrast B+W (black and white) maps are featured in our Dotspotting project. They are perfect for data mashups and exploring river meanders and coastal zones. Available in six flavors: standard toner, hybrid, labels, lines, background, and lite. Available worldwide. Terrain Orient yourself with our terrain maps, featuring hill shading and natural vegetation colors. Available in the USA only. Watercolor Reminiscent of hand drawn maps, our watercolor maps apply raster effect area washes and organic edges over a paper texture to add warm pop to any map.

Burning Map The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! Requires a WebGL-enabled browser, such as Google Chrome. Mars?? Yes, Mars. Trees, Cabs & Crime Trees, Cabs & Crime started off as a weekend hack and ended up in the Venice Biennale. ModestMaps. Google Maps Free Alternatives « Fubra. We love Google products much like why we love Apple here at Fubra (apart from those who don’t believe in the great Steve Jobs), they work and work well.

Google Maps Free Alternatives « Fubra

But recently they made a change to their Maps API that caused us to rethink our mapping strategy drastically. Since October, Google introduce a clause in their usage terms that states that if you do go over 25000 user sessions a day then they can start charging you a fee for use. Not such a big deal some may say and Google did note in their developer blog… Based on current usage, only the top 0.35% of sites will be affected by these limits, meaning that the Google Maps API will remain free for the vast majority of sites.— Google Developer Blog On the usage statics from a post last year on their blog that means 1225 sites will be affected (probably more).

One of our sites, World Airport Codes, is one of those sites. So our search for a replacement started! Javascript Map API Map Tile Service Putting it Together To something like this: MapQuest. OSM terrain layer. I’ve been working on a new OpenStreetMap base map, using recent experiments in vector processing and elevation rendering, and modeled on some of the characteristics of Google’s terrain layer.

OSM terrain layer

There are screen shots here, and an actual tile layer Real Soon Now. Many months ago Nelson Minar prodded me to think about an open-source alternative to the Big G’s terrain map, and after some initial experiments with hill shading based on an old post of mine from three years ago, I started working on a more extensible set of stylesheets and TileStache layers. It usually doesn’t take long for me to overthink a project, so this simple task turned into kind of a behemoth that’s I’m just managing to bring in for a landing now.

(all images are links to large versions) The image above includes a few details worth calling out: There are non-generic shields on the highways. The shields and labels are both driven by some work I’ve been doing with Schuyler Erle on Skeletron. Sebastian Delmont - Google+ - Good bye, Google Maps… thanks for all the fish TL;DR: We… CartoDB. Envisioning life. Leaflet - a modern, lightweight JavaScript library for interactive maps by CloudMade. The style files.