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GeoCommons Maker! OpenStreetMap. WeoGeo Market. EROS Find Data. Geofabrik data Downloads. Our download server Our download server at has excerpts and derived data from the OpenStreetMap dataset available for free download.

Geofabrik data Downloads

Most of these files are updated every day – any change you upload to OpenStreetMap should be on our download server the next day. Geographic Regions Data on the download server is organised by region. The /openstreetmap directory contains files that have a whole continent's data in them, and for some continents there are subdirectories in which you find individual files for various countries. Please let us know if you are interested in other regional excerpts that we do not offer right now – we might be able to add them with little effort. Raw data (OSM source data) Files ending in ".osm.bz2" are bzip2 comressed OpenStreetMap raw data files.

Processing OSM raw data requires software. Shape Files Files ending in "" are shape files that you can process with almost any GIS software. License. GeoNames. Natural Earth.