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Is directory submission still effective in SEO? – Search Engine Optimization & SEO Daily Updates Blog. Here you can add your website to Multimeta Directory: In recent times, people have seen directory submission as a low priority in comparison with other SEO techniques. But backlinks are one of the most important parts and are essential for any website to rank well. However, you should always consider the quality of the links rather than the number.

Since the Penguin Update, SEO experts are now inclined to think twice about web directory submissions. These are thought to be spammy but, when done safely, there are a great foundation for your website, providing the dofollow backlinks. In order to make a directory submission safely, you should know what a directory is. Directory Submission & SEO Basically, directory submission is the process of submitting or listing your website under the relevant sub-category of the directory. Steps that should not be neglected SEO benefits: Like this: Like Loading... Use newspapers and magazines for your ads – Search Engine Optimization & SEO Daily Updates Blog. New submission to category: music – Search Engine Optimization & SEO Daily Updates Blog. Search engine optimization tip: Backlinks – Search Engine Optimization & SEO Daily Updates Blog. One of the most important factors for a large number of visitors to any website is: backlinks.

The more (good!) Links show to your website from other website the more visitors you will get from search engines like Google. It is important that the links come from reliable domains, sites and pages and that the sites are RELEVANT to your site. Otherwise search engines could even penalize your site in the search engine results if you have a large number of incoming links from not related sites. That means you should not add links in forums and blogs that are not related to your site. The best method is to write good and useful contents because people will like good contents at social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and others.

If you add your website to directories like Multimeta Directory you will also get relevant backlinks because your site will be added to special categories and subcategories that are VERY related to your site. Like this: Search Engine Optimization Hint: Offline advertising – Search Engine Optimization & SEO Daily Updates Blog. As you know, a high number of relevant backlinks to your site improves the exposure of your website in Google and other search engines. However, there are a lot of other methods that can be used to increase the number of your direct visitors and clients.

You can use newspapers, magazines, your own car and other methods. Use your own ideas. But do not neglect a powerful source of traffic and exposure: TV channels. If your company is a bigger one then it is no problem to buy a TV spot and advertise your website here. But for smaller companies and small business owners there are also always opportunities in smaller TV channels or at times that are not so popular and not so expensive. Try some TV niches and countries where you want to sell your products or services. For example, if you sell products or services to Germany, Austria or Switzerland: Check out the following list of German TV stations: Like this: Like Loading...

More visitors for your website from search engines and directories: Use keywords in your title – Search Engine Optimization & SEO Daily Updates Blog. Search engines and directories use their own algorithms for the listings of all websites in the search engine ranking pages (SERP). There are many important factors for these algorithms. The more of those factors you respect, the more visitors, clients and sales will you achieve now and in the future.

There are billions of websites and only the pages with good contents will get good results in search engine and directories. One of the most important factors for good results in SERP is the so-called “title”. The “title” is a “tag”. Use the right mouse button and select: View Source. Then you will find the title tag of Youtube that is very simple for the Youtube site: It contains only the text “YouTube”. Youtube is part of Google and well-known in the whole world. The title tag is invisible on the web page, it appears only on the top of your browser window (in some browsers). A better example is this site: View again the source of this page. Search Engine and Directory Hint: Take advantage of the max. length of your description – Search Engine Optimization & SEO Daily Updates Blog. One of the most important part of your website should be the so-called “description”. With regard to search engines like Google or Bing, “description” is invisible text that is hidden in the code of your website (HTML code).

This text is not visible on your website, but very important for search engines, because this part is show by search engines in their search engine results list. The “description” is a so-called Meta tag. It should have a length of 145-160 characters including spaces between the words. Do not use longer descriptions because any additional text will be cut-off by search engines, not visible in the search results lists and not considered for the ranking of your important keywords.

Use the most important keywords in your description but not more than once per keyword to avoid spamming. If you are not Google, Microsoft etc., we recommend to use very special (niche) keywords . The format of the meta tag “description” is the following: Example for Youtube: Like this: Directory hint of the day: choose the right category – Search Engine Optimization & SEO Daily Updates Blog. If you submit your site to Multimeta Directory, it will be very useful to choose the right category or suggest even a new category or subcategory.

Example: Category Business For most companies it will be far better to submit their website not to the main category business but to one of the many subcategories or suggest a new one that we will add if it will be confirmed. Many visitors browse the Directory and will find you in subcategories in a better way than in the main category Business. A new suggested category has the advantage of additional keywords that will appear in the new category/subcategory file name and the related meta description and title tags. Here you can add your site to Multimeta Directory: Like this: Like Loading... Search engine hint of the day: Links – Search Engine Optimization & SEO Daily Updates Blog. One of the most important factors for a good listing in search engines like Google, Bing etc. are links from other websites to your site.

But not as many as possible. It is important that the so-called inbound links (links that exist on other websites and lead to your site) are highly relevant. That means the contents of those websites should be similar to your contents. If not, Google can punish you by low rankings or ignore such links. That means you should avoid bad, irrelevant links and use good contents on your site to get high-quality links from your visitors.

Adding your website to Multimeta Directory and other directories is a good method for archieving quality links because your website will be listed only in a relevant, appropriate category or subcategory. You site will be added within 24 hours. You can add your site here: Like this: Like Loading... More visitors and clients by: your competitors – Search Engine Optimization & SEO Daily Updates Blog. Wouldn’t it be great if it would possible to get visitors, sales, clients – and money – from your competitors? How can this be possible? It is and the solution is very simple: If you add your website to Multimeta Directory you have to choose an appropriate category (or suggest one because Multimeta adds new and additional categories and subcategories continuosly).

Example: Category “Health” or subcategories: Check the description of the companies in this category. Every company uses a different description and title to explain their services and products. That’s logical because they have different businesses, products and services. Major search engines like Google and Bing crawl these category pages regularly and index them every day. The same thing happens if visitors use the search feature at Multimeta Directory: They use either your keywords or the keywords of your competitors or a combination of both. Like this: Like Loading...

Some hints when you submit your website to a web directory – Search Engine Optimization & SEO Daily Updates Blog. Guest article from L.: * Submit your website URL to the most appropriate category This point should be stressed though as it not only makes the directory webmaster’s job a little easier and therefore speeding up your listing, but also the major search engines like Google will look at the other web links. That is important for the web page you are listed on and if they are of a similar type theme to your own this can boost your rankings.

Multimeta provides you various categories like Business, Computers, Health, Education, Sports, Music, Travel etc.* Be patient for listing One point to remember about directories that provide a free or unpaid listing, keep patience. If you aren’t paying to be in the web directory, then your link listing has a low priority as compared to paid listings. Here you can submit your site to Multimeta Directory: Like this: Like Loading... More visitors, clients, buyers for your company by search engine optimization – Search Engine Optimization & SEO Daily Updates Blog. If you want to increase the number of online sales of your own company, no need more visitors, buyers and clients. This can be reached by optimization measures. There is a special term that describes all measures for achieving that goal: the so called search engine optimization (SEO). The most important thing is not to use the most important keywords for your company too much on your site or during directory submission.

If you use your keywords too much, directories and search engines can punish you by listing your site not well in their index or even removing you from their index and database. Write your website always for your clients and visitors – not for search engines. Use simple words and sentences that everybody can understand – not only specialists.

Try to get as many backlinks as possible because backlinks are the most important ranking factor. Why you should submit your site to Multimeta Directory? Example of a successful submission to Multimeta Directory: Like this: SEO hint of the day: be part of our Facebook SEO group – Search Engine Optimization & SEO Daily Updates Blog. SEO hint of the day: November 16, 2016: Domain age – Search Engine Optimization & SEO Daily Updates Blog. A very interesting part of the Google and Bing algorithm is: Domain age. That means the older your domain (website) is the better it is ranked in the results of the search engines. This is a logical and useful feature: User and visitors will have far more trust in old domains because criminal won’t use a domain for a long time.

And the second reason is that the company with an old domain has shown that it is successful on the market. If you have a new domain, you can not make it old, of course. Your domain will become older and older every day – the ranking and success of your important keywords in search engines like Google, Bing or Multimeta Directory will improve more and more. Here you can add your site to Multimeta Directory: In Multimeta Directory you will get also more visitors and clients if your domain becomes older. Like this: Like Loading... Importance of Web Directory Submission for SEO – Search Engine Optimization & SEO Daily Updates Blog.

Directory submission in SEO is the process of submitting your website URL to various business directories or web directories with the purpose to create backlinks. Backlinks are used by search engines to improve ranking. If you have more relevant backlinks to your website from relevant websites, the ranking of your website will improve. It is a powerful method to create back links. But, it takes a long time to get your website approved for back links. Or you have to purchase the paid version for quicker approval. Make sure to find high quality, authoritative and relevant directory sites and then submit. Relevance It is important that inbound links to your website come from relevant websites and directory categories. Tags The text that’s placed within the tag of your incoming links is one of the most important elements of building valuable inbound links. Make sure that you have a long term plan that you execute every month to improve your search engine rankings.

Like this: Like Loading... SEO hint of the day: Use your most important keyword in your URL – Multimeta's SEO Blog. One of the most important search engine ranking factors is “keyword in the URL”. That is very important for the listing in Multimeta Directory and for Google rankings. You should use it directly in the domain name, example: If you enter the keyword “used cars” in Google, you will find the site at the second place of the search results. Sometimes, it is not possible to use the keywords directly in the main domain name, for example, because the domain is already older. Example: You can see that the keyword “used cars” is still in the web address and the site has still a good listing in the Google index. That’s the same for Multimeta. Example keyword: “translations”: Here you can add your URL/website to Multimeta Directory (use your most important keywords!)

Here you can contact us for questions: Like this: Like Loading... Directory Submission vs. Pay per Click – Multimeta's SEO Blog. General Benefits of Website Submission to Multimeta Directory – Multimeta's SEO Blog. SEO hint of the day: November 12, 2016: Niche keywords – Multimeta's SEO Blog. SEO hint about keywords: Did you ever think about the keywords you use on your site, in your postings and advertisting?

In addition to your main keywords, do not forget niche keywords. If the business model of your company leads to permanent competitors, this can be the key to your sucess because you avoid to many competitors and can offer things that offer sites don’t have. Example 1: A flower shop should not advertise too much for “flowers” but for interesting, rare and expensive flowers. Keywords like “Venus flytrap” (together with the Latin name “Dionea muscipula”, “Ghost orchid” or names of rare palms can be very effective. Example 2: A translation company should avoid general keywords like “translations”.

Far better are niche keywords with strong specialization like “scientific translations“, “translations of medical studies and abstracts“, “translation of operating instructions” etc. Such keywords will avoid too many competitors and lead to returning, effective customers. SEO hint of the day: November 11, 2016 – Multimeta's SEO Blog. Search engine optimization: Use a good description for your site, in the META Tag and in the submission field when you submit your site to Multimeta Directory. The meta tag “description” is very important because it is indexed by search engines like Google and shown in the search results. It is also important if you submit your site to Multimeta Directory because this text is used in Multimeta Directory Search and also for the index of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Please do not use more than 150-160 characters because longer descriptions will be cut off by search engines or not considered. Example of good and successful descriptions: Here you can submit your site to Multimeta Directory: Advantages of submitting websites to Multimeta Directory – Multimeta's SEO Blog. SEO hint of the day: Thursday, November 10, 2016 – Multimeta's SEO Blog. Multimeta Blog | Multimeta's Search Engine Optimization Blog. Multimeta Directory.