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Today, multidimension has evolved to be a full service creative agency where we create visual brand experiences that inspire, compel and communicate new approaches. We define our design services through the needs of our clients, and offer the full spectrum of web design and development, graphic design, mobile application design and development, online marketing solutions, identity development, advertising, public relations and brand marketing

Web Design & Development Services – Multidimension Middle East. Website Design & Development Agency in Dubai, Middle East. Multidimension-Me – Creative Agency. Trends in web development that completely changed the web world – Multidimension-Me. Web development is not a static and repetitive field as per general perception, but it has its own trends that change, evolve and completely revolutionize the web world from time to time.

Trends in web development that completely changed the web world – Multidimension-Me

These trends are guided by driving efficiency, increased customization and building interactive and user friendly interfaces for the end users. Each new technology developed is an improvement in one of these key areas. Due to this, web development as a profession remains fascinating, challenging, and passionate. Web development has changed from the earlier need to develop a language from scratch each time a new language had to be built. Along with this a number of other innovative ideas have made web development more far reaching yet simpler.

The preprocessor permits an old language to be used as a base for developing a new one as it can translate a new code into a version the old format can carry. Docker Containers Docker containers can run on top of Hypervisors inside operating systems. Think from a viewer’s perspective for graphics design. Graphics design is a field that is vast and versatile.

Think from a viewer’s perspective for graphics design

Graphics are required for social media, website banners, website ads and lots more. A designer needs to consider a lot of things before creating graphic masterpieces. The colors, the fonts and the placement of all the elements on the limited area available – all make a huge difference in the final impact of the design. Enterprise Mobile Apps Development – Going Beyond The Mobile First Approach.

Whether at work or at home, mobiles have completely transformed the way we live.

Enterprise Mobile Apps Development – Going Beyond The Mobile First Approach

We rely on smart phones to do almost everything instantly. At work too smart phones are looked upon as devices that can dramatically improve the efficiency of their employees and processes. Mobile apps development has given way to smarter and more efficient ways of working. Enterprises are steadily realizing that developing a mobile application is not just about covering all devices and users, it’s a more strategic approach to plan and transform enterprises and the way they work. Mobile growth is exponential. How Card Designs Dominate the entire Design. Card interfaces are a trend that is catching on.

How Card Designs Dominate the entire Design

They are definitely visually attractive and practical too. They provide your user interface a simplistic yet elegant look. Mobile internet usage exceeds desktop internet usage and this is exactly why responsive designs are a mandate. Since the basic requirement today is that the website should render well on all screen sizes, simplistic designs, minimalism, flat designs and especially card designs have become more and more popular.

The card patterns for layouts are very useful. Most of the popular social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter use card style layout. Challenges in enterprise mobile application development. With the massive number of mobile apps that are implemented for enterprises, it is predicted that 2016 will be a year of taking enterprise mobility to the next level.

Challenges in enterprise mobile application development

Enterprises are not only thinking about implementation, they are focusing on improving processes and efficiency of employees with anytime, anywhere access that is provided by mobile devices. Mobile application development for internal apps that are required by enterprises will be in demand. These apps have different requirements and different features than those apps that are developed for public app stores. Each enterprise has a set of existing technology and the app must blend with the existing set up. Completely changing the setup may turn out to be an extremely expensive affair. Here are a few challenges that enterprise mobile application development: Design trends that you might want to think twice before using. Designing a website requires a lot of planning and understanding of what works and what does not.

Design trends that you might want to think twice before using

It requires you to thoroughly understand current trends and analyze whether they will work in the long run. Here are some of the trends that you might not want to include in a modern web design: Web design company Hiding everything under a hamburger menu. Create Inspiring Graphics For Your Website – It Adds To The Visual Appeal Of Your Site. Graphics on your website have the power to attract visitors or to repel them.

Create Inspiring Graphics For Your Website – It Adds To The Visual Appeal Of Your Site

Hence great attention to detail needs to be given when designing graphics for your websites. From typography to layout, color usage and clarity – everything needs to be carefully planned. Business Website Development Planning Guide. Creative Graphic & Web Design Agency in USA. In the web design industry there are always new trends and new design tools being introduced.

Creative Graphic & Web Design Agency in USA

Being in the web design industry it is essential to be aware of the latest technology and design trends so as to deliver unique and effective websites. To create beautiful websites you need to always be on the lookout for innovative styles and cutting edge designs. But all the trends that come are always the best. Here are some insights on the different trends and they will continue in the coming year.

Creative Graphic & Web Design Agency in USA. Graphics are the heart of a web design.

Creative Graphic & Web Design Agency in USA

They can either make or break your site. We are not only talking about the large ones like banners or other advertisements, we are talking about simple graphics that make up your layout and the overall look and feel of your site as a whole. Designing does not consist of any particular rules. It’s all up to the imagination of the designer and the user acceptance of the creation. Yet, trends show that users quickly accept certain types of designs and instantly reject others. Benefits of Hiring a Web Development Company. Benefits of Hiring a Web Development Company. Who hires a web development company these days?

Benefits of Hiring a Web Development Company

If you need a website for your business, all you will do is design one using a theme and you are done. Well, this is one of the biggest mistakes small business owners make today. They don’t understand the value of a well designed and developed website in this digital marketing world. 15 Points to Consider when Choosing a Web Design Agency. Building An Ecommerce Web Development Strategy. 15 Points to Consider when Choosing a Web Design Agency. Design is the first thing that visitors will come across as soon as they visit website.

In any and every type of business, first impressions matter the most. So, if you want to impress your customers in the first go, you must focus upon the design. Design is the face of your website and it has to be attractive enough to impress the visitors and turn them into customers. It is advisable not to design your online store on your own; let the professionals do the same and you can instead focus on other important tasks. Web Design and Graphics Design for Business Branding. Search Engine Optimization - Multidimension USA. Creative Website Design and Development Agency in USA.