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DataDirect Networks - Customers. DataDirect Networks - Home. Softkinetic. KINECT Games News. List of Kinect games. Official Xbox 360 Kinect banner used on Xbox 360 Kinect game covers This is an incomplete list of released and announced games that support or require the Kinect motion controller for the Xbox 360.[1][2] There are currently 129 (Upcoming games: 2; Existing games: 127) games on this list.

List of Kinect games

This list does not include Xbox Live Arcade Kinect games, which are detailed in their own articles. Released games[edit] Announced games[edit] See also[edit] References[edit] External links[edit] EyeToy. The EyeToy is a color digital camera device, similar to a webcam, for the PlayStation 2.


The technology uses computer vision and gesture recognition to process images taken by the camera. This allows players to interact with games using motion, color detection and also sound, through its built-in microphone. It was released in October 2003. The camera is manufactured by Logitech (known as "Logicool" in Japan), although newer EyeToys are manufactured by Namtai. The camera is mainly used for playing EyeToy games developed by Sony and other companies. History[edit] The EyeToy was conceived by Richard Marks in 1999, after witnessing a demonstration of the PlayStation 2 at the 1999 Game Developers Conference in San Jose, California.[5] Marks's idea was to enable natural user interface and mixed reality video game applications using an inexpensive webcam, using the computational power of the PlayStation 2 to implement computer vision and gesture recognition technologies.

Kinect. Kinect (codenamed in development as Project Natal) is a line of motion sensing input devices by Microsoft for Xbox 360 and Xbox One video game consoles and Windows PCs.


Based around a webcam-style add-on peripheral, it enables users to control and interact with their console/computer without the need for a game controller, through a natural user interface using gestures and spoken commands.[9] The first-generation Kinect was first introduced in November 2010 in an attempt to broaden Xbox 360's audience beyond its typical gamer base.[10] A version for Windows was released on February 1, 2012.[6] Kinect competes with several motion controllers on other home consoles, such as Wii Remote Plus for Wii, PlayStation Move/PlayStation Eye for PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Camera for PlayStation 4. Technology Kinect sensor[9] is a horizontal bar connected to a small base with a motorized pivot and is designed to be positioned lengthwise above or below the video display. History Launch. Home. Rise of the Tomb Raider Baba Yaga: Temple of the Witch Deep in the wilds of Siberia lies a forest that no man will enter, where a Soviet expedition vanished without a trace.


Lara enters the Wicked Vale in search of a missing man, but she finds a nightmare that defies explanation. Learn more > Classic Captain Marvel Pack After an exploding alien machine grants her amazing super powers, Carol Danvers became the interstellar Super Hero known as Captain Marvel! Learn more > New Special Edition Wireless Controllers. 7103-GP0411_064.