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Chevron Lace Wrap. It’s only August, but already the sunsets are earlier, the temps are dropping a little lower, and Autumn is surely on its way.

Chevron Lace Wrap

Fend off the chill of overactive AC now and cool temps later with this Chevron Lace Wrap! Made with fingering weight cotton it’s a not-too-warm shawl in the fall and spring, and a warm breathable scarf in the winter. Best of all it’s made with a memorable and easy two line repeat – so once you’ve got a few rows down, you can curl up on the couch with a movie or take it on the road! It took me about three weeks to finish it in between other projects, and I took it halfway across the country with me on vacation – all I needed was the cone of yarn and a hook.

But simple as it is, it still looks interesting and so modern! Chevron Lace WrapAdd this pattern to your Ravelry Queue Special Stitch:dc cluster – With loop from previous stitch still on hook, yo and insert hook into next st. Click for full size Row 1: FSC 91, turn. Row 2: Ch 3. Alpaca Your Wrap: Free #Crochet Pattern on Moogly!

Last fall I designed the Fallen Leaves Slouchy Hat – in gorgeous Baby Alpaca from the LB Collection! It was just one skein, and it was so fun to make. Well, I finally got my hands on some more of this lovely yarn, and have designed a luxurious wrap to match! However, “Fall Leaves Wrap” is the name of another gorgeous pattern by my friend Jessie At Home – which you should totally check out HERE, it’s amazing! So to avoid confusion, the companion piece to the Fallen Leaves Slouchy Hat has a name all it’s own – the Alpaca Your Wrap! Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. Long time readers know I can hardly every resist a pun – especially a yarny one!

The stitch pattern is reminiscent of falling leaves, and combined with the border detailing it’s both feminine and modern. Alpaca Your Wrap Click here to add this pattern to your Ravelry Queue and Favorites Row 6 – 73: Repeat Rows 2-5. Row 74: Ch 3 (counts as dc), dc in next st and each st across; turn. (73 sts) Gorgeous, no? Chunky Cowls! 25 Free Crochet Patterns... Châle ajouré DROPS au crochet, ”Cotton Viscose”. DROPS COTTON VISCOSE UNI COLOUR (50g) DROPS Supersale / 35% OFF!

Châle ajouré DROPS au crochet, ”Cotton Viscose”.

2.80 EUR 1.80 EUR DROPS COTTON VISCOSE UNI COLOUR (50g) DROPS Supersale / 35% OFF! 3.55 CHF 2.30 CHF DROPS COTTON VISCOSE UNI COLOUR (50g) 4.30 CAD Merci pour toutes vos propositions de nom, vos votes et commentaires, ils ont joué un grand rôle dans le choix final des modèles de la collection DROPS automne hiver 2014/15 Cliquez ici pour voir les nouveaux modèles ! DROPS Baby 25 - une toute nouvelle et adorable collection layette en ligne ! Et rappelez-vous que nous avons des tutoriels vidéos pour vous aider ! INFO CROCHET: 1 éventail = 3 B + 1 ml + 3 B dans le même arceau. POINT FANTAISIE: Voir diagramme A.1, le diagramme montre les rangs 1-6 du châle CHÂLE : Se crochète en allers et retours à partir du milieu dos vers le bas.

Diagramme(s) Besoin d'aide ? Pour toute aide complémentaire à la réalisation de ce modèle, nous vous remercions de bien vouloir contacter le magasin où vous avez acheté votre fil. Tutos and co : le châle Séraphina. Coucou!

Tutos and co : le châle Séraphina

Il y a quelque temps, Gaëlle m'avait fait découvrir ce joli châle dont elle avait trouvé le modèle sur le net. Motif original, simple à faire car du genre répétitif, et surtout provenant d'un diagramme ;o)) , je me suis mis en tête de le réaliser. Voici donc ma version du Châle Séraphina Réalisé en Mérino Gold Batik 2.52€ la pelote de 100g 60% acrylique, 40 % mérinos. La photo n'est pas le coloris que j'ai choisi car il est en rupture momentanément. Pattern: Puff Stitch Scarf. My mom absolutely loved the beautiful puff stitches of the crocheted slouchy beanies I made for myself and my brother and sister.

Pattern: Puff Stitch Scarf

Because my mom does not wear hats, she asked if I could make her a scarf using puff stitches! I thought this was a great idea as I loved the texture and staggered rows of these stitches, so I knew that a scarf using them would turn out beautifully! My mom and I went to Michaels together to pick out the yarn for her scarf. One of our biggest pet peeves is “itchy” material for scarves and sweaters: we went down the aisles in search of soft yarn that would not irritate the skin. She also wanted a neutral colour that would match with all of her outfits. I made up my own pattern for this scarf and started off making a series of 26 chain stitches. Next I worked 12 puff stitches in the first row with ch-1’s in between. Then I worked twelve puff stitches in the chain-1 spaces. DIY Hook Custom Scarf.

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