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How To Get A Shipping Container. If you're going to go through the trouble of placing a metal box that weighs several thousand pounds in your yard, you should start by making sure your local code enforcers aren't going to promptly make you move it.

How To Get A Shipping Container

As of this writing, I live in Austin, Texas. Codes vary substantially from place to place, so you'll have to verify for your own locale what the deal is. Here's how I found out I'd (probably) be enforcer-free: google: austin city building code click on first result, go to some austin city webpage click on 'frequently asked questions' then 'inspections and permits' then 'permits' then 'do i need a permit? ' sweet! I want to make sure I'm ok on my planned rooftop deck, so on to the zoning page. yikes: forget it.

150 Remarkable Projects and Ideas to Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal. DIY Solar Panel That Follows The Sun. DIY Tire Swing. Under the Staircase. DIY Outdoor Pizza Oven. Recycled Sculpture. How To Easily Make A Beehive In A Jar DIY Project. It seems everyone is interested in how to make your own beehive in a jar.

How To Easily Make A Beehive In A Jar DIY Project

Have the rows of organic honey jars at the farmers market got you thinking about starting your own backyard beehive? If you live in a suburban area, you may think that starting a beehive cannot be done. DIY Fire Pit Surround. Bookshelves. We tend to have mental images of how things should be.


A bookshelf has horizontal shelves and vertical dividers. Really? It seems nobody mentioned that to the designers of these bookshelves. Log Bookshelf We’ve collected unique and stylish bookshelves perfect for your home. Click on any image to start lightbox display. Excellent DIY Portable 3-In-1 Gas Tank Stove. How to Build an Earth Oven. Do you remember your teachers asking you on the first week of school what you did for your summer vacation?

How to Build an Earth Oven

Well, if I were still in school, this would have been a story to amaze my teacher and classmates. My friend, TH, is an amazing baker and cook. She is also very wise in the ways of crafts and organizing activities that bring diverse people together. How To Build An Earth Oven For Nothing. We have featured tutorials on DIY clay ovens and pizza ovens before (use the K.W.N search facility and search – oven).

How To Build An Earth Oven For Nothing

The difference with this tutorial is that the oven is made largely for free, using natural materials such as clay, straw and earth. The only real cost is for the bricks for the base, but even these could be scavenged for free, there are always old bricks to be had for free if you know where to look. Not only would building an oven link this give you and awesome outdoor/pizza oven, the process of building it is one that could involve the whole family, kids would love mixing the clay, straw and earth, and then making the little cob bricks. Check it out below. DIY Lazy Susan Pantry Storage. DIY Cinder Block Outdoor Bench. Need an outdoor bench in your backyard?

DIY Cinder Block Outdoor Bench

Here’s a great DIY project for you that is very easy, you could do it in just hours… DIY Cinder Block Outdoor Bench Build this beautiful bench in your outdoor area using only cinder blocks and lumber. This outdoor furniture is very quick to make with just five to six easy steps. A coat of paint and some fabric cushions will make this bench unique to your backyard. See more versions of this cinder block project from the gallery below, and be inspired to make your own! Materials: 12 Cinder Blocks (6 for each side)4 pieces of 4″ x 4″ x 10 ft. Tools: Swings Around a Fire Pit. DIY Tiered Hanging Pots. 14 Rangements Astucieux Pour Votre Salle de Bain.

Si vous ne savez plus comment gagner de la place dans votre salle de bain, cette astuce est faite pour vous.

14 Rangements Astucieux Pour Votre Salle de Bain.

Découvrez 14 idées de rangement auxquelles vous n'aviez pas pensé. Voici 14 objets à recycler ou à détourner pour de nouveaux rangements, astucieux et vintage, pour votre salle de bain. 1. DIY Workshop. Hank’s Bus. Location: Anywhere he choosesArchitect: Hank ButtitaYear built: 2013 “In architecture school I was tired of drawing buildings that would never exist, for clients that were imaginary, and with details I didn’t fully understand.

Hank’s Bus

I prefer to work with my hands, exploring details thoroughly, and enjoy working/prototyping at full scale. Coat hooks – just hanging around. DIY Hemp Pendant Lantern. Teen Dreams. It doesn’t matter how you decorate a teen’s room, you’re probably going to be wrong!

Teen Dreams

Or at least they’ll tell you they don’t like it every time they want to ‘stick the needle in’. You can – and probably should, consult with them but then you may find you’re miles apart on what’s acceptable. The key is to start with a good base that they can then decorate with their own props and posters. Neither warm nor cold but certainly engaging… Hopefully, both you and they will find inspiration in this album.

DIY Mini Greenhouse. Swing Beds. Floors – every home has at least one! Every home ever built shares two things, a roof and a floor.

Floors – every home has at least one!

Even a cave dwelling has both. We don’t spend much time contemplating our roofs but we spend hours every day interacting with our floors. Whether we’re sitting, standing or walking, the floor is there. Given it’s ever-present nature, it makes sense to ensure your flooring reflects your personality and lifestyle. Silence ça pousse! { mur végétal récup’ } Floating Homes. Simple Solutions. Have you ever tackled a task time and again and then seen the simplest way of doing it better or more easily? The image below shows the most obvious example. If you’re not used to being on the right end of a hammer, there’s a big chance your thumb or fingers will experience the wrong end! But there’s actually another huge benefit here… Earthship Homes. This home uses one of the world’s biggest waste problems as it’s basic building material. Can you guess what that is? The result is an incredibly strong, thermally stable home. BTW… it can also look fantastic as you can see here! Build Your Own $20 Outdoor Cob Oven: weekend projects — Homegrown & Healthy.

Recycled PET Bottles. Fairy Gardens. 50 Random Tips & Tricks. Quite often I come across something while browsing online that just amazes me. Things that force me to wonder "Why didn't I know about this sooner!!! " It could be anything from a brilliant life hack, to a cleaning tip, or just something completely random. DIY River Rock Doormat. Mobile Homes. 12 Raised Garden Bed Tutorials. 12 Raised Garden Bed Tutorials I absolutely LOVE Raised Garden Beds! 30 Insanely Easy Ways To Improve Your Kitchen. Build Your Own $20 Outdoor Cob Oven: weekend projects — Homegrown & Healthy. 41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius.

Modern Ellipse Wall Shelf. How To Make Your Own Smoker From Home. I came across this today and well… It brought a tear to my eye. Not really, but this really is the best step-by-step DIY guide to building your own smoker I’ve ever seen. The end result is simple and beautiful -not like most mutated gas tank BBQ abominations I see on the internet – and any one could do this from home with very minimal tools or skill. I couldn’t find his name but I think it’s Joel. So Joel, if that’s your name, the At Home Welder is officially giving you props. Home Offices. Farmhouse table. TONY | Okay, so this is a bit of a belated post. I actually finished this back in December, but the wife and I couldn't find pictures that we took of it. For a while, I thought I was just going to skip this build, but recently we found a few post! Wooohoo! The project in question? Pantry Cabinet Ideas.

Build yourself a portable home - a mongolian yurt. Yurt/Gher Construction 101. DIY Pallet Chicken Coop. DIY Reclaimed Wood Flooring. DIY Tractor Rim Fire Pit. June 2012. You can click on any photograph to enlarge it. Build a Beautiful Platform Deck in a Weekend. With a few days to spare and some help from our family, we built a platform deck and turned that bare ground into a beautiful space large enough to entertain on. Basic Concrete Countertop. Meubles & décorations. DIY Rotating Can Dispenser. Endless Hot Water Without Electricity. Amazing and Innovative Bookshelf. Bookshelves these days are much more than simple rectangular pieces of furniture. How to Build a GeoDome Greenhouse - Northern Homestead. Simple Greenhouse Plans - Fiddlehead Farm. Clay oven. DIY Porch Planter. One of my favorite parts of being a Lowe’s Creative Blogger is the push that it gives to me get some of the projects that are floating around in my head, finished!

Floors – every home has at least one! DIY Compost Sifter. The Art Of Pallet Wood Flooring. We have blogged Just The Plane Facts where we told you how all the pallet wood was prepared, to be used as flooring. We have blogged Prep Time where we shared with you how we installed the sub floor. DIY Woven Paper Easter Egg Basket and Tray. Easter is coming. The RunnerDuck Screen Door plan, is a step by step instructions on how to build a screen door. Build a backyard barbecue! Nojo Design: Large Step Cabinet: February 2012.

Nojo Design: Large Step Cabinet: February 2012. DIY Bathroom Mirror Storage. How to Make a Vertical Strawberry Tube Planter. How To Build A Greenhouse For $50. "Zeer Pot Fridge" - Cool Your Food And Drinks Without Electricity! Bees. DIY SMOKER EASY AND CHEAP. Endless Hot Water Without Electricity. Survival Magazine - Survival Blog- SHTF & Prepper Info & Homesteading. Build a Food Storage Shelf. Greenhouses from Old Windows and Doors. How to Build a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse. Search Results for plastic bottle. Build a How to Build a Loft Bed.

Useful DIY - Photos du journal. How to Build Plastic Bottle Greenhouse. DIY Kitty Cozy Sweater Bed. Lazy Susan Shoe Rack. DIY Lazy Susan Pantry. My DIY Cereal Box Notebook Business Cards. Make Your Own Mason Jar Drink Cups (aka Adult Sippy Cups) DIY Patio Table with Built-in Beer/Wine Coolers. Awesome "Stealth" Home-Made Wind Generator. Homemade kitchen corner drawers. Clever Bed Extension For Your Sweet Baby. 1001 Pallets, Recycled wood pallet ideas, DIY pallet Projects ! Organize Your Pantry in 5 Steps - Green Living. Le vélo-bureau pour produire de l'électricité en travaillant. Photos du journal - Trust Me, I'm an "Eco-Designer" Home Design - Photos du journal. Photos du journal - I Want To Be 100% Organic. Useful DIY - Photos du journal. Photos du journal - Trust Me, I'm an "Eco-Designer"