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Choose your Best Exfoliator from this Natural Exfoliant List. I can only think of a few times in my life that I’ve had someone else put makeup on me. Both times involved a wedding, and both times the makeup artist fussed at me for not exfoliating my skin properly. One of them even gave me a scrub and made me use it on part of my face before she would put makeup on me.

That’s kind of embarrassing, but I only mention it because I’ve since realized that exfoliating my skin is something I should be doing regularly. Exfoliating basically means getting the top layer of skin off – not the good, living skin, but the older, flaky skin that rests on top. Why should you avoid store-bought exfoliants? There are many products that you can buy to exfoliate your skin, but the problem with most of them is that they contain microbeads. The good news is, the best exfoliators are all-natural, so you don’t need to buy any harmful, expensive products. All-Natural Exfoliants Sugar Find organic sugar here and organic carrier oils here to make this sugar exfoliant. Oatmeal. Raspberry Coconut Oil Body Scrub. Coconut oil is not just for cooking! It also is great for your skin. This SUPER easy body scrub combines skin-softening coconut oil with the exfoliation and relaxation of Epsom salts.

Add in a touch of raspberry scent and you have a scrub that’s great for pampering yourself or giving to others. To make Raspberry Coconut Oil Body Scrub, you will need: Epsom salts raspberry extract measuring cup small jar with lid spoon First, figure out how much your jar holds. Mix the oil and salts together and add a splash of raspberry extract. If you are giving the scrub as a gift, you can pretty up the jar with stickers or ribbon!

My jar of coconut oil says that it does not need to be refrigerated, so you should be able to store this scrub in your bathroom without any issues. Use it on rough heels, tired legs, or calloused hands for smooth, great-smelling skin! If you pop over to Tropical Traditions before August 1st, you will get one quart of Virgin Coconut Oil free for each quart you purchase! DIY: Powdered scrub cleaner (and other things) Before I get into the recipe for this homemade sink scrub, I just have to share a few experiences I’ve had with essential oils in the last 2 weeks. Now, keep in mind, I am not a doctor. I am not prescribing anything to my readers. I am simply sharing my personal experiences here about using essential oils as a complimentary therapy during illness or injury.

It is up to each individual to do their own research and make up their own mind about the powers of essential oils. For my sprained knee that was filling up with water: I applied Frankincense topically to the affected area as an anti-inflammatory. So by the end of all of that, and my husband being sick, I needed to CLEAN the house. And here’s another tip: If you’ve ever made my hand sanitizer, or something similar to it, this is also great for cleaning surfaces. Ingredients: Directions: Combine salt, borax, washing soda, and baking soda in a container (preferably glass) with at least a 2 cup capacity. Spa at Home: Make Your Own Sugar Scrub - Health and Wellness.

To make a sugar scrub, I use whatever plant oils I have on hand and two different-sized sugar crystals. You can use your intended scrub container to measure the sugar instead of using a measuring cup; fill it halfway with one type of sugar, top it off with the second type, then pour the mixture into the bowl. Any jar or container with a lid from around the house works just fine, as long as it is clean and dry. • 1 cup turbinado sugar • 1 cup brown sugar • 1 cup avocado, almond or jojoba oil • 20 drops eucalyptus essential oil (optional) • 10 drops lavender essential oil (optional) • Dried lavender buds (optional) 1.

Combine sugar and your choice of oil in a mixing bowl. Stir until the texture is consistent. 2. 3. For more simple and affordable DIY beauty recipes, read 6 Basic Homemade Beauty Products. Homemade Lavender Body Scrub | Village Green NetworkVillage Green Network. Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub. With Mother’s Day this weekend, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the special women in your lives. Now, I don’t know about you…but as a Mother myself, I prefer gifts that are of the pampering kind. I have been obsessed with using DoTerra Essential Oils and just got some Lime oil. It smells AMAZING! So…I made a Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub. If you have been hanging around The Idea Room, you have been aware of my Sugar Scrub obsession.

At the bottom of this post, I will share with you my entire collection of Sugar Scrubs so that you can take a look at them if you are interested. Since my food allergy diagnosis, I have incorporated Coconut Oil as my main cooking/baking base and I am in LOVE with it. Plus, the combination of Lime and Coconut scream summer, which we are totally looking forward to at our house.

You just might want to eat this stuff…which would totally be fine since everything is edible :)! Ingredients Instructions Melt Coconut oil in microwave. Frankincense Sugar Scrub. Un gommage anti-capitons triple effet : la recette de rondavelle. De nombreuses crèmes amincissantes du commerce contiennent de la caféine. Mais leur prix a bien souvent raison de notre porte-monnaie : de 10 à 50€ les 200ml, la cellulite aura notre peau ! Pourtant, il est possible de profiter des vertus de ce produit miracle, sans se ruiner. Ne vous imaginez pas boire des litres et des litres de café pour espèrer faire fondre vos poignées d'amour, on s'approprie ses bienfaits en application cutanée. Ingrédient : marc de café. Application : sous la douche, massez les zones concernées avec le marc de café. J'ai testé un mélange marc de café (anti-cellulite), savon liquide (pour le parfum) et huile d'avocat (anti-vergetures). Prix : 0€ Astuce radine : si vous pouvez, préfèrez appliquer le marc de café encore tiède et rincez à l'eau froide : effet raffermissant garanti !

Plus de recettes : découvrez le cataplasme anti-cellulite de Sarah84100. Gommage pour peaux sensibles sur Gommage à la papaye : une préparation éclair ! Ce masque ou gommage, appelez-le comme vous le souhaitez, ne nécessite que très peu d'ingrédients. Pour réaliser votre gommage maison pour le visage, il vous faut : • 1/2 papaye fraîche ;• 4 cuillère à soupe de sucre ;• 3 cuillère à café de lait (si vous le voulez plus doux). Préparation : • Épluchez, enlevez les pépins et coupez en petits morceaux la papaye.• Mixez la papaye avec le lait.• Mélangez la pulpe obtenue avec le sucre jusqu'à obtenir une préparation homogène.• Mettez au réfrigérateur 2 à 3 heures avant utilisation. Une peau douce et non agressée Lorsque votre gommage maison est bien reposé et (surtout) bien frais, il est prêt à l'utilisation. Humidifiez votre peau à l'eau claire et appliquez le gommage à la papaye sur votre visage.

Pour une peau encore plus douce, vous pouvez appliquer une crème hydratante après votre gommage. Conseils d'utilisation du gommage. Sweet Vanilla Sugar Scrub. Before I made some serious changes to my diet and approach to the toxins in my home, I was totally engrossed in the world of “skin care” products. Due to my acne-prone skin, most of those products were designed to get rid of excess oil… because clearly my skin issues were due to too much grease. (sigh) Turns out my acne wasn’t because of oil… it was because my dry flaky dead skin was always clogging my pores.

And it wasn’t until I started to be more diligent about exfoliating my skin that I saw any improvement. Gross, I know. Of course getting good real fats into my diet, switching out toxic beauty products for safer alternatives, and getting stress under control made the biggest difference in my skin issues. But I still love a good, gentle exfoliation. Enter this sweet vanilla sugar scrub.

In fact, my husband used this and said his face felt 30 years younger. The sugar scrub ingredients and their benefits: Sugar: Naturally inhibits bacterial growth. Vanilla: Smells super yummy. Directions: