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Pench Accommodation. Pench Tiger Reserve resorts, a complete list is an article which lists all resorts w.r.t gate and how far they are from the gate.

Pench Accommodation

The hotels or resorts are listed according to the gate and if you book safari for a given zone, find out what gate is best associated with that zone and then book accommodation respective to that gate only. Makes your safari life extremely comfortable. Pench Tiger Reserve Resorts Below is the comprehensive list of Pench Tiger Reserve Resorts. These resorts are spread across Eleven gates across two states. Further Info: You can get the complete list of all such resorts on our App, WildTrails India app. Tips for Choosing the Right Pench Tiger Reserve Resorts: Each gate each is separated from the other by approx. 20 to 80 kms.

Further Info: For further info or booking assist please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at or Call us at +918033512427 or WhatsApp us at +919901175444. Online Booking Jungle Safari Pench. The article below explains the total actual Pench Safari Tariff across all entry gates/zones if you book online for yourself .

Online Booking Jungle Safari Pench

There are a five gates in Madhya Pradesh and six gates in Maharastra. Pench Safari Tariff for REGULAR SAFARI: (Madhya Pradesh) For Full Vehicle Permit: Online Booking Charges: 1500 plus 50 online portal fees = Rs1550 Gypsy Charges to be Paid at the gate: Rs.2000 Mandatory Guide Charges to be paid at the gate: Rs.360 TOTAL = RS 3910 Per Safari Per Gypsy for Max 6 people For Single Seat Permit: Online Booking Charges: 250 plus 10 online portal fees = Rs260 Gypsy Charges to be Paid at the gate: Rs.2000 which will be equally shared by all Gypsy occupants Mandatory Guide Charges to be paid at the gate: Rs.360 again, will be equally shared by all Gypsy occupants Assume 6 people share the Gypsy, each person has to pay, 260+2000/6+360/6, TOTAL = RS 655 Per Safari Per Gypsy Per person.

Pench Safari Booking. Online Safari Booking Pench. This article talks about the best season to visit Pench national park to increase your chances of sighting the tiger.

Online Safari Booking Pench

Also talks about the best time to do birding as well as the best time to enjoy lush green forest per se (as we found out that not everyone is behind the big cat). Best Season to Visit Pench for Tiger Sighting Winter season [November to February] is probably the best time to visit Pench National Park. However, the best season to sight tigers would be the hotter months (March, April and May). You can check the TSI (Tiger Sighting Index ™) for various months in our app – WildTrails India App. There is a morning safari and there is a late-afternoon safari. Also note there is apart from regular morning and evening & full-day safaris, there is also night safari in Pench [MP], and Tiger being a nocturnal animal, you can increase your chances of spotting a tiger.

Pench Tour Packages. This article depicts in a nice table form the distance between Pench safari gates.

Pench Tour Packages

As we know there are 11 safari gates for Pench (5 in Madhya Pradesh and 6 in Maharastra). Pench tiger reserve / national park is the only national park that straddles across two states – the state of Madhya Pradesh and the state of Maharastra. Planning a Pench trip gets sometimes daunting as there 11 entry gates, 2 states and 2 forest department to deal with and completely 2 different way of booking and 2 different websites to do so. One of the common complaints we get is that, unknowing customers book multiple safaris and they feel it is good to try different safari gates for different session just to increase their odds of sighting a tiger. On the books it seems like well calculated plan but in reality it won’t work that way as Distance Between Pench Safari Gates varies from 20 kms to 100 kms and travel times are much higher as we are talking about inner forest roads and not national highways. 1. 2. 3.

Pench Safari Booking. The article talks in detail about all Pench Safari Entry Gates.

Pench Safari Booking

It has 5 gates in Madhya Pradesh and 6 gates in Maharastra, a total of eleven (11) safari gates. Each gate each is separated from the other by 20 kms to approx. 80 kms. It’s the only national park that straddles across two states. Pench Safari Entry Gates The FIVE Pench Safari Entry Gates in Madhya Pradesh are Touria, Karmajhiri, Jhamtara, the buffer gate at Rukhad, the Night Safari gate and the SIX safari gates on the Maharastra side are SILARI, CHORBAHULI, KHURSAPAR, Kolitmaara, Khubada (Saleghat), Surewani (Nagalwadi). Among all the gates the most popular gates are Touria & Silari but offlately we are seeing a lot of sightings across many other gates too [to know exact sightings summary, download WildTrails India app.] Pench Safari Booking. This article explains key points and tips especially useful if you are first time Pench Visitors.

Pench Safari Booking

Pench is an amazing Tiger Reserve, one of the top Tiger destinations in the county and a beautiful forest. It is also the only national park that is straddled across two states – Maharastra and Madhya Pradesh. Why is Pench Booking so Daunting for First Time Pench Visitors There are three core gates and two buffer gates in Madhya Pradesh alone and then there are six more gates on the Maharastra side. But it can get daunting if you are a first timer and want to book a safari over there. It gets even more confusing when people say that one gate is more popular than the other with no proper data to choose one over the other.