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Tab Builder. Lately, has been undergoing some considerable improvements.

Tab Builder

Our designer Leo has been hard at work both expanding and improving the already valuable tools as well as adding a wealth of new features. Today, we’re giving Leo a chance to brag about some of the changes he’s making. Already giddy about the new designs and new features? You don’t have to wait until the end of this post to test them out, try the new and improved Tab Builder now! Design Changes So Leo, what are three of the major DESIGN changes you’ve made to improve’s tab builder? 1. Translation: greater visual impact. 2. Translation: One tab, one action, one icon! 3. Translation: Better first impression! Greater Customization. Tutorial: How to Create a Facebook iFrame Page Tab Application. IMPORTANT: Facebook announced that as of February 1, 2012 they are removing App Profile Pages, and the new way is pretty great.

Tutorial: How to Create a Facebook iFrame Page Tab Application

Read our article on the App Profile Pages being removed. Updated Tutorial: Fall 2011 Facebook has been very busy updating how things are done, and one of the changes is how you create an iFrame application tab. Although the concept is pretty much the same, the interface for creating a Facebook iFrame tab app has changed. This tutorial updates a tutorial we did on this subject earlier this year. What is an iFrame application? An iFrame application you allows you to embed an external Web page in your custom Facebook Page tab. Because this iframed page isn’t hosted on Facebook, it can use standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript like any other Web page does. The downside of this approach is that you need to be familiar with those technologies and you will need a Web-accessible server where you upload the files for your application page. Setting up your server Your HTML file. Top 10 Facebook Apps for Fan Engagement and Building Community.

Are you looking for ways to better engage Facebook fans and build your community?

Top 10 Facebook Apps for Fan Engagement and Building Community

These top 10 Facebook apps are, in my opinion, some of the most useful ones for pages when it comes to encouraging fan engagement and giving value to your community. Twitter - Product Documentation - Involver Wiki. From Fans to Leads. 4 Essential Facebook Page Apps to Improve Communication With Fans. This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

4 Essential Facebook Page Apps to Improve Communication With Fans

The number of Facebook applications can seem a little overwhelming at times. While Facebook doesn’t share an exact number, an independent website called AppData monitors trends for over 100,000 Facebook applications, which is a lot to sift through. As a business, trying to determine which of those apps can help your organization can be daunting. To get you started, here are four essential Facebook apps that allow you to better reach and communicate with your audience, as well as save you time for all those other things you have to do. 1. Tweets to Pages, which has 1.2 million monthly active users, will create a tab on your Facebook Page that displays a timeline of your company’s most recent tweets. Tweets To Pages on Facebook. Fan page applications.

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Richard's Top 10 Web Products of 2011. This time last year I listed my favorite Web products of 2010.

Richard's Top 10 Web Products of 2011

I enjoyed that process so much that I'm doing it again this year. These are products that I liked and used the most during 2011, but I hope my list is useful to others too. I wondered whether my top 10 products for 2011 would look similar to 12 months ago, but it turns out that only 3 of the same products made the cut again. Most of my favorite Web products this year are new, or at least newly popular with me. I've attempted to put this list in order, from my top product of 2011 to my 10th favorite.

Top 5 Best Free Video Cutter Software for Windows. If you are a video editor, you will most likely have an array of tools at your disposal so having a more complete suite will mean having a good video cutter tool. It gives you that extra freedom to just open up a simple piece of software only for video cutting usage. After some rummaging around, we have compiled a list of some of the best video cutter programs on the web. They are all quite nice software and all free too. Enjoy. This is an extremely lightweight and fully functional program that will allow you to do lots with your videos including cutting and joining them.

This software is described by CNET as being “a breath of fresh air” and as being ridiculously simple to use. This is not the best choice of video cutter software due to the fact that it outputs your video with less quality than it went in with. This one is specifically for cutting DVD movies down which you can extract direct from the DVD disc. PST Walker Software - Stay One Step Ahead of PST Management. Products MSG Viewer MSG Viewer is a viewer and file manager for Microsoft Outlook .msg and Outlook Express .eml messages.

PST Walker Software - Stay One Step Ahead of PST Management

View, search and print email messages without Outlook. Try it | Buy now | Information.