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FlippingBook ordering page. Realistic Page Flipping We did our best to give readers the feeling of reading a paper issue. A reader can flip the digital page like a real one by dragging each corner or just by quickly clicking on the side of the page. The visual page animation is as realistic as possible with the use of Flash, with a motion speed that resembles the real effect. This, combined with the added sound of flipping pages, helps to evoke the full emotional spectrum. Modules Anywhere. : Soccer Live Scores. JomSocial. Features and advantages of Online food Ordering System – Order Food online. eZee Foodie is based around three main features - simplicity, ease of use, and innovation.

Features and advantages of Online food Ordering System – Order Food online

It is an innovative hospitality solution that has been expressly developed to fulfil all online food ordering requirements of restaurants and food joints. Designed to match your existing website's design to the smallest detail, eZee Foodie gels into it so smoothly even you will not be able to distinguish between the two. As restaurant owner and website administrator, eZee Foodie will let you supervise all orders placed and control all aspects of the order processing. JoomSpace - Joomla Archives for Sharing.

We are proud to present a new club icon set release. It includes some very nice icons: A very detailed messenger bag, different types of moleskins, a newspaper, a coffee cup and different colored paperplanes. This makes 12 icons altogether. All icons come in 32-bit transparency PNG file format and in 8 different standard sizes, ranging from 16x16 to 512x512 pixels. It makes a total of 96 newly handcrafted icons which are of course optimized for each specific size. Get the new blog icons and join the icon club! Sign Up Today. Pay with a Tweet - A social payment system. Store - Select a Subscription - Content Statistics - Graphic Statistics and Popularity Rankings System for any Joomla Contents and Extensions.

JomCDN — Speed up your Joomla! site. JomCDN supports the following CDN services Please note: Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, and Rackspace Cloud Files have a minimal monthly charge.

jomCDN — Speed up your Joomla! site

This charge is not included with the price of our subscription and will need to be paid directly to Amazon. The cost is minimal. Although it varies, we at 'corePHP' have not paid more than $2 USD per month for both services combined. See Amazon S3 and CloudFront for pricing information. What others say We know that jomCDN will help you improve the speed of your Joomla site, but don't just take our word for it - read some of our customers’ testimonial on the Joomla! “My website's Google Pagespeed rating went from 67 to 86, which is remarkable.” ”I’ve used JomCDN on a few sites now (configured with Amazon S3 and Cloudfront.) “It really helped my site to load twice as fast as before and I even moved up on my google ranking.

“I took a chance on JomCDN and it immediately cut my homepage load time from around 4.5 seconds to around 2.5 seconds. Email Beautifier - Bye bye vanilla flavoured Joomla Mails. This time around, we have something that will make every Joomla site say - 'Hey why did I not have this all this time?' Introducing the Joomla 'Email Beautifier' which will help you say bye bye to all vanilla flavoured Joomla emails. How many of you have looked at the silly 'welcome email' and complained thats its so very un-cool. Gosh! I see so many hands up in the air! So here's an answer to all of that.. and more. Look at what we did to Superman's site Cool, but what if one of my extension already has template support, say J Mail Alerts ? Sounds awesome ? FlippingBook Publisher - convert pdf to digital edition with page turning effect. Private group chat and IM, business and team collaboration - HipChat.

FlippingBook Joomla Gallery Component - Page flip flash gallery for Joomla. Create online portfolio, magazines, photo albums and flip books with the real page turning effect.