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muGrid Analytics provides investment grade techno-economic analysis and optimization of renewable energy, energy storage, and microgrid systems.

Expert Consultancy on Energy Optimization. Solor projects in USA. Solar Panels and Microgrids for a Complete Home Energy Solution. Solar panels have gained a significant share of energy production for residential markets. More and more people are realizing the potential of clean energy which has led the green energy giants to come up with even more energy efficient solutions. One such way is integrating solar power with microgrids. There are currently many microgrid projects in the USA who have shown the bright prospect of such a setup. We will show you the benefits of this technology for powering your entire house in a way that you won’t need any electricity from the main power grid. Solar Panels create energy due to the virtue of photoelectric effect which allows them to turn sunlight into electrical energy. Microgrids are small scale versions of power-grids that usually operate in coordination with the main grid but can serve independently as well.

Go Off-grid These systems allow you to go completely off-grid and run your home solely on the energy you create. Serve the Grid Back Save Big On Energy Costs Conclusion. Top Energy Analysis Services. We are fee-based independent consultants who provide energy modeling and analysis services, leveraging our in-house software and big data analysis capabilities. We help our clients ensure they get the most bang for their energy investment buck. We typically work with project developers, investors, owner / operators, utilities, planning commissions, and equipment manufacturers. Microgrid Design, Analysis, and Optimization Let us help you find the best mix of technologies for your microgrid. Battery Energy Storage We are experts at maximizing the economic return from battery energy storage across multiple simultaneous revenue streams.

Demand charge managementEnergy arbitrageAncillary servicesFrequency RegulationT&D DeferralResiliency Resiliency and Energy Security Advanced microgrids can both save money during normal operation and provide backup power when the grid goes down. What is Redcloud? Learn More. How Microgrids Work? MuGrid Analytics Helps Bring Smart Meters To Colorado. Here at muGrid Analytics, we love to help clients make data-driven decisions regarding their energy assets.

We use our Redcloud energy optimization platform every day to determine the optimal sizing and dispatching of battery energy storage across stacked revenue streams. Other times we’ve used big data techniques to identify, in near real-time, which inverter has failed on a solar array, ensuring that the system continued to perform to produce electricity at peak capacity. But there’s often one small problem — we need data! Without data, we’re kind of useless. Well, it turns out that 1.5 million Colorado utility customers are going to be getting access to their utility data. An electrical load profile is a recording of how much electricity your facility consumed during each interval of the day. Think of it like driving a car and watching the speedometer. Now imagine that every thirty seconds you record your speed in a notebook.

A 15-minute electrical load profile for one day. Renewable Solar Energy & Microgrid Projects in USA – muGrid. Spanning his career at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and now at muGrid Analytics, Dr. Travis Simpkins has consulted on some of the most significant microgrids built to date as well as a variety of other renewable energy projects. Solar Energy Projects Hyatt Regency Maui The Hyatt Regency Maui energized one of the largest roof top solar arrays on the island of Maui in 2016.

The 598-kW system provides in excess of 6% of the resorts energy needs. Under a subcontract with Resort Energy Ventures, muGrid Analytics performed the solar feasibility study for the project including the building the business case for the project. muGrid is now contracted to provide monthly performance monitoring to insure that the system produces at peak efficiency. Solar array on Hyatt Regency Maui Fairmont Kea Lani The Fairmont Kea Lani energized a 500-kW roof-top solar array in 2016.

Fairmont Kea Lani solar array AvalonBay Communities Microgrid Projects Resorts in Baja California, Mexico Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Why is Hiring Energy Analysts for Microgrids a Wise Decision? Solar Power Energy Storage, Modeling & Analysis Services. Renewable Energy, Storage and Microgrid Optimization - muGrid. Why are Microgrids a Blessing for the Future of Electricity? There was a time when the whole world used to live in the dark as there was no electricity around. With the passing of time, things have changed and changed for the better definitely.

Human lives are filled by a bright source known as electricity. In the current times, electricity has become such an important part of our life that we can’t even think of running this world or living properly without it. This has led to a huge demand for electricity. A Microgrid is a power grid which runs on a small scale and operates alone or in conjunction with the main grid of that area.

Advantages of Microgrids Explained by Experts Efficient Delivery of Local Energy A Microgrid analysis the local energy needs of communities, businesses and other organizations and develop technologies to meet the same. Saves Money A Microgrid helps you save lots of money on your energy consumptions. Fewer Technical Complications Environment Friendly Like this: Like Loading...