GWT provides a set of tools that can simply be used with a text editor, the command line, and a browser. However, you may also use GWT with your favorite IDE. Google provides a plugin for Eclipse that makes development with GWT even easier. Download Eclipse If you do not already have Eclipse, you may download it from the Eclipse Website. We suggest downloading Eclipse 4.3 (Kepler). Set up Eclipse - Google Web Toolkit - Google Code Set up Eclipse - Google Web Toolkit - Google Code
GWT Tutorial Home Page > Training > Tutorials > Web 2.0 > GWT Tutorial This tutorial sets out how a programmer can use GWT to produce a website. It is aimed at programmers with little or no Java experience, but with reasonable experience with other programming languages using object oriented programming. GWT Tutorial GWT Tutorial
Maven GWT Plugin - Introduction Maven GWT Plugin - Introduction GWT Maven Plugin Welcome to the Google Web Toolkit Maven Plugin User Guide. This documentation will drive you to setup you GWT web application development using Maven as build tool. This guide covers project organisation and setup, integration with development environment, and running GWT SDK tools from maven command line. If you're new to GWT or Maven, you might want to first read the GWT documentation and get more familiar with Maven by reading at least its getting started guide or by reading the online reference book.