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Everything You Need To Know About Workplace Laws | Bit Rebels. Our workplaces are probably the only space where we spend more time than ever. Some of us might even take the luxury of calling it their second home. We literally spend more than half of our life at our respective jobs. Therefore, the importance of making workplaces safe and filled with positivity is beyond any form of articulation. Several laws are enforced by the Government of the respective countries when it comes to making the workplace a safe place. However, not many would know about them, and this is dangerous. Ignorance of the law does not make one immune to it. Also, it falls within the brackets of corporate responsibility to circulate the workplace laws among all the employees by displaying it in a place accessible to everyone.

Understanding The Right To Work As A Basic Human Right The freedom to work is a fundamental human right and should not be confused with a luxury of any kind. This is a debate that we shall keep shelved for now and maybe, discuss later. Conclusion.