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Photo 2- Try Out These 3 Easy Nail-Art Designs. Feb 21, 2014 Five exquisite manicures designed by nail art devotee Sally Singer are captured as fanciful still lifes by regular Vogue and T Magazine photographer Raymond Meier.

Photo 2- Try Out These 3 Easy Nail-Art Designs

Conceived for NOWNESS in collaboration…read Dec 24, 2013 If you, like us, are having a really hard time deciding which winter nail trend to lean into for your New Year's Eve look, we've got some pretty exciting news. Butter London has just released three limited-edition…read. It's because I think too much: Galactic Manicure. I loved how my glittery gradient mani turned out so much that I decided to do a variation on it, using the night sky as my inspiration!

It's because I think too much: Galactic Manicure

Here's how I did it: 1. Prep I grabbed deep navy, silver glitter, and gold glitter polish along with my favorite top coat. I also grabbed an orange stick and some nail art rhinestones. 2. 3. 4. Valentines Day Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial. Smokey Gradient Nails. 5 Hot Summer Nail Tutorials for Short Nails! The other day I got sick and tired of looking at my plain old boring nails.

5 Hot Summer Nail Tutorials for Short Nails!

This is summer dang it, we are supposed to be embracing the bright colors and pretty designs. So, I went on a search for summer nail tutorials. Unfortunately, while a lot of them are gorgeous, they are also super hard to do and are for people with really long nails. How many moms do you know with long nails? I did find a few great summer nail tutorials for short nails though that were simple and pretty, so I wanted to share them with all of my other mom friends too. 1. This one is simple, but really pretty and bright. 2. This one is really easy, it just requires a bunch of colors, but it is a great option for those who don't want to do fine details and it can work for long or short nails. 3.

This design is a little harder since it does involve details, but with a toothpick it really isn't that hard to do at all. 4. 5. Kathleen Bunn. BLOG. Feb 11 This is my newest obsession – newspaper fingernails!


Recently, I was reading Little Chief Honeybee‘s blog & in this entry, I saw a photo of newspaper nails. I thought to myself, “Omg, this is the best thing I’ve ever seen! I need to have nails like that!” .. Supplies needed: ♥ Light-coloured nail polish (white, pastels, cream, etc) ♥ Clear fingernail polish for a top-coat ♥ A newspaper ♥ Rubbing alcohol & small container to pour it into Directions: ♥ Cut out 10 sections of text from a newspaper.

. ♥ Paint your nails with a base-coat of the light-coloured polish (I used white.) ♥ Pour some rubbing alcohol into your small dish. . ♥ Take a strip of your newspaper, hold it down firmly on your fingernail. . ♥ Slowly & carefully peel off the newspaper strip.