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Whether you are looking for a job, changing careers, becoming an entrepreneur, or beginning a new endeavor of any type, you're probably anxious to reach the end game.Where is the dream job!? Where is the income increase? Where is the promotion already!?? You've been working for it, you've had faith, and you have remained positive--but still--you haven't reached your goal. Now you're frustrated and becoming desperate-- thinking of lowering your standards. But, before you do that, let me ask you this-- what are you gaining during the process? Every journey is rich with educational moments. Here are 5 things you should learn during a lengthy job hunt. 1. What You Hate If there is anything you will quickly learn while on a job hunt-- it's that what you thought you would like to do... may not be right for you. There was a time I thought I wanted to be a Marketing Assistant. I laid in my bed at night and dreamed of working at a large agency. I could picture myself wearing stylish business clothes and offering all these cool suggestions to the higher ups--which of course resulted in my promotion. I decided to go through a staffing agency, ultimately I obtained the coveted Marketing Assistant position. I spent my days functioning as a secretary, the majority of the time. And the days I performed my "marketing" duties, consisted of me making small changes to brochures and pamphlets. I despised it. There were no opportunities to write anything besides a telephone message. Thankfully, the position didn't convert to permanent. Note: There is nothing wrong with being a marketing assistant and I am certain different jobs seekers have different experiences and responsibilities while in this type of role. The point is, I discovered it wasn't for me. And even after I settled on the freelance writing and editing industry, I swiftly discovered that ghost writing (I rather bring my own vision to life), editing (grammatical errors annoy me too much to spend my career looking at them), and technical writing or product descriptions (not enough creative freedom) were not what I wanted to do with my life. If nothing else, you will learn tons about the direction you do NOT want to take your career. 2. Increased Software Knowledge In preparation for job interviews and pitches to clients-- and the acceptance of a low paying contract position-- I self taught Microsoft Excel, Word Press, Hoop Suite, Social Report, and Smart Sheets. If it weren't for these interview preps (based on job description/requirements) and pursuits I would not have been aware of the existence of 3 out of the 5 platforms. Even though I didn't get the desired result-- getting a full time position-- I gained something far more valuable. The software knowledge belongs to me now. My tip: Always look under the Required/Preferred section on job boards. Anything you don't know, get to know-- at least the basics. Expanding your skill-set is always beneficial. 3. What a Commutable Distance Looks Like For You If you're zealous in your job hunt, you have considered commuting long distances for employment. But once you burn all your gas, get stuck in traffic for 2 hours, spend toll road money you don't have, and/or ride 3 trains and a bus to go to the interview-- you may rethink what's reasonable for a 5 day per week commute. Putting over 100 miles on your car daily can be quite the reality check. The correct opportunity, for you, will be sustainable. 4. Increased Skill Set Every custom cover letter and writing sample you produce makes you a better writer. Every article you read with interviewing tips, makes you more strategic. Every interview you go to, transforms you into a more skilled interpersonal communicator. Every company you research, teaches you more about the business world. Get the point? You are always on the receiving end when you are pursuing your career. Think of every action as a seed planted, you will reap success in due season. 5. What You Love!! When I stumbled into corporate blogging or blogging for companies, I wasn't aware of the niche. I knew companies had blogs, but I never asked myself who wrote those blogs. Let me back up. I used the keyword "communication" (I have a degree in mass communication) on Indeed daily. Copywriter positions began populating in my search. Many of them required tons of experience and strategic marketing know-how, but there was an opening a few towns over from my residence--at a startup--with a staff of 8. After my first week, I was given the name of a client and told to write 10 blogs related to the client. I didn't even know where to start, and I loved it. From the research to the actual blog writing, I felt alive, purposeful, and joyful. Writing blogs for clients isn't traditional copywriting, but that particular company felt it was--which was to my benefit. I went from looking for any job I qualified for (involving communication)-- to focusing on copy writing-- to becoming a professional blogger. I love what I do. And I never would have gotten here had I gave up, settled for an un-fulling job, or let discouragement over take me. Keep going, you'll find it!!

Key to life. A world where everyone will and can succeed, No struggle beyond that of facing the beautiful golden sun in the morning.

Key to life

If you really want to know, its simple. Your attitude, and before you say it I know "It's hard to think positive with a co-worker like mine" or more commonly "how can my attitude change anything? " The big question. Well lets now answer it together and transform your life for the better. By seeing the world in a new perspective the world will help keep that perspective after all "when life give you lemons you make lemonade" and your attitude is the sugar . Has Beyoncé Uplifted The Entire Black Culture? With the recent release of Queen Bey's newest single "Formation" we've watched the world stop and at only her comand it's carried on.

Has Beyoncé Uplifted The Entire Black Culture?

Some changes have occured though, with the clear messages in the visuals for the song released later on Saturday night. You can clearly see images spray painted stating "Stop Killing Us" in the video. This being a message to the law enforcement of America from the Queen herself, to leave our children alone. Speaking of children, Blue Ivy decided to bless the masses with her cameo appearances where you'll hear the lyrics "I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros... " American Extremism in 2016 & Beyond.

With all the horrific attacks across the United States in recent memory many Americans are trying to come to an understanding as to why it seems more and more American born individuals are taking up the cause of extremist groups from half the world away.

American Extremism in 2016 & Beyond

Some might argue that the problem of homegrown extremism in the United States is quite small when looking at the trend world wide, however, even with this argument it is important to remember that this is still an issue that is on the minds of many Americans. It is important to take note that since 9/11 all violent attacks on Americans have been conducted by or attempted by people who were American citizens, with only two cases being undertaken by individuals who were permanent residents at the time. Peter Bergen, a terrorism researcher and expert on the subject, points out that within the American context there is no set pattern. Super Bowl 50 Half-Time Shenanigans. This years half-time show seemed more about dividing the country than anything else.

Super Bowl 50 Half-Time Shenanigans

First let's look at Beyonce's black power salute that was part of the half-time show. This kind of statement does not belong being performed during the Super Bowl. The Newest Founding Father. In case you missed it, there is a revolution going.

The Newest Founding Father

Some may say it is destined to fail this November as the establishment bristles at the idea that one man can stir a populous to claim what has been bled from them over a series of generations. But others are now just waking up to the idea that this is not just a time of change, but a reckoning of ideas once heralded by our founding fathers and carried into modern times by leaders like FDR and Jimmy Carter. This new idea is not new at all according to the leader of the cause, who in many ways is so entirely incongruent with the mission he is championing. How could a 74-year old Jewish man from the cold hills of New England embody a notion that is held so close by so many young faces from across the Nation?

Tackling Meal Planning. Take credit for small victories in life, including cooking and tasks around your home!

Tackling Meal Planning

Making meals ahead of time does not necessarily mean cooking several additional three course entrees, but can include preparing additional hamburger, turkey, chicken, beans, veggies or meat and freezing it in meal size portions. For example, cook 3 pounds of meat at once and cut into 3 equal portions. Dice ham or chicken and place in your freezer divided into 2 cup containers for later use.

Develop, create or research recipes like helpers, pasta, goulash, chili, or soup. Cruz Wrong Again – Trump Didn’t Bull Doze Vera Coking’s House. Nope, Trump didn’t bull doze Vera Coking’s ocean front property down!

Cruz Wrong Again – Trump Didn’t Bull Doze Vera Coking’s House

Ted Cruz Condemns Donald Trump for His Use of Eminent ... N Y Times clarifies the Trump information on “eminent domain” and proves Cruz wrong again. 10 Fun Facts about the 2016 New Hampshire Primary Election. With the race heating up in the Granite State (N.H.) here are a few fun facts to keep in mind when trying to sort it all out. 10.

10 Fun Facts about the 2016 New Hampshire Primary Election

This is the 6th time a "Bush" has appeared on a N.H. primary ballot. Also, New Hampshire was the only state in the Northeast to vote for George W. Terrorist Organization & Jihadists Records Scrubbed or Deleted by ???? DHS Official: I Was Ordered to Destroy Records for Islamic ...

Terrorist Organization & Jihadists Records Scrubbed or Deleted by ????

Patrick Haney an ex-official with our Homeland Security came out of the woodwork and shared the extremely disturbing news that he and co-workers had been ordered to scrub//and or destroy all records that existed on Islamic terrorist organizations and jihadists. In other words Obama and his “dirty” gang employed a plot to remove all evidence linking back to terrorists. Patrick’s information starts back in 2009 when the underwear bomber attempted to massacre 290 travelers on Christmas day. 23 year old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab boarded Northwest Airlines with his underwear packed full of explosives. Silent Majority Being Ambushed By The "Insiders"


Silent Majority Being Ambushed By The "Insiders"

I just received a news flash from the Liberal camp that we no longer can refer to the middle class as “hard-working citizens.” Not being fond of the politically correct era – I say the last time I checked our Constitution I still have the freedom and the right to express my opinion. So here goes. The middle class, the hard-working citizens are the glue holding our Nation together. They are the ones who pay the Washington Cartel their exorbitant wages for brief time working on our clock. The "Anti-establishment" 2016. The 2016 election season looks like it will be one for the history books. What people will say when they look back on it all, only time will be able to tell. However, looking forward from the current point shows that there are some comparisons that can be made with regards to the question of, what is the buzzing feeling centered around in this current primary race; and what might be the general feeling going into the election proper.

Mainly that buzz is centered around the "anti-establishment" options in the form of a couple of guys. One from Brooklyn and another from Queens, New York, New York. Donald J. Why Millennials Are Feeling The Bern. Sure it's no secret that the hopeful democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has the youth on his side when it comes to the polls, but do you really know why? You may think it's because of his participation in the Civil Rights Movement so let's start there. Bernie has proven that he is and has been for equal rights by marching closely with the great Dr. King Jr but that's not all. He has been an avid speaker when it comes to the brutal treatment of African Americans by law enforcement.

This being a huge concern for the entire African American community following the continued deaths of black people while in police custody, Bernie has stated multiple times that something simply has to be done about this. Search for happiness from deep within… Happiness, joy, enjoyment, delight, pleasure, satisfaction and cheer – while each of these words point to the same feeling in their own unique way, happiness is an emotion that can fill our lives with wonders. Bringing excitement and interest to our daily routine, moments of joy can elevate our mood to a great extent. While we experience the flow of happiness in our hearts, we realize the power in its presence. As magnets of enthusiasm, energy, high spirit and active mind, happiness attracts success and satisfaction. Wondering about the real essence of happiness, I often think about the origin of its supply. A firm believer of the fact that happiness lies within our inner self; deep thinking and introspective conduct has taken me towards this conclusion.

3 BIG Reminders for Entrepreneurs. 3 BIG Reminders for Entrepreneurs “Know Your Weaknesses, Play to Your Strengths and Don’t Be Afraid To Outsource” What a useful little phrase I created to help remind myself of what builds balance for me in the world of being a young entrepreneur. At the tender age of 26, I would say it’s a lot to operate two companies, all while trying to get funding for a non-profit and write a book. Some would say that I have bit off more than I could chew, which I don’t necessarily disagree with, but when life throws you lemons, you throw them back, right?

#SorryImNotSorry. Don’t you just love these catchy cliché’ titles I keep giving you? Too bad, I love them and I’m not sorry about it. I would also like to preface this blog post with my current setting. The End of the the "D#@!" Head Economy. Cruz Could be on Shaky Ground. The Real Ted Cruz Finally Stood Up. In Trump's Ancestral Village, Locals are not Impressed. Another Junkyard Republican Debate - A "Tomcat" Fight.

NBA All Star Weekend Wrap Up. Dark Money Legal but Dirty – Ask Bush, Rubio or Cruz. What do Bernie, Hillary, Kissinger and David Duke, all have in Common? They're all part of last nights Snoozefest on Foreign Affairs. The "True" Religion. Club for Growth (Dark Money) Spent 1.5 Million to Take Trump Down. Can The Washington Cartel Buy the Next President. Food for the soul, magic to the ears - the power of music. It's time, Cue Elizabeth Warren. 2016 NFL Draft Top Ten. If Anyone Deserves A Black History Month Shout Out It's Leroy “Satchel” Paige! Maybe “The Art of the Deal” is the Missing Piece. Keep it up Rubio, your selling our cause for us. For the joy of travelling! Nearer My God To Thee. 50 Christian Women Take on ISIS. Obama's State of Confusion - Not State of the Union.

I lost my house to foreclosure- and then the bank gave it back. REALLY!!! I lost my house to foreclosure- and then the bank gave it back. REALLY!!! We’re Mad – We’re Mad as “Hell” Lessons from a foreign land. Friendship Shattered - Trump and Cruz. A sailors life for me? Not any more. A sailors life for me? Not any more. Its the Establishment stupid. 20 People Attempt to Remove Donald Trump from Presidential Race. 20 People Against Trump Just Had a Train Wreck. Fast and Furious Gunrunner Scam – Obama, Holder & Napolitano. Todays food and what is it that we are EATING??? #Blizzard2016 Has Many Missing #Heatwave2015. Obama - Just Gouged America Again (Taxes) Is the world ending? No its just winter. To the Sea again! Navy Soldiers prove the High Seas are still the great equalizer. Why Are All The Popular Christian Homemaking Bloggers White?? In this Presidential Race, it's any port in the storm. Mytrendingstories.