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These are web sites of IOT -Internet of thing cloud based platforms companies

תכנית חדשה לעידוד חדשנות טכנולוגית למען אתגרי המגזר הציבורי. ​תכנית "ישראל דיגיטלית" נולדה מתוך החלטת ממשלה מאוקטובר 2014, אשר קבעה כי יש לנסח תכנית חדשה על מנת לעודד חדשנות טכנולוגית ולשלב את תעשיית היי-טק המקומית במיזם הלאומי "ישראל דיגיטאלית".

תכנית חדשה לעידוד חדשנות טכנולוגית למען אתגרי המגזר הציבורי

ייעוד המסלול החדש הוא סיוע ליזמים המציעים מענה לאתגרי המגזר הציבורי וצרכיו באמצעות טכנולוגיות חדשניות. התכנית תתמוך בשני סוגים של פרוייקטים, אשר מטרתם שיפור איכות השירות שנותנים משרדי הממשלה, או גופים ציבוריים, לרבות הנגשה טובה יותר של שירותים לציבור, הקטנת הבירוקרטיה הממשלתית, הגנה על מידע ציבורי, הנגשת מידע לציבור ועוד: סוג הפרויקטים ראשון הוא פרוייקט מו"פ. A smart apps toolkit for connected cities. Better-connected cities with CitySDK A new endpoint in Manchester, better datasets in Rome and competitions for new apps are making life smarter and more connected in cities across Europe.

A smart apps toolkit for connected cities

Manchester is the latest city to develop an endpoint – or access point – for a CitySDK (City Service Development Kit) application programming interface (API). CitySDK provides standard APIs that help cities develop and share apps for local services. The Linked Data API will help Manchester develop new transport and map apps for easier travel around the city. Previewed at the FutureEverything festival, the API open data platform currently supports an app that shows train movements through stations in the Greater Manchester area.

With AutoGrid, big data becomes a new source of energy. ABOUT US » FIWARE. The FIWARE Community is an independent open community whose members are committed to materialise the FIWARE mission, that is: “to build an open sustainable ecosystem around public, royalty-free and implementation-driven software platform standards that will ease the development of new Smart Applications in multiple sectors”.


The FIWARE Community is not only formed by contributors to the technology (the FIWARE platform) but also those who contribute in building the FIWARE ecosystem and making it sustainable over time. As such, individuals and organizations committing relevant resources in FIWARE Lab activities or activities of the FIWARE Accelerator, FIWARE mundus or FIWARE iHubs programmes are also considered members of the FIWARE community. The FIWARE platform provides a rather simple yet powerful set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that ease the development of Smart Applications in multiple vertical sectors. Smart software keeps buildings cool using less electricity. If you never heard of a water chiller, you may be surprised to learn that these coiled systems – essentially giant refrigerators that cool large buildings – consume a high percentage of all the electricity used in the energy-intensive task of air-conditioning commercial and industrial buildings worldwide.

Smart software keeps buildings cool using less electricity

That’s not only a major environmental load, but a financial one as well. The annual cost of cooling the Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv City Center, for example, was $150,000. The hotel slashed this bill by $50,000 after installing the Chiller Smart Management System (CSMS) from the Israeli company Elencon Systems. Elencon CEO Dave Waimann has heard that the chiller bills run up by the mega hotels in Las Vegas reach into the millions, and hopes to help them save money too.

Gelookahead.economist. Waze and means - GE Look ahead. What crowdsourced mapping teaches us about time and how to save it Look ahead Q&A interviews the leading authorities on trends, challenges and opportunities in technology and innovation.

Waze and means - GE Look ahead

This week’s Q&A is with Di-Ann Eisnor, global head of growth at Waze, the Israeli mobile mapping and navigation company Google acquired in June 2013. 1. Security Check Required. Axonize. StageOne Ventures. Axonize Demo Day Pitch. ThingWorx IoT Platform. The ThingWorx IoT Platform is the secure and scalable foundation for building and deploying enterprise IoT applications for connected products - faster and more cost-effectively than internally built solutions.

ThingWorx IoT Platform

ThingWorx is the industry's leading Internet of Things (IoT) technology platform. It enables innovators to rapidly create and deploy game-changing applications, solutions and experiences for today's smart, connected world. The IoT Platform enables users to connect, create, analyze and experience "things" in new ways. With ThingWorx, users can: Connect any device in the ecosystem to the platform Remove complexity and develop IoT applications and solutions without limits Quickly and easily automate complex big data analytics using integrated machine learning Extend and share innovation with other IoT developers Deploy solutions to meet the needs of the market - cloud, on-premise and embedded options meet the needs of every use case ThingWorx Developer Zone » Request a Demo »

Connect to innovate. האינטרנט של הגיוסים: Axonize מגייסת 1.5 מיליון דולר. חברת הסטארטאפ הישראלית מפתחת פלטפורמת IoT מבוססת ענן, שמאפשרת לכל חברה לחבר בקלות יחסית את התשתית שלה, ללא צורך באנשי פיתוח חיצוניים מקור: CC0.

האינטרנט של הגיוסים: Axonize מגייסת 1.5 מיליון דולר

Everything you probably didn’t want to know about VR Porn. AUSTIN, TEXAS – Everyone’s talking about virtual reality at South by Southwest, but in the early going there isn’t much new to see and hear.

Everything you probably didn’t want to know about VR Porn

The gaming & VR/AR track doesn’t even kick off until Wednesday. In the meantime, companies like Samsung – who am I kidding, only Samsung – continue to show off well-worn Gear VR headsets and increasingly immersive experiences. If you want to wear a Samsung Gear VR headset, you get to sit in gimbal chair that faces a giant window in the heart of Austin, so everyone on the outside can watch your reaction, even as you can't see anything beyond the virtual world. About - Wonderware PacWest.