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123BEAD - Beaded Jewelry Making Instructions, Tutorials, Projects & Kits. The jewelry you make from this design is yours do with as you please.

123BEAD - Beaded Jewelry Making Instructions, Tutorials, Projects & Kits

You may make it as often as you like without any restrictions. For example, you can make this jewelry for yourself, for friends, or to sell. I do not require that you give credit to me for the design. While I assert no rights over the finished jewelry made from these instructions, the photography/images and text on this page are copyrighted as follows: Copyright Erin Weik. This copyright applies only to the document above, and does not apply to the rest of the website content, images and text, for which I retain full rights. My Beads - Wire Wrapped Ring Tutorial. Instructional Beading Videos. Wire Wrapped Agate Cuff Bracelet. I love jewelry projects.

Wire Wrapped Agate Cuff Bracelet

Seriously love them. Especially bracelets (gee, have you noticed?? LOL). So I tried my hand at a wire wrapped cuff, and for a first try, I’m pretty happy with it! The things is, I can’t help looking at it and seeing all the room I have for improvement. This bracelet took me closer to 90 minutes than my standard hour-or-less, but as far as supplies go and the process itself, it’s actually quite simple. Two gauges of silver plated copper wire. I made adjustments as I worked and I will note those in the post. First things first – the cuff itself. You don’t need to do anything fancy to connect the two ends. Now, cut off a length of wire that you think you can easily work with. The reason you want to start out at the center is because it’s easy to begin wrapping too tightly, and your bracelet can start getting squeezed smaller. Once you have reached the outer edge of the bead, take either wire, and thread it to the opposite side of the cuff’s frame.

Embroidery cabochon tutorial. We will learn from the example of a dichroic glass cabochon This would require this: GlueBikonusy 3 mmBeads number 11Beads number 15Delica number 11CabochonOval or teardrop-shaped beadsThreadsNeedleFelt or leather Cabochon glue the piece of felt and begin to sew in a row in a circle Next, begin to braid cabochon round way brick At the end of the braid using beads number 15 to get the screed and to cabochon not dropped out of the rim. Cut away excess skin or felt as close to the stitches of embroidery Derive a needle and thread up Glue another layer of felt or leather, the thickness of the layer of felt coincided with the diameter of beads, and cut it.

Begin to embroider the side felt, to close it. Glue another layer of leather or felt, and circumcised him as close to the edges of the embroidery. Now sew the fringe. Fringe only do the bottom, the rest of the perimeter decorate bikonusami. At the top of the pendant are doing a loop for hanging. End of thread hiding, threading it through a few beads. Spiral Wire Bead Ring. Bead Rings ---- bead-crafts-bead-rings What you need 1 Foot 18g wire, soft 1 Handmade bead with hole large enough to fit 2 pieces of 18g wire.

Spiral Wire Bead Ring

(Rondell shape works best) Instructions Wire rings are hot this season! Tools: Wirecutter Chain-nose Pliers Ring Mandrel or dowel in desired ring size – Mandrels can be purchased through jewelry supply outlets and dowels can be found at your local hardware store. Step 1 – Place center of wire against your form and wrap twice around leaving the tails long. Step 2 – Bend the tails up sharply. Step 3 – Place the bead onto both wires and slide down to the base of the ring. Step 4 – Bend the wires to a right angle directly on the top of the bead. Step 5 – Spiral the wires on top of the bead. Step 6 – Bring the tail wires down to the ring shank on opposite sides of the bead and wrap around the base of the ring to secure. Step 7 – tuck the wire ends down and you are done!