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The Current State of Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC] Muhammad Saleem is a social media consultant and a top-ranked community member on multiple social news sites.

The Current State of Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Follow him on Twitter for more social media insights. There is no doubt that Twitter has been a runaway success. Add to their rapid growth the recently announced @anywhere platform, and plans for further international expansion, and it comes as no surprise that the company is not looking to sell — at least within the next 2 years. While the site's growth has certainly been impressive and it has reached the point of non-displacement, there are some interesting hidden truths about Twitter and its users. The following graphic takes a look at Twitter's path to 10 billion tweets, what we have learned about its users and what they've been talking about along the way. Click the Image for Full Size Version. Sondage - Twitter, de plus en plus connu, mais peu utilisé au Québec.


Sondage - Twitter, de plus en plus connu, mais peu utilisé au Québec

Le mot a été plus utilisé en 2009 par les médias de langue anglaise qu'«Obama» ou «H1N1», indique une étude du Global Language Monitor. Un véritable phénomène qui n'épargne pas le Québec où cet outil est de plus en plus connu, mais encore peu utilisé, selon un sondage à paraître aujourd'hui. De plus en plus connu, mais toujours très peu utilisé. Comme ailleurs sur la planète, le site de microclavardage Twitter poursuit sa rapide implantation au Québec: le nom de cet outil de réseautage social n'est désormais plus un mystère pour un grand nombre d'adeptes des technologies, ou pas.

Mais, paradoxalement, une partie microscopique des internautes québécois ont une existence dans ce nouvel espace de communication, indique un récent sondage sur la notoriété et l'utilisation de Twitter au Québec. Le phénomène numérique est évident. Feedback tool for creating online polls and surveys#googtrans(en. Twoutils. Twazzup: Cherche et trouve sur twitter.

Case Study - EPC Cigar, a Start-Up, Using Twitter to Build Buzz. 50 utilisations de Twitter en entreprise. Chefs Take to Twitter to Vent. - search tweets from just your friends. The Top 10 Most Important Tweets of 2009. De l’impact d’un tweet négatif / we are social. La semaine dernière, Frank Sherlock, le président de Convergys Corp. était à Londres pour une conférence au cours de laquelle il a annoncé qu’un commentaire négatif sur Twitter, Facebook ou YouTube pouvait provoquer la perte de 30 clients.

De l’impact d’un tweet négatif / we are social

Le groupe a mené une étude selon laquelle un avis de consommateur sur l’un de ces réseaux sociaux serait lu en moyenne par 45 personnes et que deux-tiers d’entre elles pourraient cesser tout commerce avec une entreprise dont elles auraient entendu du mal. Certes, à l’inverse, d’autres sources soulignent qu’ »il est difficile d’évaluer ou de mesurer l’effet d’un tweet négatif autant qu’il est difficile de prédire qui il va toucher et combien cette opinion est estimée » mais ce qui reste certain, c’est que les marques sont au coeur des conversations dans les réseaux sociaux, la preuve étant, cette récente étude de l’Université de Penn State dont nous avions déjà parlé et qui faisait état du fait que 19% des tweets concernaient une marque.

Portable North-Pole [] on Did we learn anything from the Nestle Family Twitter-storm? Remember my post from a couple years ago about the Nestle boycott*, the boycott that has been going on since the ’70s?

Did we learn anything from the Nestle Family Twitter-storm?

Well, today the boycott and all of Nestle’s alleged crimes against humanity were brought to the forefront due to the #NestleFamily blogger event and the power of social media. Photo courtesy Rahego It started when Annie from PhDinParenting wrote An open letter to the attendees of the Nestle Family blogger event. If you don’t know about Nestle’s history, I suggest you go read that first. As Annie said there and I will repeat here, “This is not about what you chose to feed your babies. #1 Tips for Twitter Newbies. Recently, I spoke to a trade association about social media, and of course, about Twitter. Later in the day, I ran into some attendees who still felt really clueless about Twitter, and wondered how to even get started.

Apart from showing them how to set up an account and get familiar with the primary Twitter functionality, I wanted to show them HOW to tweet. Since they also had no idea what to tweet about, I decided to use the community at-large to help me. I put the question out there, “I’m talking to some Twitter newbies who are interested in how to start out on Twitter.

What would be your #1 tip?” Listiti, un Google Alerte pour les listes de Twitter. Fort Hood Shootings (FtHoodShootings) Alltop - Top Twitter News. Though Twitter Lists are new to most users, some news organizations are trying to stay ahead of the curve by taking advantage of the new feature and implementing it quickly.

Whether by creating staff directories to make their journalists easier to find, or recommending tweeps to follow on specific subjects, Twitter lists are giving news sites the ability to curate news and further open up to Twitter users that can help them to gather news. News organizations are beginning to learn the fundamental characteristic of social media: it's social. This is an interesting departure for news organizations that were primarily using Twitter as a service for self-promotion, such as the case with ESPN, whose social media policies serve ESPN efforts first. Or like policies of The Wall Street Journal, which were criticized for being too restrictive. The list of ways news organizations are using Twitter Lists is expanding. 1. 2. 3. Airlines' social-media use takes off - FORT WORTH, Texas -- "To celebrate our new in-flight wine selection, tell us why 'You'd Rather Be Drinking Wine than Working,' " tweeted Southwest Airlines.

Fans of American Airlines' New York Facebook page got 10 percent-off coupons when the page reached 10,000 fans in May. And a video posted in January of a Northwest Airlines Boeing 747 being repainted with the colors of Delta Air Lines has been viewed more than 200,000 times on YouTube. Centre de Ressources des Espaces Publics Numériques de Wallonie : Nouveaux tutoriels Twitter. Twitter Alerts - 9 Ways To Convince The CEO To Use Social Media and Enter The 21st Century « Jeffbullas’s Blog. In a recent post on my blog I listed “28 Reasons Why The CEO Is Afraid Of Social Media” which received comments from around the world from consultants and advocates within companies, about their experiences and the feedback they had received from management and CEO’s, including an aside from a reader from Romania who sent me a message on Twitter “@jeffbullas ..Your article was a trauma therapy for me.

9 Ways To Convince The CEO To Use Social Media and Enter The 21st Century « Jeffbullas’s Blog

You wouldn’t believe the bullheadedness of Romanian CEOs”. So here are some tips, hints and resources to assist you in convincing “Management To Enter The 21st Century?” … do I hear the sounds of kicking and screaming from the boardroom? Note: This can be used if you are an external consultant to a company or if you are trying to convince your management to embrace the “New Digital Age”. 1.

Then Note: I can guarantee you that you will NOW have their attention… seriously!!! 2. Here are three for reference. Adam Hertz on TuneIn Search. Les outils de veille dans Twitter, l’embarras du choix. Tweetweek's Channel. Effective Twitter Backgrounds: Examples and Current Practices « Smashing Magazine.

Advertisement Smashing Magazine has been on Twitter for about a year now (@smashingmag1), and it turned out to be a great medium to communicate with our audience, build connections, discuss design-related topics and give away some nice prizes.

Effective Twitter Backgrounds: Examples and Current Practices « Smashing Magazine

However, even a year later, we still don’t have a Twitter background page and now is a good time to change that. 101 for Business — A Special Guide. TWEET IDEAS: 13 Things to Do on Twitter Besides Tweet. Tired of delivering the typical stream of status updates on Twitter?

TWEET IDEAS: 13 Things to Do on Twitter Besides Tweet

Why not try some of the following ideas for other things you can do with the service? Thanks to an open API and a philosophy of interconnectivity, Twitter's vast array of third-party services has you covered on a number of alternative uses for the famed microblogging tool. Let's take a look at a few of them. 1. Share Files. Teens Adopting Twitter. InShare0 Source: Shutterstock As recently as August 2009, blogs and media outlets reported that teens are just not taking to the Twitterverse, instead opting for text messaging, social networks such as Facebook and Myspace, and other communications tools such as IM.

Teens Adopting Twitter

The Science of Retweets on Twitter. InShare64 Source: Young Go Getter Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with “Viral Marketing Scientist” Dan Zarrella on special projects related to Twitter. The Top 100 Twitter Publishing Tools and Services. InShare0 Source As I was writing the report on Facebook and Twitter traffic growth, I had noticed that the engagement time at had dropped by 31 percent year-over-year. September 2009: 18:07 September 2008: 26:12 Engagement Difference = -31% I suspected that the shift in numbers stemed from the migration of those who previously interacted on and now engage via third-party clients such as TweetDeck, Seesmic, CoTweet, HootSuite, et al.

53 conseils et idées pour mieux utiliser Twitter. Many companies want to start using Twitter to promote their brand and business, but don't really know where to start. As most companies are starting to realize, Twitter is a great way to reinforce your brand, share news and important information, gather feedback , advertise and most importantly, start a dialogue with your customers and prospects — and the only cost is the time of the people involved with managing the Twitter feed. Here is a short list of best practices for corporate Twittering that I compiled for one of my clients. Most small-to-medium businesses should be able to achieve results with a couple of hours of effort per week. Getting Started Getting your message out Following people And finally as noted in The Guide to Corporate Twittering, you should: Be honestBe responsive and humanBe nice.

Although sometimes it might seem like absolutely everybody is on Twitter, the majority of companies out there still don't have anything in the way of an official Twitter presence. Though companies like Best Buy and Comcast are leading the charge, others are slow to follow - the most common reason being that the people in charge (read: your boss) often have a hard time understanding why a Twitter presence is becoming more and more important as the nature of human communication is changing.

In light of that, here's five reasons you can put in front of the big boss to help you make your case that your company NEEDS to get onto Twitter ASAP: 5 Reasons Your Company Needs to Be on Twitter 1) Twitter allows you to keep track of what people are saying about your brand - and your competitors' brands - in real time. Agenda. Twitter: le soleil brille, les oiseaux chantent. L’arrivée du printemps signifie le retour des petits oiseaux qui gazouillent et on peut dire que du côté de Twitter, tout leur sourit actuellement.

Une croissance vertigineuse, une levée de fond qui les met à l’abri pour plusieurs années sans compter une couverture média qui va du Wall Street Journal en passant par le New York Times, Le Monde, Libération, Radio Canada et j’en oublie surement. Voici quelques billets pertinents sur le phénomène: Fadhila Brahimi, réflexion sur la métalinguistique et les utilisateurs mutants: « Ils se connaissent parfois dans la vie réelle mais parfois ne se sont jamais rencontrés mais ils dialoguent! Ils sont de tous les genres, de tous les âges, de tous les niveaux sociaux: femme/homme, individu/communauté/société, salarié/PDG/entrepreneur/stagiaire/en recherche, droite/gauche/centre,etc. blogueur/photoblogueur/lecteur… »

: L'univers Twitter. Audience Measurement and Web Site Analysis Consulting. Mike Wilson Plane Crash.