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Search-engine-optimization-starter-guide.pdf (Objet application/pdf) Search Engine Optimization Advice. While I was working for NVI, and SEO and social media agency, I did some guest blogging to help get the word out about our expertise and build links back to the site.

Search Engine Optimization Advice

Many of those guest posts focused on SEO and social media, and had some pretty advanced and detailed advice on how to address some very specific SEO situation. Well, they say that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but there’s an exception to every rule, so today I’m posting links to (and synopses of) each of those article. They range in topic from SEO copywriting and web design tips, to leveraging social content to rank and how to rank in different countries. Twitter & Facebook links affect SEO on Google and Bing. Posted byVasilis Vryniotison to Marketing, SEO, Social Media Few days ago Danny Sullivan, editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, published a very interesting article which confirms the suspicions of many SEOs: Social Media buzz does affect the organic rankings of Google and Bing.

Twitter & Facebook links affect SEO on Google and Bing

Last Call for Social Media Evangelists. Social media is growing up real quick, and it looks like it’s time for it to put down the beer-bong, move out of the frat house and move into the cubicle.

Last Call for Social Media Evangelists

Basically, the party is over, and a lot of marketers will find that conversions are the only cure to their social media hangover. Last week, eMarketer reported that in 2011, twice as many marketers will be concerned about the actual return on their social media spend. Basically, business are putting their foot down and forcing marketers to care less about how many fans/followers they garner, and more about how those fans/followers impacted their bottom line: Site traffic, which was the top metric for social marketing success in 2010, will still be on top this year. But the No. 2 spot will change hands, as twice as many companies plan to pay attention to conversions. [...] So it looks like the days of evangelizing the conversation simply for the sake of conversation are done (or at least numbered).

Search, Social, and the Bottom Line. Social Media & SEO: Top 10 Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Page « When digital marketing goes international. In my previous post I was discussing whether Facebook Pages will replace official websites and it is largely matter of an opinion.

Social Media & SEO: Top 10 Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Page « When digital marketing goes international

But let’s face it: right now Facebook Pages are “in”. So, why not make most of it? Du référencement naturel (SEO) au référencement Social (SMO) Pour faire suite à la conférence du 26 janvier 2011 lors du salon e-marketing Paris 2011 (FEM2011), voici le support de présentation sur le thème des interactions entre le référencement naturel (SEO) et le référencement Social (SMO).

Du référencement naturel (SEO) au référencement Social (SMO)

Télécharger la présentation sur les changements de Google. (PDF) N’hésitez pas à partager vos commentaires et réactions sur notre blog. Merci à Aurélien Guiton pour son aide précieuse ;-) Partager et noter cet article ! InShare16 Les commentaires sont fermés. 10 SEO Tips For Maximizing Facebook Visibility. No discussion of social media’s effect on organic search results is complete without considering Facebook’s well-laid play for “search” domination, in a closed-loop-members-only end run around Google’s public algorithmic crawl.

10 SEO Tips For Maximizing Facebook Visibility

With 250 million users, the recent purchase of friendFeed and newly offered ability to search at macro and/or granular users’ network levels, Facebook’s internal community-search platform may well threaten other search models by sheer magnitude of participation and users’ trust of their friends, extended networks and themed groups. Le référencement sur Google sera plus facile pour les marques, Google confirme un changement d'algorithme. Le référencement sur Google sera plus facile pour les marques, Google confirme un changement d’algorithme 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote Google a annoncé récemment qu’il a apporté une modification à son algorithme et affichera maintenant plus de pages d’un site unique, ou d’un même domaine.

Le référencement sur Google sera plus facile pour les marques, Google confirme un changement d'algorithme

Google veut ainsi faciliter la tâche des utilisateurs pour les requêtes de recherches qui démontrent un fort intérêt envers une marque, par exemple « Radio-Canada ». Avant ce changement d’algorithme, seulement deux résultats du domaine seraient apparu pour cette requête. Conquering Big Industries: My Bulletproof SEO Strategy. Generally speaking, the more traffic you can get to a website the more money you can make. I like to focus on building search engine traffic to my sites because once you have rankings you can usually sustain them with little effort and the traffic they send is very targeted.

Over the last two years I focused on fairly small industries which I would build minisites for, which received their traffic from search engines, and then monetised them with affiliate offers. These days I’m spending my time focusing on much bigger (and more competitive markets) and having a lot of success. This isn’t the first time I’ve tackled big markets – I used to have clients in some of the biggest niches out there (casino, mobile phones, etc) – but it’s the first year where I’ve really started to take on these industries for myself. Some success is from sites I purchased which were ranking on the first few pages of Google and I built some great links to get them on the first page. Short: mobile phones.

Viral Marketing : ViperChill. SEO for Public Relations - Top Ten Tips PRSA09. Comment écrire un blogue et avoir un bon référencement. Comment écrire un blogue et avoir un bon référencement?

Comment écrire un blogue et avoir un bon référencement

Raymond Viger Version mai 2013 Date prochaine formation Aussi disponible, le livre, Référencer son blogue… Un mot à la fois 514-256-9000 Raymond Viger, Formateur agréé par la CPMT (ancienne loi du 1%) (514) 256-4467 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Responsabilités. Facebook And StumbleUpon Drive The Most Social Traffic To Websites. Facebook Can Drive More Traffic Than Google. I recently discussed Twitter as a great source of traffic to sites, but the even more popular Facebook can do and is doing the same thing.

Facebook Can Drive More Traffic Than Google

In fact, reports have Facebook driving even more traffic than Google to some big-name sites. Facebook gets over a third of the number of unique visitors that Google does according to comScore. And it continues to grow. 10 Key SEO Strategies Every Facebook Page Owner Should Know. Facebook Pages are increasingly becoming a “second home page” for businesses online.

10 Key SEO Strategies Every Facebook Page Owner Should Know

And while more and more Page owners are learning how to become expert Facebook marketers, Facebook has recently created many new opportunities for Pages to get more traffic through the tried and true methods of – you guessed it – search engine optimization (SEO). While Facebook’s “viral channels” – the News Feed, invitations, and messages – play a central role in the spread of content through Facebook, employing important SEO tactics within your Facebook Page can help your Page reach more and more Facebook fans.

While viral distribution can help you reach people your fans are directly connected to, search engine optimization exposes your Facebook Page to Facebook’s entire userbase. In fact, Facebook itself has taken major steps to improve its own SEO during recent weeks and months, creating opportunities for Page owners to benefit directly while creating value for Facebook at the same time. 1. 2. 3. 4. Entreprises et médias sociaux : Étude de cas. Voici une entreprise qui a très bien apprivoisé certains des médias sociaux, mais qui a faillit sur un autre. Pas facile de les apprivoiser tous. Twitter C'est une des meilleures utilisation de ce réseau social qui a été porté à mon attention jusqu'à maintenant.

Outre le nombre impressionnant d'abonnés (+ de 1,750,000 followers) aujourd'hui et un nombre respectable d'abonnements (+ de 575,000 following) les trois choses qui m'ont le plus marquer sur cette page sont : L'utilisation d'URL de simplifié de comme indicateur de liens en colonne de droite, car c'est un fond d'image et par ce fait non-cliquable, mais "monitorable" grâce à surtout le lien dans le profil à droite qui pointe sur une page spécifique dédié à Twitter ( et qui démontre et confirme que ce compte Twitter est effectivement bien issue de cette compagnie. Facebook Avec plus de 200,000 fans, Whole Foods Market est très actif aussi sur FaceBook.