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Mesurer. The Future of Public Relations and Social Media. This series is supported by Gist.

The Future of Public Relations and Social Media

Gist provides a full view of the contacts in your professional network by creating a rich business profile for each one that includes the most news, status updates, and work details. See how it works here. Public relations specialists were some of the first people to embrace the power of social media, and as a result they are often the ones leading the way in the social space, whether they are consulting with clients from an agency point of view or strategizing on an in-house PR team. In the past decade, the Internet has had a huge impact on how PR professionals function. As of late, social media is changing the face of PR, as well. The Future of the Press Release The first press release was created during the fall of 1906 by Ivy Lee, known by some as the founder of modern public relations.

During the past few years, we've witnessed a shift towards what some are calling the "social media release. " The Evolution of Social Platforms. Public Relations students and PR professionals come together on Twitter for #PRStudChat. A recent blog post by Deirdre Breakenridge, Author and President, Director of Communications at PFS Marketwyse, has developed into an opportunity for Public Relations students and PR professionals to exchange ideas, discuss questions and build relationships "Is PR Right for me?” Is important for the growth of the public relations industry. We need to attract future PR leaders who are the best and the brightest. Garnering the experience of industry professionals and having them share perspective is a great way to motivate PR’s next generation of experts... " (The full post by Deirdre can be found here) On Wednesday August 19th at noon EST, moderator Deirdre Breakenridge and host Valerie Simon will bring present and future PR industry leaders together for a lively discussion on Twitter.

Never participated in a Twitter Chat? Before the chat Join the #PRStudChat LinkedIn Group The group has been set up to anchor participants. During the chat After the chat. 25 social media sites for entrepreneurs. If you’re an entrepreneur who has been seduced by social media tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, you may realize the benefits of using these basic tools to finding and staying in touch with business partners, employers and customers, along with learning new information.

25 social media sites for entrepreneurs

If you’re late to the party, though, we’ve listed a variety of basic social media tools for networking – as well as a number of social media sites designed just for entrepreneurs. Some may be familiar, but some could be new finds. Through these sites, you can network, build a Web presence, place ads, find funding and more. Corporate Social Media Policies Ebook. Tools to Boost Your Social Media Productivity » Top 10 Blogs to Read to Avoid Looking Like a Social Media Fool : Media : Technology. Don't want to look like a social media fool?

Top 10 Blogs to Read to Avoid Looking Like a Social Media Fool : Media : Technology

That's where Poked comes in: a netiquette column that aims to help working people navigate the social media world. Written by Niala Boodhoo and Bridget Carey, Poked features a weekly column in The Miami Herald's business section as well as an online blog. All Facebook The unofficial blog that follows all things Facebook, including details about new developments, applications and more. Almost Saavy A site to help people get started with social media. Lots of how-to’s and tutorials, with detailed and helpful graphics that explain different ways you can make yourself look better online Mashable Mashable’s the choice for the latest tools, gadget and gossip about changes to all the social media networks. Based on the premise that making assumptions causes misunderstandings, this site focuses almost exclusively on etiquette involving e-mail.

Oh Crap. Guide sur les médias sociaux par Wellcom. Social media news, strategy, tools, and techniques.