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3 Shoe Brands Kicking Butt With Social Media. The Digital Marketing Series is supported by HubSpot, an inbound marketing software company based in Cambridge, Mass., that makes a full platform of marketing software, including social media management tools.

3 Shoe Brands Kicking Butt With Social Media

Shoes are big business online. Just look at online retailer Zappos, which generates more than $1 billion in annual gross sales, of which between 80% and 85% are shoes. Research conducted by Google in late 2008 indicates that 45% of men and 46% of women use online research to make online and in-store purchase decisions, a figure that has no doubt increased as overall Internet and ecommerce usage has grown.

Nearly a third of women feel comfortable buying their shoes online, according to a 2011 survey from ShopSmart magazine, up from 14% from 2007. The 2012 Grammys Embrace Digital, Mobile and Social. The 54th Grammy Awards ceremony is only eight days away and the Recording Academy is kicking off the next phase of its digital and social campaign.

The 2012 Grammys Embrace Digital, Mobile and Social

Under the heading of "We Are Music" the Academy and its partners are harnessing the power of social, mobile and digital to make the award show more modern than ever. The Recording Academy made the decision to invest in social and digital media several years ago (you can read Mashable's past coverage of the 2010 and 2011 campaigns) and the organization and its awards show are now seeing the dividends. Big time.


Epic Social Media Fail: Hey Buddy, It's Always About the Service. Winners - Vibrant Awards 2011. Vibrant Awards 2012 coming soon!

Winners - Vibrant Awards 2011

Have a look at last year's Vibrant Awards. Submissions for the Vibrant Awards 2012 are now closed. 2012 Winners: Thank you to everyone who submitted for the 2012 Vibrant Awards – we received over 30 submissions from leading brands in the UK. The below winners were selected by a panel of industry experts from the UK. The intersection of social media utility & interest - - How well do the top brands participate in social media? How to ruin your reputation in one email thread: The Ocean Marketing story.

Friday Feature - FIDO Friendly's Social Media Success Story. This week's Friday feature is all about how a niche publication boosted their visibility and increased subscriptions by integrating Facebook and Twitter in their marketing.

Friday Feature - FIDO Friendly's Social Media Success Story

Carol Bryant, FIDO Friendly magazineWebsite/Blog URL: FIDOFriendly In a nutshell, what success did you have as a result of your blog/social media? FIDO Friendly magazine has been in existence for 10 years. However, I was hired in March of 2010 after realizing this phenomenal publication did not have a social media strong presence. As a result of the blog and presence on Twitter and Facebook, we had 12,000 unique visitors in July alone. Through the use of Twitter marketing strategies, our numbers have increased and they are quality people we want to have a Twitter relationship with. Social Media Marketing by the Numbers. 26 Ideas For Facebook Fan Exclusives. Facebook marketers are constantly faced with the daunting task of growing a page’s fan count with no budget.

26 Ideas For Facebook Fan Exclusives

Before you get discouraged that you can’t foot the bill for an Oprah-like car giveaway to work up your fans in a frenzy, take a deep breath. Facebook allows your brand plenty of opportunities to do more with less, you just need a little inspiration. Open up your brand’s treasure chest and treat your fans with downloadable goods using North Social’s Exclusive app. This powerful app allows you to upload any digital file (audio, video, document, or image), which is unlocked when the fan posts an update into their personal stream. Red Bull: Facebook Fan Page Example in Detail #5. Continuing the series of 26 Facebook Fan Page Examples in Detail, I have taken a closer look at Red Bull's Facebook Fan Page.

Red Bull: Facebook Fan Page Example in Detail #5

Upon first impression, Red Bull carries over its active lifestyle and thrill seeker attitude to its Facebook Fan Page, where tabs and ongoing updates are all about the athletes they sponsor and the extreme sports they each play. Red Bull Default Landing Tab As you can tell, the page has ported over to the new fan page design. Prior to liking the page, there is a large graphical invitation that encourages the user to like the fan page. With over 15 million fans, this particular call to action seems to be working. Red Bull’s smart use of social media and branded content - TNW Social Media.

Red Bull is playing a smart game.

Red Bull’s smart use of social media and branded content - TNW Social Media

Branded content is a huge area in social media at the moment but most brands get it so wrong by focusing on peppering their logo and branding on everything but Red Bull understand the subtle nature of this medium. The key to branded content is creating something that people want to watch and share but at the same time that fits in with the core values of your brand. Turkey This video is shot in a way that it could actually be a movie and although it clearly wasn’t cheap to produce it is already getting close to a quarter of a million views after only a couple of days. Killer Facebook Fan Pages: 5 Inspiring Case Studies.

Callan Green works in public relations and social media at Bailey Gardiner in San Diego.

Killer Facebook Fan Pages: 5 Inspiring Case Studies

You can read her posts on the company's marketing blog or follow her on Twitter. When Facebook re-launched its fan pages earlier this year, companies were thrilled. Gilt Brings Exclusive Sales to Facebook. The Top 10 Marketing Sites For Social Media Marketing Trends. Recently, the Pivot Conference team set out to learn more about the state of social advertising and the future ahead by conducting an industry survey of 230 brand managers, executives, and marketing professionals.

The Top 10 Marketing Sites For Social Media Marketing Trends

We will release the full report during the week of July 25th. Not all of the insights we learned will make it into the final report. However, I will share a few interesting findings as they come up starting with this one… The Top Marketing Sites for Social Media Marketing Trends We asked participants to share their favorite sites, blogs, and newsletters for learning the latest about social media marketing trends. AT&T_CaseStudy_V3.pdf (Objet application/pdf)

5 Smart Social PR Campaigns to Learn From.


HOW TO: Respond when Social Media Attacks Your Brand. Journée Infopresse - Web participatif - Infopresse. Le délivré. Chaque année, c’est la tradition, avec la fin des vacances nous arrivent les nouvelles éditions des dictionnaires de langue française.

Le délivré

Et à chaque rentrée, la Librairie Monet vous propose les dictionnaires les plus populaires à prix d’ami! Le Petit Larousse 2017 Les Éditions Larousse célèbrent cette année les 200 ans de la naissance de Pierre Larousse, le créateur de ce dictionnaire emblématique ! Le Petit Larousse 2017 propose 63.000 mots, 125.000 sens et 20.000 locutions, un mémento de grammaire et des conjugaisons, mais aussi un dictionnaire encyclopédique avec 28.000 noms propres, des points de culture générale, des citations, des proverbes, un atlas, les drapeaux du monde et une chronologie universelle.

Le Dictionnaire de référence de la langue française s’enrichit également d’un dossier sur Pierre Larousse rédigé par le linguiste Bernard Cerquiglini, de nouvelles lettrines et d’une couverture inédite. Les nouveautés 2017: Le Petit Robert 2017 Les nouveautés 2017 : Les indispensables. Case Study - EPC Cigar, a Start-Up, Using Twitter to Build Buzz. Ford Shows Off New Explorer to Facebook Fans with Full Day Of Content.

Ford used the Facebook Page of its iconic Explorer to reveal the 2011 model to the public. The campaign has been building for awhile — the company has been posting teaser photos and videos to the Page after it first announced the launch in early June. Scott Monty, Ford’s Multimedia Communications Manager, tells us that launching the totally redesigned Explorer through Facebook was the most effective way to get the word out about the new model, and the numbers from the first day of the launch back that up.


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