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"Lilly": American Idol-Inspired Crocheted Earrings. Crocheted Bead Earrings pattern by Gene Saunders. Crochet Circle Earrings #3. Crochet Circle Earrings #4. Crochet Circle Earring #5. Eleven handmade crochets by Linda Skuja - blog: Coral flower earrings by Eleven - free pattern. Crochet Diamond Earring #2. Crochet Diamond Earring #3. Crochet Diamond Earring #4. Dream Catcher Jewelry. Flower earring. Crochet Flower Earrings. Here is the crochet and beading patterns for the 'flower earrings'.They're very straight forward to make and I've posted both the written and drawn pattern.

Crochet Flower Earrings

To make the Crochet Flower MaterialsCotton thread. I use DMC (in varying colours) but I'm not sure what thickness? Like these.1mm hook To make Flower Earrings Materials Two ear hook6 lengths of 2x3mm chain, each 2 links long.2 x Crochet Flowers4 wire rings (to join chain to crochet flower)2 x head pins + extra for connecting beads2 x feature beads6 x small metal beads2 x large metal beadsConnect all as described in the diagram below. I hope you enjoy Note: I've amended this pattern (2nd November) to American crochet speak rather than my own strange crochet language which was my translation for the Spanish.It should be much easier now, but please let me know if there are still problems : )

Flower Power Crochet Earrings. Hey Divas!

Flower Power Crochet Earrings

I've been debating on whether I should do an earring tutorial only because I sometimes I have a hard time verbally explaining things. But I really wanted to do this tutorial. So I made a video to along with the written pattern to help explain things a little better. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to ask any questions. Printable PDF Version Materials Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Thread Size 3Size 0/3.25MM hookTapestry needleScissorsIron-safe scrap fabricFabric stiffenerIron2 Fish hook earring findings2 Jump rings Flower Start with magic ring Rnd 1: ch 3, dc 11 in ring, tighten ring, slst to top of ch, fasten off.

Jellyfish Earrings - crochet and bead project tutorial. Mayra's Creations: Lacy Circular Crochet Earrings Free Pattern. Tutorial Tuesday. I always use a Steel hook 7, and crochet thread size 10. but you could use whichever one you like to make bigger or smaller earrings.

Tutorial Tuesday

Ch 8 chain 4, (dc, ch 1) 11 times. Chain 6, (dc, ch 3) 11 times. chain 1, (sc, 4hdc, sc) in each space around sl st in first st to end. Tutorial Tuesday. Crochet Teardrop Earring #5. //Pattern Begins// Foundation Ring: Ch 22, sl st to form ring, ch 3, DO NOT TURN.

Crochet Teardrop Earring #5

How to crochet htr: y o 2x, insert hook , y o, draw a loop through, y o, draw through 2 loops, y o, draw through remaining 3 loops. How to crochet hdtr: y o 3x, insert hook, y o, draw a loop through, (y o, draw through 2 loops) 2x, y o, draw through remaining 3 loops. Round 1: (htr, tr, hdtr, dtr, hdtr, tr, htr, dc) in 1st ch, 8 dc, (2 dc in next ch) 2x, 3 dc in next ch, (2 dc in next ch) 2x, 8 dc, sl st to top of turning ch, TURN. Crochet Teardrop Earring #4. Crocheted Earrings! As promised on Craftster, I have some new crochet patterns.

Crocheted Earrings!

Remember the usual copyright rules apply to everything I post. So no copying patterns/images or selling them, please. If you’d like to use something towards a charity, email me the details and we’ll work something out. Thanks. Boring lecture over, here’s the fun part! This is going to be a long post.. Tutorial Tuesday. Spiral Crocheted Earrings I always use a Steel hook 7, and crochet thread size 10. but you could use whichever one you like to make bigger or smaller earrings.

Tutorial Tuesday

Chain 21. Sc 3 times in 2nd chain from hook, and in every other chain. Finish off. Edited to change Chaining. Crochet Teardrop Earring #1. Tutorial Tuesday. Rose Crocheted Earrings This is my favorite one!

Tutorial Tuesday

(do not use for anything other then personal use) My mom's samba earrings. My mom is doing a lot of projects and sell them.

my mom's samba earrings

That is why I am inspired to do my own projects and sell them too. These are the only left samba earrings my mom made. Below is a free pattern. Pineapple Motif Earring - free crochet pattern. Pineapple Motif Earrings - free crochet pattern by Mimi Alelis Materials Cotton thread size 10, or size 20, or even finer thread, approx. 5gms.

Pineapple Motif Earring - free crochet pattern

(sample shown is made from Aunt Lydia's classic crochet cotton thread size 10) Crochet hook size 1.5mm Pair of non-allergenic earwires Motif Note: Ch 3 at the beginning of rows count as dc. Note: Complete written instructions in downloadable pdf, now available (for sale) at Pretty Poppy Earrings. PDF version I recently bought a bag of crochet cottons in various colours including a rather vibrant red.

Pretty Poppy Earrings

As soon as I saw the colour I knew I was going to make some poppy earrings. As with all my other earrings, they are so quick to make and use a very small amount of yarn. I used Coats crochet cotton #12 and a 1.5mm hook. Pearl Necklace and Earrings. Panther Paw Earrings. I made this pattern up for earrings for the next fundraiser that DD’s school will have in the fall.

I used their school colors of Red and Black, but any colors will work perfect! Please post back to this site if you make some. I would love to see them! Paw Print Earrings Some are having a problem getting to the pattern so I will post it here: Materials: Size 3 Fashion Crochet Thread. I just checked the link and for some reason it is bring up another page with another link, if you click on that link it will bring up the pattern. Free Pattern - Out On The Town Earrings. By Rachel Geller This pattern was originally published in the Aug/Sept Crochet Me newsletter! They're bold. Different. Crazy. Cool. Materials: (For 1 Pair) Small amount #10 (bedspread weight) mercerized cotton thread US #6 steel hook (1.8mm) 48 black hematite E beads (size 8/0) Scissors Needle to weave in ends Earring findings of your choice US Pattern Notations Used: Ch = chain Sc = single crochet Sl st = slip stitch St(s) = stitch Lp = loop Hk = hook Beg = beginning Yo = yarn over Notes Little love knot = Pull up a loop approximately one fourth of an inch long.

Free Crochet Pattern: Mama's DC Earrings. Free Crochet Pattern: Long Granny Dangle Earrings. Pattern for long earrings made from 2 different granny squares Materials Needed:*1 pair ear wires*1 pair 4mm jump rings to match ear wires *ball of size 10 crochet cotton thread. (one ball will make many pairs of earrings)Tools Needed:size 1 / 2.75mm crochet hook jewelry pliersYou will need to know:basic jewelry techniques (opening and closing loops)double crochetChainsworking in the round Gauge: Small Square: 4 cm corner to corner Large Square: 6 cm corner to corner Size: hangs 4 inches long from ear wire, and 6 cm wide.