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25 Tricky Optical Illusion Pictures – Find the Hidden Figures! Quick Science Christmas Activities for Kids. 8 Easy Christmas Science Ideas There's always time for quick science activities especially if you are super busy this holiday season!

Quick Science Christmas Activities for Kids

We took a few of our classic science experiments for a spin with a Christmas theme! Delight your kids with these easy and quick science activities that won't take long to set up and use just a few common things from around the house or grocery store. We have been enjoying our awesome Christmas science activities including melting trees, eruptions, slimes, ooblecks and more. If you don't have a lot of time or need something quick to fill an hour, take a look at these ideas or the many other Christmas science ideas we have tried so far!

Christmas Mirror Reflection Activity Cookie Cutter Baking Soda Science Sensory Play Magnet Sensory Bin Christmas Tree, Evergreen Observation Table Candy Cane Dissolve Oil and Water Science Activity: 3 Ways to Play Peppermint Oobleck Gumdrop Science Melted Tree Want More Christmas Science? Time for Saturday STEM, Won't you join us? Sand Foam...two ingredients for super, sensory fun. 191k Shares We sure do love us some sand activities here at Paging Fun Mums!

Sand Foam...two ingredients for super, sensory fun

We’ve done Magic Aqua Sand, DIY Coloured Sand , DIY Sand Imprints & plenty more! This Sand Foam has such a smooth, slimy, grainy texture that makes for a great sensory activity that my kids love! We live by the beach and they still want me to get this recipe out again and again! The best part is, it’s very inexpensive AND easy to make! To make your own you will need: Sand – approximately 3 cups Shaving Foam – x 1 can 250g (approximately) To make your lovely Sand Foam, simply pour your sand into a tub (we use the clear storage boxes for Sensory Play) Then pour in your shaving foam – mixing as you go – the kids LOVE this part! Keep mixing and adding the shaving foam until you are happy with the texture. There are so many ways to play with it: 1. 2. 3. 4WD track…drive cars through the sand, it makes cool tracks (and the kids make cool noises) 4. Can you think of any other ways to play with Sand Foam? 20 Drawing Ideas for Kids.

Star Wars Coloring Pages Free Printable Hub. Beans and Flower Pots Counting Activity. Kangaroo Toilet Paper Roll Craft. Animal Sculpture with Air-Dry Clay. Create (with kids): Valentine's Week. Onto our next Valentine's activity!

create (with kids): Valentine's Week

Are you having fun yet? I was last night when I got out my glue gun to create these... I used the leftover cardboard from our book-making activity yesterday, here. I had so much creating a different pattern on each one. I made sure to move my glue gun slowly, leaving a thick ridge of glue behind. Just perfect for making some Valentine's rubbings! And then they decorated their drawings even more with colored pencils. We can always fold them in half and make them into cards, but I'm also debating... ...creating a garland out of them, here. ...sewing them into little heart pockets, here.

How to Make an Origami Lucky Star. Twinkle Twinkle Litte Star… and now it is time to make some of these adorable little Origami Lucky Stars.

How to Make an Origami Lucky Star

I am a bit rubbish at Origami “in general”, as I am too impatient and not neat enough. But there are some great simple little Origami crafts that are great even for the likes of me! I love making Origami Paper Boats and little Paper cups.. and I LOVE how surprisingly easy these little paper Origami Lucky Stars are to make.

They look tricky for about 5 seconds.. and then you will be making them over and over and over again! How to Make Origami Lucky Stars – Steps: 1) To make your Origami Lucky Stars, you will need a strip of paper. 2) You now need to “tie a knot” into your Origami Lucky Star. 3) Tuck i the piece of paper. 4) Gently pull tied to secure your Origami Lucky Star 5) Now flip your Origami Lucky Star Over. 6)… and tuck in the little piece that is left over. 7) & 8 ) This step looks confusing.. at first. 9) So fold it across and then tuck it under. 12) Tuck this piece in.