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MSRCOSMOS is a well-established Enterprise Software development company engaged in offering world class IT services to the clients across the globe.

Alluxio Cluster Setup Using Docker - DZone Cloud. Download the Essential Cloud Buyer’s Guide to learn important factors to consider before selecting a provider as well as buying criteria to help you make the best decision for your infrastructure needs, brought to you in partnership with Internap.

Alluxio Cluster Setup Using Docker - DZone Cloud

In our previous post, we introduced you to the world of Docker. This post will take you through setting up an Alluxio cluster. The first step is to create a base image with the required software packages, as well as exposing the SSH port (22). Additionally, create Hadoop user required to by the Alluxio master to SSH to workers for starting the processes. The next step is to create a Docker file with the steps required to install Alluxio: After that, create the Docker-Compose file with cluster information (Master and workers).

Next, start the containers with the “docker-compose up -d” command. The last step is to create the configuration files required by Alluxio, and start the cluster. cd /opt/apache/alluxio/bin. . . . . Topics: Dev-Ops for Business Growth? Organizations are now slowly getting seized of the benefits of DevOps – the concept / culture / strategy / paradigm – that is likely to usher in a paradigm shift in how the IT business community harnesses DevOps to ensure efficient and timely delivery approach.

Dev-Ops for Business Growth?

A DevOps anchored model holds much promise in the future for business enterprises of all types; regardless of the extent of dependency business operations have on their IT infrastructure. What’s DevOps? It is, as it stands today, the agile-scrum development methodology hinged by a seamless collaboration between the developers and the IT operations team. Agility & collaboration seem to be of utmost importance here, for collaborative efforts within the IT ecosystem i.e. the development and IT operations teams – ensures a very fruitful product or solution life-cycle, thus, in the process, enhancing ROI. How and when is not really difficult to decipher. Smart-Data-Driven Enterprises. Business executives analyze internal / external information to make strategic decisions.

Smart-Data-Driven Enterprises

The decisions are based on information gathered from various silos where data is aggregated before executives analyze to take decisions. For example, Let’s look at a retail company where sales in a specialty product are going down. Is the executive presented with information from a holistic perspective (suppliers, vendors, associates, customers, competitors, etc.) on how the company performed historically within and across product departments? Enterprise information is siloed and, unless this information is brought under one umbrella, the true picture cannot be arrived at. The internet revolution has ushered in the rise of many prominent companies (Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc.) which stored petabytes of consumer information. Enterprises store structured / unstructured data in files, databases or streams. Increased business efficiency and cost benefits through SAP HANA. The age of digital transformation is forcing businesses to over-haul their strategies.

Increased business efficiency and cost benefits through SAP HANA

They are faced with an increasingly modern and fast-paced environment to operate and ply their trade in. Big Data Analytics for the Retail Industry. “Forrester predicts that cross-channel retail sales in the U.S. will reach about $1.8 trillion by 2017.”

Big Data Analytics for the Retail Industry

It seems like the retail industry is where the most action takes place — almost always. Because that segment is, in one way, an expression — as indeed a representation — of the output of so many other industries. In that sense, if you have got a good hold of the nitty-gritty of running a retail business and, you are doing it sustainably, then you have just mastered the art of business (in general). Admittedly, that is a huge statement to make. DevOps in an increasingly data-assisted business world.

Real-time Data Analytics: The Way Forward. The Big Data Zone is presented by Exaptive.

Real-time Data Analytics: The Way Forward

Learn about how to rapidly iterate data applications, while reusing existing code and leveraging open source technologies. The SAP FIORI Experience. Cio reviews. Web Application Development. Customer engagement is the fulcrum of all digital experiences — be it mobile, tablet, or the web.

Web Application Development

That being so, there arises a need to create web applications that are dynamic so as to align with the way information is consumed and used by end-customers. Therefore, it is crucial that these applications are in sync with, and respond to, the emerging and evolving needs. We at MSRCosmos have delivered over 100 web solutions that can be claimed as meeting this emergent requirement of the times. Some of the professional quality responsive web solutions that we have been able to deliver are listed in our client’s section. Our web development practice facilitates you to avail some of the most sophisticated and custom web solutions that encompass the latest technologies and web-trends. Our PHP Service Offerings enable: Content management systems The success or failure of most enterprise applications hinges on how their content management systems are designed.

CMS offerings include: Big Data Services & Solutions. Big-Data Services As a logical extension of our data warehousing capabilities, we offer the following big-data services to our clients: Implementation Services Upgrade, Data Migration, and Integration Maintenance and Support Reporting and Business Intelligence Customization and Enhancement Cloud ServicesMobility SolutionsConsulting and Training.

Big Data Services & Solutions

DSAG-Leitfaden SAP HANA. Enterprise Business Technology Services.