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Americans dead from gun violence - Business Insider. REUTERS/Kevin LamarqueUS President Barack Obama.

Americans dead from gun violence - Business Insider

During a Thursday press conference on a shooting at a community college in Oregon, US President Barack Obama asked the media to compare the number of Americans killed by terror attacks to the number killed by gun violence. "News organizations, tally up the number of Americans who have been killed through terrorist attacks over the last decade, and the number of Americans who have been killed by gun violence," Obama said.

"Post those side by side on your news reports. " Many more Americans are killed by gun violence than terror attacks. The Washington Post compiled the statistics in a series of graphs in August. According to the Global Terrorism Database, 3,521 Americans have died from terror attacks in the United States since 1970. The Washington Post The Post also compared worldwide terror deaths to worldwide gun deaths and found that, even with incomplete data for the gun deaths, terror does not come close. A Child Is Shot To Death Every Other Day In The U.S. A gun in the home increases the risk of accidents. So does a gun next door. GunFAIL CXXXIV. Four of the 55 guns discovered by TSA agents at airports around the country, from 8/7/15 through 8/13/15.

A gun in the home increases the risk of accidents. So does a gun next door. GunFAIL CXXXIV

It was a relatively quiet week, with only 26 incidents listed at publication time. But the toll was a heavy one on the home front. Eleven of the 26 incidents involved minors getting shot, with four fatalities among them. The youngest victim this week was just 13 months old. Eleven incidents likewise involved people accidentally shooting themselves, while nine of the victims were shot by people identified in reports as friends or family members.

Among the stranger stories from the week are the Minnesota man who slept with a gun for protection but ... shot himself in his sleep; the Pennsylvania man who dropped his gun at home and shot his elderly neighbor through the apartment wall, and; the local elected official from Alburgh, VT, who accidentally shot himself, and then turned out to be the biggest drug dealer in town, and not a "good guy with a gun" after all. Gun deaths shaped by race in America. By Dan Keating Gun deaths are shaped by race in America.

Gun deaths shaped by race in America

Whites are far more likely to shoot themselves, and African Americans are far more likely to be shot by someone else. The statistical difference is dramatic, according to a Washington Post analysis of data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A white person is five times as likely to commit suicide with a gun as to be shot with a gun; for each African American who uses a gun to commit suicide, five are killed by other people with guns. Where a person lives matters, too. Suicides and homicides are highly charged human dramas.

For instance, African Americans tend to be stronger backers of tough gun controls than whites. Suicide and homicide rates among Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans do not reflect the sharp differences seen among blacks and whites. Gun homicides, especially mass shootings, tend to spark demands for change. Lax gun laws make domestic violence worse. Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence – Gun Law Information Experts. People carrying hidden, loaded handguns in public create unnecessary risks of intentional or accidental shootings.

Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence – Gun Law Information Experts

The presence of concealed guns increases the risk that everyday disagreements will escalate into shootouts, especially in places where disputes frequently occur—in bars, at sporting events, and in traffic. Permissive concealed carry laws violate the shared expectation that public places will be safe environments free from guns and gun violence. Over the past 30 years, states across the country have dramatically weakened their laws regulating the carrying of concealed weapons by private citizens (“CCW laws”). These changes have significantly expanded the number of people who have permits to carry hidden, loaded handguns (“CCW permits”) and the number of public locations in which they may be carried. Historically, most states either prohibited or severely limited concealed carrying. Weak permitting systems allow dangerous people to carry guns. “May Issue” States. Some Uncomfortable Numbers About Guns in America. What's so bad about Americans having all these guns?

Some Uncomfortable Numbers About Guns in America

The murder rate is at an all-time low, right? Well, sort of. More like emergency medical treatment efficacy is at an all-time high. As the gun debate reaches a fevered pitch, from Washington to Twitter to Newtown and back again, in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shootings, here is some much needed context: Popularity 5 percent: America's population relative to the world population. 50 percent: Amount of the guns on Earth owned by Americans, CNN reports.