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Welcome to the Chemical Education Digital Library. ChemSpringFinalOnlinePracticeTest.pdf. 110F08finalpracticeAK.pdf. Chemistry resources for Teachers and Students. Search over 2000 substance pages for compound structures, properties, spectra, and more.

Chemistry resources for Teachers and Students

Teaching analytical chemistry? Spectraschool is a great place to start. For lesson starters, try interactive Gridlocks, or our Starters for Ten puzzles. To search for an exact phrase on Learn Chemistry, enter the phrase in speechmarks. You can filter your search results by age, audience, resource type, context and subject, using the buttons that appear at left.

Do you have a great resource to share with the world? Are you teaching or learning chemistry at university? Explore the RSC's comprehensive new Visual Elements Periodic Table, with podcasts, videos, trends, alchemy, and history information. To narrow down your search results, try the 'Refine Context/Subject search' buttons in the search results, at left. Teaching primary science? Chemistry resources for Teachers and Students. University and Primary energy education programs and resources - Switch Energy Project.

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Energy Foundations for High School Chemistry. New Page 0. ChemLab A Virtual Chemistry Lab - Chemistry Lab Simulations - ChemLab by Model Science Software. Chemistry Virtual Textbook. Acid-base chemistry can be extremely confusing, particularly when dealing with weak acids and bases.

Chemistry Virtual Textbook

This set of lessons presents an updated view of the Brønsted-Lowry theory that makes it easy to understand answers to common questions: What's the fundamental difference between a strong acid and a weak acid? Can acid A neutralize base B? Why are some salts acidic and others alkaline? How do buffers work? What governs the shapes of titration curves?

This complete rewrite of the previous 1996 pdf document is now organized into seven lessons covering all aspects of the subject. Much emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of calculations, including how to deal with quadratic equations and how to judge when approximations are appropriate. ChemLab: The Chemistry 5 & 6 Laboratories. Phet. Lecture Demonstration Movie Sheets. NOTE: The set-up and preparation information for most of these demonstrations is available in the Lecture Demonstration Manual by Bodner, Smith, Keys, and Greenbowe. John Wiley and Sons, Inc. ( prints updated editions on an irregular basis. Copies might also be obtained by contacting George Bodner ( Each sheet provides a quicktime video of the demonstration, a brief description of the materials used, pictures of the equipment used, observations, and explanations.

All of the sheets are available from here, and sheets pertinent to a specific class can be made available via the course homepage. Sheets described as "Under Construction" have no movies associated with them yet, but can still be useful for descriptions and reference material in the interim. Please note that the movie sheets contained on this page are only viewable if your browser supports frames!

You may also find the following links useful: Questions? Back to General Chemistry Help Homepage. Awesome Science Teacher Resources. Science Demonstrations. Gen Chem online. Common Compound Library A searchable database of over 800 common compound names, formulas, structures, and properties.

Gen Chem online

Companion Notes Hyperlinked notes and guides for first semester general chemistry. Molecular Library. [ About the Database ] Links to Other Molecular Databases K-12 Resources EDinformatics- Contains a large number of information databases.

Molecular Library

Also has an excellent Math and Science Section Physics 2000 Physics 2000, is an interactive journey through modern physics! Have fun learning visually and conceptually about 20th Century science and high-tech devices. For more info, email: CFCC Introductory and General Chemistry. Chemistry may seem to be an intimidating subject. Although there is so much to learn, everyone must start somewhere. THE LONGEST JOURNEY BEGINS WITH A SINGLE STEP. This page is designed to help students who are learning beginning and general chemistry. Please let me know if there are any other things you think would be useful. Quiz Online and Download Resource Materials in the Chemistry Reserve Room Password Required (located on the CFCC WebCT server). If you have Questions, problems, concerns about entering the WebCT Account. Chemistry Learning Cyberspace CFCC Plato Learning System (requires userid and password) CHM 1025 Textbook publisher site (4th edition) This site contains the ACE practice tests, media activities and other resources.

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