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In pictures: Rio's most memorable moments. Usain Bolt of Jamaica looks at Andre De Grasse of Canada as they compete in the men's 100m semifinal.

In pictures: Rio's most memorable moments

PHOTO: REUTERS Performers take part in the Opening Ceremony. PHOTO: REUTERS A gymnast trains in the Rio Olympic Arena, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. PHOTO: REUTERS. Film Photography is Making a Stunning Comeback. Actually, This Is How Light Becomes A Photograph. Image by damesophie FREE BONUS: Get to grips with the essential controls behind your digital camera by downloading our free Camera Craft Cheat Sheet.

Actually, This Is How Light Becomes A Photograph

Print it out and take it with you on location so you always have the basics to hand! Download it here. If you are reading this, you’ve probably used a Digital Camera at least once in your life. Nowadays, every smartphone has a camera, quite decent camera at that, and you’re probably using it on a daily basis. Okay, so not all cameras are made the same way – some have better resolution, others have better noise performance, but every digital camera (in fact every camera ever) has one thing in common: it converts the light into a photograph.


4 Tips for Pre-Visualizing - Look Before You Shoot. For a limited time only at Snapndeals, May 10-24th only get 33% OFF Timeless Portraits & Natural Light Black & White Portraiture, a 2-eBook Bundle by Wayne Radford.

4 Tips for Pre-Visualizing - Look Before You Shoot

Pre-visualizing is an art form, that I believe, is not taught enough these days. It is the foundation for an artist or photographer to establish lighting, background, foreground elements, composition, and harmony. You need to establish all this before lifting a camera to your eye. Let’s look at some techniques and tips for pre-visualizing. Are there any distracting elements behind the subject that draw your eye away, e.g., bright hotspots such as sun coming through trees, strong geometric shapes, or bright colours. Advanced Composition Special Offer - Alexander Khimushin's The World In Faces photo project on beauty around the world. A 'Relentless' Sports Photographer Explains How He Got His Shots. Neil Leifer took this photograph of sprinter Carl Lewis during the 1984 Olympics.

A 'Relentless' Sports Photographer Explains How He Got His Shots

Lewis won four gold medals that year. Photo from Relentless: The Stories behind the Photographs, by Neil Leifer with Diane K. Shah (University of Texas Press, 2016) Neil Leifer/ Courtesy of Sports Illustrated Content Management hide caption toggle caption Neil Leifer/ Courtesy of Sports Illustrated Content Management. Americanphotomag. Digital-photography-school. “Oh the people you will meet!”


Goes one of Dr. Seuss’ famous lines, speaking to a particular joy of travel. We don’t just travel to see new places, we travel to experience new cultures full of new people – and as photographers, we’re intrigued to take their photo. Chasing Clouds: Fine Art Black and White Long Exposure Photography with Josh Haftel. 15 Beautiful Photos Captured by Simply… Looking Down. What better way to follow up a beautiful collection of creative shots captured while looking UP than with an equally creative one of shots captured looking DOWN.

15 Beautiful Photos Captured by Simply… Looking Down

And that’s exactly what we’re doing. Travel photography after dark: There's much to be said for lingering in the shadows. Great rewards await the intrepid photographer who’s willing to venture out after dark.

Travel photography after dark: There's much to be said for lingering in the shadows

The challenges and unpredictable results can produce startling images. Whether shooting at dusk, twilight or at night, the longer your shutter is open the more light will reach your camera’s sensor, so you’ll need long exposures and a tripod. Long exposures are where the black magic occurs. As a guide, 30 seconds is a good place to begin. Experiment with the exposure compensation button as night conditions can deceive your camera’s light meter. Dusk allows you to capture more colours and detail. Fed Up With Flat Photos? Add a Sense of Depth with These 6 Tips. When many beginner and intermediate photographers are critiquing their photos, they find that the images lack a sense of depth, and instead feel a bit “flat.”

Fed Up With Flat Photos? Add a Sense of Depth with These 6 Tips

This can be a difficult problem to overcome, but with these six tips and some practice, you’ll be taking photos that feel more alive and communicate a stronger sense of depth in no time. Add Foreground Objects. Justin Quinnell - Pinhole Photography. A Wonderful Look At Japan Through The Lens Of Yoshiro Ishii. It's always a pretty good insight to see countries that you've never visited before through the eyes of a talented photographer.

A Wonderful Look At Japan Through The Lens Of Yoshiro Ishii

Yoshiro Ishii is based in Yokohama, Japan and his photography sums up the beauty and elegance that Japan is known for. Definitely worth the follow. 10,000 people are receiving exclusive UltraLinx-related content from our monthly newsletter. Blast from the Past: Photos Captured 125 Years Ago with the Kodak No. 1. It could be argued that consumer photography didn’t begin until 1888, when Eastman Kodak made his Kodak No. 1 (the followup to the Kodak Box) available to the public at large alongside the now famous slogan: “You Press the Button, We Do the Rest.”

Blast from the Past: Photos Captured 125 Years Ago with the Kodak No. 1

And thanks to the National Media Museum, we now have a small gallery of sample photographs that show what photos taken 125 years ago with the Kodak No. 1 looked like. Without a doubt, the Kodak No. 1 revolutionized photography. A plain-looking, leather-covered wooden box preloaded with 100 exposures, its simplicity and (relatively) low price tag made it the first camera realistically available to the masses. Using the camera was as easy as turning the key to wind the film, pulling the string to set the shutter and pressing the button. You Press the Button, We Do the Rest — Vantage. Personal photography has been with us for such a long time, so it is hard to imagine an era when it was not at our fingertips. Snapshots about the people, places, things, and events that reflect our interests are essential now to the very flow of life, especially now in the era of social photography. If you didn’t take a picture, it just didn’t happen. The Gold Mines of Serra Pelada. In the early 1980s, Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado travelled to the mines of Serra Pelada, some 430 kilometers south of the mouth of the Amazon River, where a notorious gold rush was in progress.

A few years earlier, a child had found a 6-grams nugget of gold in the banks of a local river, triggering one of the biggest race for gold in modern history. Motivated by the dream of getting rich quickly, tens of thousands of miners descended into the site swarming like ants in the vast open-air pit they had carved into the landscape. Salgado took some of the most haunting pictures of the workers there, highlighting the hazardous conditions in which they worked and the sheer madness and chaos of the operation. 32 Stunning Examples of Black and White Photography. Photo of the Day: Being Happy! Category: Children Photograph: Being happy! By Anil Nagrani I absolutely love this image! Both the composition and subject are engaging and tell a story. The first survey of the photographic landscape in contemporary Africa. Colorized Photos of Children Working at the Beginning of the 20th Century. Can You Spot What's Different About These Civil War Daguerrotypes?

These photos of the Civil War would appear to be historic masterpieces. Abstract Iceland from Above. Game Changers: How to Take Your Photography to the Next Level. Readers' travel photography competition. How to Size Images for Online Sharing. Making it as a Successful Travel Photographer, with Art Wolfe: Optic 2015. Scott Kelby's Crush the Composition - Google+ Photographers Conference. Visual Flow: Mastering the Art of Composition with Ian Plant. Before Photography - Photographic Processes Series - Chapter 1 of 12. You Can Do It! Room Obscura. Making Your Own Room With a View. Howcast. How to take a great picture - Carolina Molinari. Fantastic Fungi: The Startling Visual Diversity of Mushrooms Photographed by Steve Axford.

Marasmius haematocephalus. About Damaso. Journalism CV Artist CV. About Damaso. Filming locations harry potter lacock. Smartphone, smart photography. Image copyright iStock Professional photographer, writer and lecturer Grant Scott explains how you can use your mobile phone to improve your creative photography. 12 Photography. Wallpaper. How to make a Star Wars lightsaber in Photoshop. Feel the Force awaken as we show you how to make a Star Wars lightsaber in Photoshop by mastering the software’s colour balance tool. All Star Wars fans dream of owning their very own lightsaber. Lens Aperture Chart for Beginners. Develop Your Negatives: How To Turn Bad Moments Into Great Photos. Mastering the Exposure Triangle for Newbies. 10 YouTube Photography Channels Every Photographer Should Follow.

How to Improve Your Photography by Shooting Black and White. Photos are memories we hand over to clouds. No wonder they’re so fragile. Paint 3D Sculptures in the Air With This New Mobile App. This 1907 Article Describes How Photos Were Faked a Century Ago. Photographer uses fine art to tackle climate change. Five Techniques for Creating Impressionist or Abstract Photography. Take The Shots That Make Jaws Drop: Crash Course in Travel Photography: Steve Canale: 9781477402306: Books. The Secret to Ultra-Sharp Photos. Kids Animated Short Stories in English. Young Syrian Refugees Discovers Photography. Steve McCurry on Photographing Afghan Girl. The Natural Light Cycle for Photographers. People not talking to each other. For Homeless Photographers, Pride of Place in Paris.

Photo series spans cultures to show real beauty around the world. Focus Testing. What Works in Black & White. Simpleguidetophotoshop. Quotes From Master Photographer Ansel Adams and How You to Apply Them to Your Photography. 8 Ways to Find "The Light" and Enhance Your Photography » MCP Actions. Discover your superpowers. How To See The Light. Basic Photo Tips: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO. Basic Photo Vocab Quizlet links. The Natural Light Cycle for Photographers.

45 Beautiful Motion Blur Photos. How to Capture Motion Blur in Photography. Getting Started in Black and White Photography. Five Vital Black & White Photography Tips.