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Fake News: 29/11/2016, Behind the News. They have been the centre of attention for the past week after some people claimed they might have had a huge effect on the US presidential election.

Fake News: 29/11/2016, Behind the News

Social media sites like Facebook say they're really hard to stop. And despite many sites trying to clamp down on them there is more around now than ever before. KID 1 Did you know that British scientists have cloned a dinosaur? KID 2 No way!! That's really cool! KID 3 Did you hear NASA says the world is going to go totally dark for 6 whole days? KID 3 Yeah it's true. ‘Hairy Spider Monkey’ Found on Mars? Claim: Close examination of a photograph taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover shows the presence of a hairy, spider-monkey like creature.

‘Hairy Spider Monkey’ Found on Mars?

False Origin:On 29 December 2016, UFO Sightings Daily blogger Scott Waring posted an image from the Mars Curiosity Rover that purportedly shows the presence of a "hairy spider monkey" on Mars: I found this four legged alien creature on Mars and it looks like a hairy spider monkey. The longer upper arms are holding it up as well as its shorter lower legs. If you add light to the face, you can easily make out two eyes. The image in question is authentic, at least. Although news outlets such as the Daily Mail reported this photographic sleuthing as news, our position is that this four-legged ‘spider monkey’ is nothing more than an interesting rock or rock formation.

F-2 Communicating safely online. Part A: Passwords Whole-class lesson Use the PowerPoint presentation to support students to develop and strengthen understandings regarding passwords.

F-2 Communicating safely online

Cyber Safety. Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner. Engaging Digital Citizenship. Give students the following directions in a Google Slides Presentation Tab 1 - Downloading the App Book Creator InstructionsTab 2- Book Creator Video TutorialTab 3- Book Creator TipsTab 4- More Book Creator TipsTab 5 - Locking feature in Book CreatorTab 6 - The Comic Book Assignment Students will - Design a Comic Book Hero around their Digital Citizenship Topic Book must contain the following information:Title Page - Original Title, the Topic, your name, and your Superheroat least 6 additional pagesPlease be creative- All pictures must be original or cited correctly When finished all students will have a gallery walk and read at least 8 comic books in a class period.

Engaging Digital Citizenship

Students will write on a piece of paper which Digital Citizenship category or categories that were addressed in the book. Post a discussion on Schoology: ​What did you learn from your feedback on your comic book. Students will submit their comic books through Schoology using the following instructions. Student Instructions. Creating a GAfE password - lesson 1.

Have all links necessary for lesson posted on the class/subject area Google site.

Creating a GAfE password - lesson 1

Create Digital Passord accounts for each student in your class and have their username and password printed and organized in a secure place in the room so that they can independently access them when they have finished watching and discussing the video. If you have management software, like Remote Desktop, watch students screens as they work to make sure all students are engaged and on task. Circulate and provide help where necessary or have students come to you and help them by controlling their computer from the teacher computer using Remote Desktop (or similar) program/application. Have visual timer up on the Smart board or projected with projector so that students can see how much time they have to work. Student Instructions Students will watch the "Secure Passwords" video on the Common Craft website, then turn and talk to a partner about it. Common Sense Education. Digital Citizenship DET site. Digital Citizenship.

Digital Citizenship Scope & Sequence. Get Trained Use our professional development resources to learn best practices for teaching digital citizenship to your students.

Digital Citizenship Scope & Sequence

Safer Internet Day 2016 eSafety VC Comp resources. SID 2016 Complementary powerpoint resource (1) Safer Internet Day - SID profile - Australia.

Cyber safety

Posti Network - Social Network Education. Home - eSmart Digital Licence. CyberSense and Nonsense: The Second Adventure of The Three CyberPigs. Cybersmart Detectives. Cyber Safety. Bad Netiquette Stinks. Kidsmart: Teachers Section. Looking for the old site?

Kidsmart: Teachers Section

Follow this link Text only mode » Skip navigation SIGN UP for our e-bulletin here Which age group do you work with? I work with... Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 kids (3 - 7) Read the story of Smartie the Penguin and find out what to do if something happens online and you need help I work with... Learn the SMART rules with Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew *Key Stage labels are a guideline. Some other useful sites: Childnet International © Childnet International 2009. Kidsmart: Teachers Section. Smartie%20the%20Penguin%20Lesson%20Plan.pdf. Digital Citizenship Flashcards. Educator Materials. Cybersafety - Copacabana Public School. SCIS Schools Catalogue Information Service.

Here are the highlights from the latest issue of Connections, which is now available online. © Commonwealth of Australia Cybersmart Digital Citizenship Kellie Britnell, Senior Education Advisor for the Cybersmart Outreach program–a national cybersafety and cybersecurity education program managed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority–looks at how the program can be used by children, young people, parents, teachers, and library staff to understand the rights and responsibilities of a Cybersmart citizen.

SCIS Schools Catalogue Information Service

The end of an eraMichelle Harvey, Content, Marketing & Projects Coordinator at Education Services Australia, presents the history and highlights of Curriculum Press in the lead up to its closure on 30 June 2015. Reading like a girlBec Kavanagh, Coordinator for the Stella Prize Schools Program, looks at the unconscious gender bias present in the literary world, and how the Stella Prize Schools Program is trying to combat this.

Image courtesy of Cheryl Lopez & Amanda Huxtable. Cyber safety. Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free.