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The Structure of a Successful Canberra Business Plan - In our previous post, we’ve explored the reasons businesses should plan and prosper in 2016.

The Structure of a Successful Canberra Business Plan -

If you’re wondering how to start your small business plan, you’re in the right place. Writing a well-structured business plan requires an in-depth knowledge of your business’s background and current status, as well as a solid vision of your direction in the industry for the coming years. Having the right information will help complete the integral parts of a business plan summary: 1. Why Wagga Businesses Need a Business Plan for 2016. Take a look back at your business performance last year.

Why Wagga Businesses Need a Business Plan for 2016

Were there goals you wanted to achieve back then, but weren’t able to? You don’t need to give up on them just yet, despite the fact that 2015 is over. Even if you’ve decided to change direction for the New Year, you can still set and align your business objectives through a business plan. There’s more to business planning than just goal attainment. Exploring the Pay As You Go (PAYG) Income Tax Instalment. So, what exactly are PAYG income tax instalments and how do they affect tax compliance?

Exploring the Pay As You Go (PAYG) Income Tax Instalment

PAYG instalments require you to pay incremental amounts towards your expected end of year income tax liability. PAYG Instalments will only apply if you earn business or investment income. The ATO decides whether or not you are required to pay PAYG instalments, based on information reported in the previous years tax return. As soon you lodge a return with business or investment income above the thresholds you will automatically be added to the instalment system. 5 Tips in Preparing your Business Activity Statements. One key element of running your own business is staying on top of ATO reporting obligations.

5 Tips in Preparing your Business Activity Statements

The Business Activity Statement (BAS) is a tax reporting requirement of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for all Australian businesses.It is used for reporting and paying Goods and Services Tax, PAYG Instalments, PAYG Withholding and other tax obligations. BAS may be completed and lodged on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. The frequency of lodging primarily depends on the size of your business. Exploring the Pay As You Go (PAYG) Income Tax Instalment. 5 Tips in Preparing your Business Activity Statements. Contact Us Easdowns - Top Financial Advisors in Canberra. Wagga Office Map Data Map data ©2016 Google Map Satellite Street Address 83 Trail Street Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 Postal Address PO Box 674 Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 Phone: 02 6921 2058 Fax: 02 6921 7027 Email: Tumut Office 67 Capper Street Tumut NSW 2720 PO Box 999 Tumut NSW 2720 Phone: 02 6947 0000 Fax: 02 6947 3245 Email: Canberra Office Level 2 214 Northbourne Avenue Braddon ACT 2612 GPO Box 2955 Canberra ACT 2601.

Contact Us Easdowns - Top Financial Advisors in Canberra

Financial Adviser in Canberra. Easdowns Canberra Accountants. Top Business Advisory Services. Why You're Overwhelmed With Business - Contrary to the image of doing nothing all day, positions of power entail lots of responsibilities.

Why You're Overwhelmed With Business -

Business owners embody this truth as they constantly think of new ideas to innovate products and improve operations. Efficiency demands so much time and resources from entrepreneurs that there’s usually no time for them to slack off at any stage of business growth. While our society praises hard work, excess is never welcome. How to Catch Up on Lodging your Taxes - Lodging tax returns is crucial for business owners; it provides the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) with accurate information for working out your tax refund or tax debt.

How to Catch Up on Lodging your Taxes -

Tax returns apply for the financial (not calendar) year, which begins on 1 July 2014 and ends on 30 June 2015. After the year ends, you’ll have until 31 October to file your tax returns. If you were unable to organise your books earlier for whatever reason, don’t worry; there are still ways for you to keep your records up to date by the end of the financial year. Processing Faster With A Tax Agent – If you have a registered tax agent, you can lodge later than 31 October.

To get qualified, register with your tax agent as a client before the end of October. Preparing Your Paperwork – There are cases wherein people can lodge a return with just the information on their pre-filing report. Getting Family Assistance Claims – Another bonus you can get aside from refunds is being eligible for family assistance claims.

5 Steps To Aligning Your Personal and Business Goals - Strategic planning is always done to attain specific goals in life—may it be personal or business-related.

5 Steps To Aligning Your Personal and Business Goals -

While you have to move between your private (personal) and public (business) spheres from time to time, these two aren’t as distinct as you think they are. In fact, it’s possible to align individual and business goals and work toward them at the same time if you plan out how to allocate your time and effort well enough. Here are five smart steps to follow for more aligned business strategies between you and your employees: Set your goals—and write them down. Goal-setting starts with determining what you actually want to achieve. Encourage your team. The booming cloud industry - In their report “Bridging the Trust Divide: The Financial Advisor-Client Relationship,” State Street Global Advisors and The Wharton School of Business analyze the evolution of sales from a product-driven transaction to one based on service.

The booming cloud industry -

In this new environment, th ey say, advisors must learn how to conduct “the sales-free sale.” This approach rests more on personal counseling and education than on hard-edged persuasion. In this spirit, I believe the best sales ideas focus on trust building. Such techniques create relationships, not transactions, which is ultimately more profitable for both advisor and client. Plus, they create a safe environment within which sensitive personal issues can be discussed, an essential element of retirement planning.

So what are my best trust-building ideas? Agreeing on a Financial Strategy with Your Accounting Consultant - As uncertain as the future can be, you must have a safety net prepared in the form of a feasible financial strategy.

Agreeing on a Financial Strategy with Your Accounting Consultant -

With the help of your accounting consultant, you can strengthen and improve your current strategy; however, this is only possible with effective cooperation. Here are the steps in ensuring that you can work well with the consultant you’ll choose to trust. Defining The Process Before the data is gathered and recommendations are made, your consulting firm should be able to explain to you the process that they follow when it comes to developing a financial strategy. 3 Ways to Spend the Holidays for Australian Entrepreneurs - Create an SME-Friendly Cash Flow Forecast for Your Melbourne Business -

Heading towards another year, new challenges and opportunities await your business. Improving your business performance for 2016 requires more than picking up where you left off. Plot new steps and strategies for your business with a cash flow forecast. Defining Cashflow Forecast A cash flow forecast predicts how money moves in and out of the business. It will indicate the estimated amount of money expected to flow in (through receipt) and out (through payments), together with your projected expenses and income. Creating a Cashflow Forecast You can decide on how far in advance you’d like to forecast, but remember to acknowledge that there’s a margin for error, and that the forecast will not capture any unexpected situations.

Once you’ve decided on a time period, begin collecting information on your sales, costs and cash transactions. The Truth Behind Cloud Accounting Myths for Small Businesses. Last week, we introduced you to cloud accounting, an innovative way to manage your bookkeeping and accounting tasks. We know that new trends in management accounting tend to draw in both enthusiasts and skeptics, this article will put small business owners on the path to debunking some common myths about cloud accounting. Myth #1: Cloud accounting is only good for storing data Many business owners think that cloud accounting is purely for storing information, there’s definitely more to it than that. Cloud services make information more accessible to stakeholders, without making the need to pay for and install expensive and complicated software on their own devices. Furthermore, data can be updated instantly giving an accurate overview of cashflow. Top 10 Questions for Your Future Cloud Accounting Provider.

It is undeniable that cloud accounting is becoming increasingly vital in running small businesses in Australia — and that entrepreneurs and employees alike are starting to put more faith in the cloud. In an online survey created for employees involved in their company’s accounting, over half of all respondents reported that they’re confident in cloud-based accounting solutions. Xero Accounting Managing Director Chris Rudd has also seen the trend of SMEs shifting to cloud-based solutions: “The adoption of cloud accounting software is happening at a remarkable rate, especially here in Australia, with three out of five small businesses set to manage their accounts in the cloud.” Despite the cloud’s promising advantages, there still remains a group of entrepreneurs sceptical of the move to cloud accounting, stating increased security risks. To help you evaluate the quality of your potential cloud service provider, consider asking these key questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

How Cloud-based Accounting Improves Your Canberra Cash Flow. Controlling business cash flow effectively is something every small business owner seeks to achieve, however, many business owners know it is not that easy. Your Canberra accountant has the capacity to do all the work for you, but that doesn’t mean everything is foolproof — which is why you need to find innovative solutions for managing your business. Cash Flow Stabilises Your Business Starting and running a business can cost more than you may have planned or estimated, and the rise in expenditures over a period of time can negatively affect your cash flow. Holiday Tips for Managing Small Businesses in Tumut. How Wagga Business Owners Deal with Holiday Stress. Running a business absolutely requires hard work, but not having enough downtime may have a negative impact on small business owners. 3 Ways to Spend the Holidays for Australian Entrepreneurs -

Create an SME-Friendly Cash Flow Forecast for Your Melbourne Business -