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Harvest RainWater

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How is Rainwater Harvesting done ? Harvesting System Broadly rainwater can be harvested for two purposes Storing rainwater for ready use in containers above or below ground Charged into the soil for withdrawal later (groundwater recharging) From where to harvest rain Rainwater harvesting can be harvested from the following surfaces Rooftops: If buildings with impervious roofs are already in place, the catchment area is effectively available free of charge and they provide a supply at the point of consumption.

How is Rainwater Harvesting done ?

Paved and unpaved areas i.e., landscapes, open fields, parks, stormwater drains, roads and pavements and other open areas can be effectively used to harvest the runoff. The main advantage in using ground as collecting surface is that water can be collected from a larger area. This is particularly advantageous in areas of low rainfall. Waterbodies: The potential of lakes, tanks and ponds to store rainwater is immense.

Stormwater drains: Most of the residential colonies have proper network of stormwater drains. Ersson rainwater harvest and purification (original) Background In January 1996 we installed a rainwater catchment system to capture Oregon's abundant rainfall.

Ersson rainwater harvest and purification (original)

Portland receives between 3 and 4 feet of rainfall annually. Harvest Rain DVD. Harvest Rain - The Movie review by Doug Pushard In harvesting rainwater, the overwhelming majority of the attention is focused on active rainwater collection systems - that is systems with tanks and pumps. Passive rainwater catchment is too often overlooked, and yet, a very impactful and important practice. Passive rainwater collection is the art of slowing down rainwater and letting it infiltrate locally rather than channeling it too quickly running off the land. It promotes healing of the land and treats rainwater as an asset rather than a problem.

It has been practiced for centuries; however, with the advent of deep wells and cheap electricity to drive big pumps, it has all but been forgotten. However, with droughts, significantly larger storm events and the new emphasis on building green; it maybe getting a second life. Collect Rain Water For Your Garden 3in1 System. Interview_Sally. Harvesting Rain Downunder by Doug Pushard Rainwater harvesting is not just a topic of interest in the arid southwest, or even just parts of the United States; it is a topic of worldwide interest.


Sally Dominguez, CEO of Rainwaterhog from Sydney, Australia, was recently in the United States promoting her Rainwaterhog product line; an innovative, attractive interconnectable line of rainwater tanks that can be used vertically or horizontally. Sally, how long ago did you get involved in Rainwater Harvesting? I guess I started about 15 years ago when I started designing houses with large steel tanks. I have also lived in houses with rainwater systems; one was where a possum drowned in the drinking water tank, so I also seen the drawbacks first hand. What is the weather like in Sydney? MNT's Rainwater Collection System with Manifold.

The best rain barrel I have ever seen-and affordable. How to Build a Rainwater Harvesting & Greywater collecting system DIY. How to Harvest Rain Water in a Household Setting. Rainwater Harvesting. Rainwater harvesting with multiple (modular) barrels I'm dependent on water and I'm hooked on barrels.

Rainwater Harvesting

With one installed, I just had to have more. I added another, and another. Now I have seven connected barrels. Rain harvester using 55 gallon barrels. Rain Barrel To Toilet Installation - Page 1. Many of you probably think I'm nuts by harvesting rain water in Seattle.

Rain Barrel To Toilet Installation - Page 1

After all, water is plentiful here, right? While is it true that we get a lot of rainfall, up to 60 inches per year in some places, the summer months can be very dry. Climate change has made our winters here warmer and there is less snow in the mountains to fill our reserviors during the summer. Watershed collection for our growing urban population can offset critically needed water from rivers during the fall salmon spawning season. Recent summers have been dry enough for the local government to call for voluntary and sometimes mandatory water use restrictions. My rain barrel design.

Functionality update: 21 June 2007 We spent a week visiting the grandkids.

My rain barrel design

While we were away, the National Weather Service reported over an inch of rain in the area. The first barrel is full and there are no leaks. Now to add more barrels... Functionality update: 28 July 2007 I added the second barrel to this downspout using a 3/4" male pipe thread to hose adapter near the bottom of each barrel. The connection between barrels is made with a washing machine hose (yet another leftover, about $6 if you buy new) because it has the needed female hose fittings on each end. How to Build a Rainwater Collection System.

Steps Method 1 of 4: Getting Rain Barrel Supplies 1Obtain one or more water storage barrels.

How to Build a Rainwater Collection System

HCM-04950. Rainwater Harvesting and Purification System. Aussie Rain Tanks. Harvest the Rain. Learn how to build a rainwater harvesting system to save free water.

Harvest the Rain

Rainwater harvesting systems can be as simple as directing gutters to a lidded garbage can or as complex as a concrete cistern, roof washer and filtration system. But whatever your application, rest assured that you'll be getting some of the purest — and cheapest — water around. Why Save Rainwater? Rainwater can be used for potable water (drinking, cooking, bathing) or nonpotable uses such as landscape irrigation, livestock watering and washing. Simple_Diagram_to_show_Rainwater_Harvesting.png (PNG Image, 1209x851 pixels) - Scaled (95. Raincycle - How to harvest rain. Sustainable System Every Raincycle system has a storage component and a water handling component.

Raincycle - How to harvest rain

Proper sizing and configuration of both components is necessary to create a sustainable rainwater recycling system. Through site specific design and calculation we customize each system according your project's needs. Tank Sizing The first decision when designing a system is to determine the tank sizes. How to Plan a Home Rain Water Collection System. Capture System. The Capture System by Doug Pushard You have decided to invest in a rainwater harvesting system, but where do you start?

Capture System

Residential_gutters. Residential Gutter Sizing by Doug Pushard Gutter sizing is an aspect of rainwater collection that has been studied extensively and can be calculated based on published guidelines in the plumbing codes. For example, the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) recommends that a gutter system be able to carry the runoff of the heaviest 60 minute downpour recorded in the last 100 years. The International Plumbing Code (IPC) has a similar, but not exact, published sizing recommendation. Both plumbing code manuals include the necessary sizing calculations to properly size a gutter system. Raingutters. Making Raingutters Work! Why gutter protection should be standard on every home. Reprinted by permission from the January 2007 Home Perservation Newsletter Copyright 2007 HPS Palo Alto, Inc.

All Rights Reserved At HPS we receive a lot of requests for information about gutters and how to best take care of them. Rain gutters are quiet but critical components of a building’s roofing system. Unfortunately, standard gutters do not work! New Page 1. Search The Renewable Energy site for Do-It-Yourselfers John's Post: Just wanted to share a simple idea. I have three dry creeks and 2/3rds of my ponds water has evaporated thanks to the drought of 2007. To make matters even worse the town offically announced it will be out of drinking water before February. Tank is full; discovereding 1/2 inch of rainfall equals 300 gallons of roof water the tank. The tank is great for gardening. John. How to Collect Rain Water. How to Recycle Rain Water. How to plan a good system of collecting rain water.

Collect Rain Water. How to Make a Rain Barrel Out of a Wine Barrel. How to Collect Rain Water on Vacant Land. Manual1. The WooTank rain water harvesting tank. Search The Renewable Energy site for Do-It-Yourselfers The first wootank was made a few years back as an experiment in low cost custom tank construction. I wrote about it about three years ago on my blog.

It has been operating reliably for the last three years, with no signs of deterioration (beyond the initial design flaws this new tank hoped to address). pfh kindly takes photos every now and then: fish and water storage Dad wanted to do something with the water off his back roof, so I suggested this. My brother is keen on keeping fish, and mum wants to be able to irrigate plants with flood and drain (low water cost, low operational cost). Its amazing how nice it was to just move 2.5 m^3 of dirt: progress is evident, instant feedback, and you feel great after all the exercise. Build a 6500-gallon concrete water tank for $1500 by Dorothy Ainsworth Issue #101. RainwaterHarvestingManual_3rdedition. MSUExtnRainwaterCatchmentmt9707. Water From The Sky (9780962676758): Michael Reynolds. SmartValve. The Online Rainwater Harvesting Community.

Rainwater Catchment Systems May be Better than the Big Pipe! By Doug Pushard In a recent research project by Brad Crowley, home-based cisterns were compared against the $1.4 billion “Big Pipe” program to upgrade the current Portland, OR combined storm water and sewer system. At stake is a way to reduce the estimated 2.8 billion gallons of raw sewage and stormwater that is dumped annually into the Willamette river. The study discovered that harvesting rainwater onsite may be a more cost-effective and environmentally sensitive approach to the public works projects.

The purpose of the master thesis by Brad Crowley was to perform a neighborhood–based rainwater catchment analysis using the city of Portland as an example, with emphasis on analyzing the impact if all single family residences used rainwater for key indoor functions rather than municipal water. Besides eliminating the need for a massive project, other benefits of the smaller scale project included:

Pedaling. Free Rain, Free Watering and Exercise All in One. Cidecalli. Hari_Top10. Pump_systems. First_flush. First Flush System Rainwater Harvesting - Water. The Online Rainwater Harvesting Community. Home -  – UK Rainwater Harvesting Association (UKRHA) - Recycling Water. Regulations. Recent Updates: Rainwater Harvesting is exploding and so are the cities, states and other entities involvement with it. Rainharvesting Systems-rainwater recycling, recovery, storage and reuse-water conservation.

People's Daily Online - Rainwater harvesting benefits farmers in Gansu. Calculate water productivity of your roof. Simple System. Rainwater Harvesting: Comparing Storage Solutions. Pumps or tanks. The Online Rainwater Harvesting Community. Conveyance1. Portable shelter and water catchment for livestock. The Secret to Successful Rainwater Harvesting: Floating Filters. Florida House: A Rainwater Harvesting Case Study - The Online Rainwater Harvesting Community. Op Ed Greenest Roof. The Online Rainwater Harvesting Community. GeoPathfinder. Rainwater harvesting. Rainwater_harvesting. Home - Waterwall tanks. Rain Barrel.