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Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread. I’m sorry.

Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread

I know it’s Monday morning and you probably came here for some pretty pictures of food that you could glance at, and then move on with your day… and here I go thrusting warm, soft cinnamon sugar bread in your face. It’s not fair. I know it’s not fair. I know that now you’re craving cinnamon rolls, and cream cheese frosting and chili fries and hot dogs. I am too… and I already ate half of this warm bread. You don’t deserve this sort of torture. This bread hits all the comfort spots in my soul. I’m sorry and you’re welcome and I love you. Let’s start at the beginning. I did this all without the use of a stand mixer and dough hook. This dough can be made and left to rise , then refrigerated overnight for use in the morning. This is the dough just before it’s left to rise. After the dough has rested and risen for an hour, I knead it in a few tablespoons of flour. This is the part in the bread process where you can wrap the dough and place it in the fridge to rest overnight.

How To Make Creamy Ice Cream with Just One Ingredient! Yes, that's right; you heard us.

How To Make Creamy Ice Cream with Just One Ingredient!

Creamy, soft-serve style ice cream with just one ingredient — and no ice cream maker needed! What is this one magic ingredient that can be whipped into perfectly rich and silky ice cream, with no additional dairy, sweeteners, or ingredients needed whatsoever? If you guessed BANANA, congratulations! You're right! What? "That's the sort of thing you discover," she sighed, "when all your friends are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-allergic, and you're on a sugar-free diet. " It turns out that frozen bananas are good for more than just dipping in chocolate. Some bananas, depending on their ripeness, have a bit of that green aftertaste. Have you ever tried frozen-banana ice cream? Want more detailed instructions and step-by-step photos? → Step-by-Step Instructions for One-Ingredient Ice Cream Now try more flavors... → Magic One-Ingredient Ice Cream 5 Ways: Peanut Butter, Nutella, and More (Images: Faith Durand)

Restaurant Recipes and Name Brand Recipes. Nutella Shot Recipe. Feed your eyes. Beyond [the Plate] Regular readers of this blog would have noticed that I’m not big on joining blog “events” or challenges where everyone cooks from a book and blogs about it, or tackling tricky recipes every month and writing about the experience.

Beyond [the Plate]

Somehow, the routine of the whole exercise takes away the joy of experimenting and sharing recipes that blogging offers for me. While there’s a lot to be said for perservering through rough patches in any endeavor, I’m of the opinion that blogging, given its very nature, needs to be exempted from onerous rules and imperatives to be sustainable. It needs to stay Fun. But that’s just me. Which is why I’m particularly amazed to still be chugging along with the Let’s Lunch gang – a monthly meeting of minds (and tastes) over a theme. I’m particularly thankful for this group because the past couple of weeks have been Hectic at Chez Beyond the Plate.

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