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Color Analysis

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Красота, вдохновленная природой - Комплиментарные цвета - что вы о них не знали. Sabirah Arifi on Pinterest. Log in Home Categories There’s more to see...

Sabirah Arifi on Pinterest

Come take a look at what else is here! She used Pinterest to find new views to admire Join Pinterest to find all the things that inspire you. Oops! Sign Up. Красота, вдохновленная природой - Color Harmony - Гармония цвета. Чтобы найти подходящие вам цвета, нужно погрузиться немного в теорию цвета. Colour Analysis and Brand Creation Part 1. 12 Blueprints Personal Colour Analysis Bright Winter Final Drapes. Determining Your Tonal Seasons. Eyesite - Iris structure page. The iris (the coloured circle in the middle of the eyeball) can be interpreted as a roadmap of your life.

Eyesite - Iris structure page

The Rayid model is a means of interpreting the symbols on the map to better understand the interactions which make up events and circumstances we experience in life. Especially powerful are pointers and guidelines to what we can do to take the sting out of life's trials and tribulations. The first step is to decide on the structure of the irises in question. You can choose from four basic structures - Rayid refers to these as Stream, Flower, Jewel and Shaker iris structures. These structures are presented below ... What constitutes a Stream iris structure What constitutes a Flower iris structure The irregular arrangement of these fibers is the key to the Flower Iris structure.

What constitutes a Jewel iris structure The presence of these dots is the key to the Jewel Iris structure. Красота, вдохновленная природой - Color Harmony - Гармония цвета. Tonal Color Palettes. To Assess Undertone To determine and assess undertone: compare cool & warm drapes (2 piece) Use either gold (warm) and silver (cool) fabrics or rose (cool) and peach (warm) fabrics: Have client place one hand on each fabric pair to see variations of skin tone.

Tonal Color Palettes

An all over evenness to skin tone most likely means that fabric tone is correct for the skin. Quick Seasonal Analysis A quick session to determine season using undertone drapes (8 piece): Once you have determined whether the client is warm or cool as above, the undertone drapes will help to place them in the proper seasonal range. Determining Your Tonal Seasons. Color Analysis: 3 Degrees of Warm & Fresh. Hello.

Color Analysis: 3 Degrees of Warm & Fresh

I think I commenting on one of these post long time ago, but Ive a question Is it possible to have naturally both warm and cool characteriscs in your colorings – like warm skin but everything else is cool? (little bit like people with warm colorings who is going grey, except Im in my 20’s) Ive a warm pink very white-ish skintone which I know is clear/warm/light, but then my hair is a very deep ash blonde/brown (natural) and my eyes are in dark slate-blue colors which is more soft/cool/dark. Clear/Light Spring and Soft summer were the closest ones that matched my colorings, but a majority of the colors did not flattering me in some way. Color Analysis: 3 Degrees of Cool & Brilliant. Comprehending Colour: the seasonal colour analysis. Last Comprehending Colour post was all about the basics of colour theory.

Comprehending Colour: the seasonal colour analysis

Slightly theoretical, I know, but it will make this post so much easier to understand — and this is where the fun truly begins. As you probably know, I work as a fashion consultant (if you didn’t know, why don’t you stop by my new About page?). Deciding your skin tone: warm or cool? One of the most interesting things I’ve learnt at Imageakademiet has been to see what colours will suit a person.

Deciding your skin tone: warm or cool?

Once you learn to see the difference between warm, cool or neutral colours, it’s practically a whole new world out there. Choosing a new top or lipstick is a lot easier if you know that it will complement your skin tone. But before you have a look in the mirror, it’s a good idea to understand the difference between warm and cool colours. Clear spring vs clear winter. If your dominant quality is CLEAR, how do you know if you are Spring or Winter?

clear spring vs clear winter

And actually Clear means you are either Spring/Winter or Winter/Spring, so which comes first? Remember two thirds of women are neutral, which these seasons are. Zooey Deschanel, Before and After - Beauty Editor: Celebrity Beauty Secrets, Hairstyles & Makeup Tips. Today's Before & After, 34-year-old Zooey Deschanel, is a tough one.

Zooey Deschanel, Before and After - Beauty Editor: Celebrity Beauty Secrets, Hairstyles & Makeup Tips

Not that long ago, there was speculation from The Huffington Post that she'd (gasp!) Had work done to her face. "We barely recognized Zooey Deschanel" was the click-bait headline after the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. I don't know about that, but if she did go under the knife or needle, it would certainly go against the whole quirky-cute demeanour she's got going on. Do quirky girls get plastic surgery?

Let's examine her beauty evolution over the years and find out what—if anything—has changed. The Before. Please explain CONTRAST. - Truth is Beauty. Expressing your truth blog: Eye Shadow colors by Season. Previously I posted about eye shadow colors to complement eye colors.

expressing your truth blog: Eye Shadow colors by Season

Now I'm going to try to sort out recommendations by Season, Type and Tone. Technically, eye color has nothing to do with Type and Tone. I have a personal correlation, that is not part of the actual systems. Introducing Colour Analyst Johanna Jarvinen (Finland) When an email arrives from any woman who has decided to redirect the flow of her life, ignoring all the doubts from inside and outside, moving into an unknown with nothing but love for the subject, I know I will meet a friend for all my life.

Introducing Colour Analyst Johanna Jarvinen (Finland)

Sometimes, maybe always, finding yourself in a place where life has given you no other choice is the best starting point there is. Whether as a colour analysis client or training to become an analyst, it’s at this moment that we are most free of our past. When you visit Johanna, you will find a woman of grace, humility, cleverness balanced with great sensitivity, and deep sincerity in her desire to help you find the answers that she has found, hopefully on a shorter, less winding path. Meeting Johanna without meeting her dog, Estella, is a tad incomplete. I love these training photos.

Introducing Colour Analyst Johanna Jarvinen (Finland) Introducing Colour Analyst Katherine Schlagal (Texas) In Katherine’s words below, she says some nice things about our time together. I can assure you that the pleasure and the honour were mine. She was a brilliant student, with the wisdom and humility to know that we all remain students in the subjects we love if we are to excel. This, I admire.An intelligent woman once said to me, “It is a great thing to remain teachable.” I may have quoted it before because it left such an impression. The Red Lipstick: Clear Spring palette: Best colours.

How we REALLY dress. I have the most amazing clients, presenting me with poignant feedback. One of my dear clients remarked that she would really like to see some suggestions for casual outfits, because ”that’s how we REALLY dress”. How right she is. Polyvore and Pinterest are full of fabulous outfits, but most of them are really not helpful for the average, Norwegian woman, at least not the segment of population that my clients belong to, so I addressed this in a newsletter to my Norwegian clients. And as many of you know, I am quite the fan of small, well curated wardrobes, and wardrobes that are tailored to the life we actually lead, not to the life we dream of.

And in fact, jeans are here to stay, jeans are the backbone and staple ingredient of most people’s wardrobe. So when I was asked if I wanted to join a fun collaboration project with Christine Scaman of 12 Blueprints, with the topic : Jeans for the 12 Seasons, I was positively thrilled. Soft Summer. Black and White for 12 Seasons. Women often say that they want to wear bright, vibrant colour. On most types of colouring, that kind of colour is the only thing others will see, hear, feel, or remember. The right lipstick for your natural colouring will look plenty bright to the rest of us who look at you.

We don’t look at your clothes on a hanger or your makeup on a sheet of paper. Your right colours in hair and clothes look just as vibrant ON YOU as truly vivid colours look on those women where they have a natural presence. Only the True Winter wears pitch black and stark white and looks complete. Not everyone can be invited to every party and nor would they want to be. Stores won’t supply 12 great blacks. Look at the graphics below in natural lighting without sunlight. You are Clear Spring! ~ expressing your truth closet. You are a Clear Spring, aka Bright Spring, aka Striking Spring aka Caygill & Zyla Vital Spring, aka Zyla Mischevious Spring, aka Wright Morninglight-Starlight (Pure Spring in the 16 season system)

Expressing your truth blog: clear spring vs clear winter. Color Theory Behind the Seasonal Color Analysis. "The Concept & Theory Behind the Seasonal Color Analysis" Gaining basic knowledge in color theory gives you a better understanding of the concept behind the seasonal color analysis, and how a coloring is assessed. Color. 20 17 19 22 24 5 7 3 11 19 17 15. Type 1, 2, 3, 4. Expressingyourtruth - Polyvore. Comparison of the 12 Seasons. Hue & Stripe. The easy answer for how to pick jeans for winters is Just Say No, because no matter how saturated and crisp they start out, they will fade over time and faded jeans will not be the best pick for any winter, but since jeans are here to stay and winters also have a need for casual clothing, here is my pick for the 3 winters. I have included a lot of very dark jeans in this catalogue, because of the great potential for high contrast outfits it creates for the three winters, who thrive on contrast.

Hue & Stripe. You are Clear Winter! ~ expressing your truth closet. You are Clear Spring! ~ expressing your truth closet. You are Clear Spring! ~ expressing your truth closet. You are Clear Winter! ~ expressing your truth closet. You are Cool Winter! ~ expressing your truth closet. Colour Sharing. How do members of a Season borrow colours into their wardrobe successfully? Just Skirts and Dresses: An experiment: fun with color analysis! Your Skin Color Matters. Personal Color Palettes - Your Most Flattering Colors. Figuring out your personal color palette is the best way to choose the most flattering colors to wear (whether that be related to fashion, jewelry, or makeup options). The concept behind the seasonal color palette is to categorize types by different seasons – Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall.

Lora Alexander's blog: The 12 Seasons: Clear Winter. A non-celebrity Clear Spring - Lora Alexander's blog. Growing Into Bright Winter.