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Bleep Stores. Porridge Bullet. Clipping. Ženský angažovaný rap aneb Amazonky za mikrofonem. V poslední době jsme svědky rozšíření fenoménu, který by se dal genderově nekorektně nazvat ženský angažovaný rap.

Ženský angažovaný rap aneb Amazonky za mikrofonem

Rozuměj: hip-hop v čele s frontmankou ženského pohlaví a s angažovanými konotacemi svých výpovědí. Korg Volca Sample - Hudební centrum s.r.o. Společnost Korg, jejíž hlavní sídlo se nachází v japonském Tokiu, je dnes uznávána jako jeden z nejinovativnějších výrobců elektronických hudebních nástrojů a jejich příslušenství na světě.

Korg Volca Sample - Hudební centrum s.r.o.

Digital printing, HP Indigo Digital Print Exeter Devon. Our state-of-the-art HP Indigo 7 colour digital offset printing presses provide lithographic quality printing with pure digital flexibility, enabling the production of high quality, short run and fully personalised, variable data, colour printing.

Digital printing, HP Indigo Digital Print Exeter Devon

Digital offset printing is the ultimate solution for short run, full-colour printing. The initial set up is minimal, and is immediately ready to finish, so projects can be delivered in a fraction of the time taken with lithographic printing. The print quality is exceptional on both coated and uncoated stocks. Mats Gustafsson / This is From the Mouth - Utech Records.

Frontpage – Posh Isolation. Cart: 0 Norin ”Bakom Planteringen” LP Mats Erlandsson "Valentina Tereshkova" LP Various Artists "Love Grew Rings Around Me" 3 x 7" Embroidered New World Entertainment Neopren Mask.

Frontpage – Posh Isolation

The Ten Teknival Anthems by Maelstrom. Edit your personal settings Newsletter Set up regular updates and information to get the news as it happens or create a weekly digest.

The Ten Teknival Anthems by Maelstrom

The newsletter will generate content for you based on your personal content settings Email: not set (Change)Subscribe me Design & layout. Split 12" with Open Tomb. Interview: Jeff Mills. Some of the biggest names in techno music (Juan Atkins, AUX 88 and Richie Hawtin) hail from Detroit, but within that circle, Jeff Mills is an outlier.

Interview: Jeff Mills

He was a part of the scene from the early days in the mid-1980s, but over his career he has refused to be pigeon-holed by the genre’s mores, and over an impressive output of 33 studio albums and 75 EPs, he has continually redefined the breadth and scope of electronic music. I caught up with Mills by phone — he was in Miami relaxing for a few days between international tour dates — and we discussed musical and cultural trends along with the inspiration fueling his creative output.

Guest House in Prague. What is a typical guest room?

Guest House in Prague

Usually it’s a bed with very simple side tables and, hopefully, a fully-working closet. Any sense of style or design is rarely displayed or built upon. Flipping that dynamic on its head, Czech studios Mjölk Architeki and DDAANN teamed up for a noble cause: to create a welcoming room with an obvious minimalist twist. It is possible to instil charisma into intentionally bare rooms. Taking cues from Japanese wood grids, the room infuses a great deal of personality with geometric lines for the cabinets, a surprisingly equipped kitchen and a clever duo of sofa/bed right in the middle of the room. On the access corridor there’s a good-humoured intervention, going against what most minimalist projects would dare, a neon green pedestal showcases the owners bicycle. To offer a guest the possibility to enjoy a well-though out space, oozing contemporary style and visual lightness, isn’t for everyone.

Photography by BoysPlayNice. Bon Entendeur. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Bon Entendeur

Radiový koutek: Voyager a Sputnik. Známá rozhlasová stanice BBC Radio 3 uvedla poslední neděli v září unikátní pořad s názvem To the Makers of Music – All Worlds, All Times.

Radiový koutek: Voyager a Sputnik

Pořad tvoří výběr toho „best of“ z různorodých nahrávek, určených pro sondu Voyager. Yasushi Akutagawa: Benkei (1986) Ricardo-donoso. Ricardo Donoso - Matutinum. Yves De Mey. 11+ Sound1. Big ear tapes. Long Story Recording Company. "It’s a fascinating mix of matching ingredients: the subtle piano notes, vocal samples, field recordings and stretched drones all seem to fall into the right place.

Long Story Recording Company

The piano notes in the title track never take center stage: they are mere accents in the background, yet once you heard them you’ll always recognise them. Three of the four tracks are reworked by The Green Kingdom, Christopher Bissonnette and Olan Mill to complete this full album. If this is the prelude, we can definitely look forward to further collaboration work from these two artists! " Ambient Blog. Tiny Tutorial: Sidechain Compression in Qtractor. Danielkorinek's collection. Discovery One Ambient Sound From 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Hailstorm & Maelstrom. Cryo Chamber. Gloria Coates: Cette blanche agonie (1988) Tomiyama. GRAVEYARD ORBIT - DIY indie label from Austin, TX. Nekubi tapes. NEK014: pacific trail. Felt like. Mvnners. One Quarter Descent. SpringBreakTapes. Moldflowers. "Moldflowers" was recorded in parallel with "Gray" (SOUN017) and involves a nearly identical process: cutting loops from found cassettes, deciding which loops fit into the aesthetic, and applying processing. However, the present album focuses primarily on relaxation and new age source material instead of modern classical as was the case with "Gray. " Another primary difference is that nearly all pieces consist of one loop (sometimes with two distinct melodic motifs) instead of the additional loop of static noise heard on "Gray," resulting in a decidedly more melodic experience. In contrast, my intention for this album was to emphasize the passage of time through the application of damage to media, in this case, the cassette format.

As a result, the comforting and meditational focus of the new age music used as source material is brought into conflict with its own mortality. GEOGRAPHIC NORTH. Lobster Theremin. Apothecary Compositions. Muscle and Mind - PoleGroup31. Untitled Tracks. Digital Space/System Meltdown. Amayawin's collection. Spy Films and the "Thrilling Joylessness" of Brutalism. "Like the fella says, in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance.

In Switzerland they had brotherly love - they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock. So long Holly. " Paraphrasing Harry Lime's famous quote from the 1949 film The Third Man, British journalist and author Jonathan Meades states: "Necessity is merely the adoptive mother of invention. War is the birth mother. " Add To Collection Save this image to a collection.

I Could Give You All That You Don't Want. Dis_Patched. Hidden, for once. Orange Milk Records. Orange Milk Records. Orange Milk Records. Orange Milk Records. OLDE ENGLISH SPELLING BEE. OESB-85 Released June 2015 Tehran-born and London-based, Ash Koosha creates music that is stripped of genre, style and conventional structure. His training in classical music and his interest in computer music from a young age has equipped him with necessary tools to construct, break, form and deform at the same time. The result is sound that is fragmented, unearthly yet natural, collage-like yet seamless. His latest work, GUUD is a sonic experience, where classical variations and harmonies meet manipulated sample grains.

It is a field, a ‘place where he deals with scientific and psychological questions’ and where he manipulates his senses by creating a synesthetic experience. One of the ideas that Ash has introduced in GUUD and will be further discovered in his future projects, is ‘nano-composition’. ⟔ MINDS ⟓ KEATS//COLLECTIVE. COCOBASS. A Loom And Not Me. Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Name your price about credits released 20 February 2012 license all rights reserved feeds Top. STYLSS Loves You - Volume One [STYLSS035] Recycle Culture. Dukkha..! an' Then Flow My Tears in Flames o' Foreyver Spectral Grotto. Recorded between September 2013 and November 2014. This album features nylon-string guitar, steel-string guitar, twelve-string guitar, Seagull Merlin, ukulele, Puerto Rican cuatro, banjo, miscellaneous percussion, field recordings, found sounds, samples, jaw harp, duck call, North Wind Highland Hornpipe, electric bass guitar, thunder stick, bowed psaltery, tin whistle, electric organ, melodica, saxophone, human voices, and MIDI.

Thanks PKD, YY, KM, RV, OS, BBC, BT, RB, GM, N, FO, CLD, the CC, CS, BT & WM, BB, JL, RG, YD, LG, AAS, DA, JH, DK, CW, DO, SC, SC. released 30 November 2014 Bjørn Bols - guitar on "Floating into rising", vocals on "Oribe ware", bowed guitar & field recordings on "O Nebulous Demon", Dip Deluxe - vocals on "Wizard", vocals & melodica on "Fool's tribulations" Đỗ Tấn Sĩ - field recordings on "Accidie", percussion on "Fool's tribulations" Casket Kids - guitar & banjo & samples on "Duelcimer"

Murmuüre. Dainumo, Jeesh, P.SUS, Pogo. Dan∆logOne. Moose Records. Mornings. The Feels. The Road Within EP. ♰ 4EVER YOUNG ♰ Old batch. Releases. — alaya. Kaelyn. Rubrasonic. Bush cow milk. Home - Bonsound. Mishkka. Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Name your price credits released 22 May 2014 license all rights reserved feeds Top. Northern Electronics. Courteous Family. Julia Lewis. SVNSET WΛVES.

#jealousgirlfriend. Stanley Ipkuss. Gritty cvts vol. 1. C∆SSΣTTΣ. ずっと一緒にいたいよ. POCKET FULL OF STONES. The Soulless Tape. Nyx (Album) Seoul. Sugarcöated EP.