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Triple Drop Productions. [AR_004] V/A. - Researching Networks / Abstrakt Reflections. REROUTE. VoxxoV Records. Machine de Rêve. ROBOAPOCALYPSE. By RØBØTAISEN supported by Luke Schlesier サバイバーvideo Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.


Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Singapore Sling Tapes. Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Singapore Sling Tapes

Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Name your price singapore sling tapes. Secrets / Tlaotlon (Gasometer 15th Feb '13) VAUVA-12. Bosque. ALTERED STATES TAPES. Gazelle Twin. Particle Ray. Fleeting Sun. Oceania LTD. Cosmic Compositions. Porcja pierwsza [ppt1] EMP (Electro Magnetic Peoples) Urban Waves Records. The Shabby Neophilia. Our new beat tape at Urban Waves Records is brought to you by Lidly from Tokyo, Japan.

The Shabby Neophilia

The experimental sound design and unquantized abstract beats are blending perfectly together in Lidly's unique and intricate musical universe. On this album Lidly invited some really nice artists to collaborate. Resulting in one of the best releases by the Japanese producer to date. Filthy Fingers United. Batch. 01. Strobe Light Logic. TiMT. A History Of Every One. SOLSTØV. Sol - Sun / Støv - Dust With their distant, icy ambient music in shades of pale blues and greys, the Norwegian duo Pjusk evoke lonliness, time and landscape with their sound that stretches slowly, carefully and patiently through the air.


Having previously released two albums on 12k, their debut Sart (12k1042, 2007) and Sval (12k1059, 2010) and a third, Tele (Glacial Movement Records, 2012), Pjusk return with perhaps their boldest and most focused album yet. Solstøv is an album made almost entirely from the sound of the trumpet (performed by Kåre Nymark jr), both natural and processed. Pjusk explored it not only as the delicate acoustic instrument that it is but as a generator of tone and nuanced source material. 12k’s Taylor Deupree was invited to provide sonic manipulations of the trumpet with the sound design system Kyma transforming it into delicately strange passages and tones.

Solstøv, the sun, the dust... expansive, shifting, weightless and shimmering. Ryan Evans. The Pilgrim's Regress. ONE – FIVE. Julia Winter Melancholia 3. Quantos / Represalia. Quantos / Represalia fue grabado por Victor Nubla en los estudios Sonitec, en la calle Gomis número 42 de Barcelona, en una sola noche de octubre de 1982, usando como instrumento un magnetofón 3M de 16 pistas y un centenar de cintas de audio extraídas de los archivos del propio estudio.

Quantos / Represalia

Fue editado en formato de cassette un mes después, en edición limitada de 21 ejemplares con la portada impresa en acetato. Después se reeditó formando parte de la primera edición de cassettes LMD, con el mítico embalaje de la carpetilla de gomas (que es el que se presenta en la imagen). 百夜を繋ぐ言の千切れ葉 [disconnected words connect the worlds] BUY CD (pre-order) 2014.11.29 release to click (CD) button under "INTERNATIONAL" or "JAPAN" to purchase. you can buy CD with Paypal.

百夜を繋ぐ言の千切れ葉 [disconnected words connect the worlds]

国内送料無料。 Overseas delivery charges are 200JPY. Wasabi Tapes. Dragon's Eye Recordings. Legion of Swine. Robert Douglas. Cétieu. Soft Energy. Rabbit Cradle. Jason Christopher Watkins. Autumn Bells. Dark Ambient of 2014. Still life. Lux natura. Après-MIDI. Windows 98の. The Munz Grove Incident. BMW M3Jehovah [耶和华] Car Audio Compilation.

Jakub Lemiszewski. Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Jakub Lemiszewski

Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Name your price about “Hermes (gr. Ἑρμῆς Hermḗs, łac. Commercial Dreams Ltd. Kobayashi Yamato. FORSELFANDFORYOU. Øooz∆rµ. In Tokyo 2. WOE. Exo Tapes Inc. Animals Of Stars. Bergenost. 商業的な仕事 1993 – 2004. In mid-2014, an unknown Japanese composer by the name of Kobayashi Yamato made a small splash in the vaporwave scene when he released his album ‘快い亡霊 OST’ - a lost soundtrack composed for an unreleased Dreamcast game called ‘Pleasant Specter’ in 1998.

商業的な仕事 1993 – 2004

Kobayashi mentioned in his album notes for this release that he was inspired to unveil this lost soundtrack he composed almost fifteen years beforehand after discovering vaporwave through a friend’s son. Chaz Underriner. KHAN'S REQUIEM. AGO (Astronaut Gang) Peacock King. KEATS//COLLECTIVE. Store - Orange Milk Records. All Pricing Includes Shipping For tape and LP bundles, please choose from the drop-down menus below.

Store - Orange Milk Records

When ordering remember to include what albums you would like in the Paypal notes . Free digital download available upon request. For any questions or download requests email us at Hyprbeats. Decoder Magazine » German Army, “Jivaro Witnesses” Burka For Everybody, June 2014 Does the mere mention of a new German Army release get your engines revving anymore, all hot and bothered?

Decoder Magazine » German Army, “Jivaro Witnesses”

Is it still titillating or tantalizing? Or is the magic somehow… gone? OK, so this review kind of started out as if we’re all in some kind of marriage counseling session with these guys, but look, if you are feeling that way about German Army, I guess I don’t blame you. Seven in this year alone. "Digitalisea" Turin based producer Yari Malaspina aka OOBE follows up last years’ Opal Tapes-released “SFTCR” cassette with a more clearly defined and uniquely digitized approach to ambient electronica. Resting melancholy echoes onto slow rave rhythms, “Digitalisea” is a heavy, histrionic set of slow moves into Stargate-mining planetscapes and gaseous, computerized digi-psych. OOBE is deeply cosmic in all of these ultra synthetic dealings with tropes of both ambient techno and classic 90s euphoria, regenerating fragments of both into his own dense, amorphous blur of textural but rhythmic ambience that comes out somewhere between a processed and pixelated Huerco S. and crisply distorted Sci-Fi version of Actress.

1080p: Tlaotlon - "Ektomists" Release Date: 29 July 2014 Twisted, maximalist and hyper-cerebral electronica from New Zealand (now Melbourne-based) producer Tlaotlon aka Jeremy Coubrough, who has produced a number of distinctly frenetic records in the last few years for Dungeon Taxis, Epic Sweep and Trensmat. After recently replacing the old PC (a rugged dusty chunk of components in an exposed case with no protective panels) on which he built those experiments in noise and dismantled techno, Coubrough explores a new kind of narcotically euphoric virtuality on a new machine, with added synthetic stimulation from a new e-cigarette.

For “Ektomists”, the vapour flavour of choice was Redbull; thick plumes of smoke in front of dual 24” monitors displaying several new processes in the Tlaotlon sound. 1080p. 1080p. Infiniti (インフィニティ Infiniti? , IPA: [inɸinʲiti]) is the luxury vehicle division ofJapanese automaker Nissan Motor Company. Infiniti officially started selling vehicles on November 8, 1989 in North America. The Infiniti brand was introduced in the USA in 1989. Infiniti is Luke Wyatt. Themarketing strategy was to target the premium vehicle segments in the United States that would not have otherwise fit in with Nissan’s more mainstream image, and partially influenced by the Plaza Accord of 1985. The Infiniti marque was launched with two models, the Q45, and the M30. PIXXX4: A COMPILATION BY UNIT STRUCTURE SOUND RECORDINGS FOR WYRD DISTRO. PIXXX is an ongoing compilation series put together by Unit Structure Sound Recordings.

PIXXX4 is our most ambitious project yet as it gathers 38 unique artists from across Canada to celebrate the launch of the WYRD DISTRO a Canadian distribution centre run by the fine people at Weird Canada. Unit Structure Sound Recordings would like to send out a HUGE thanks to all the artists who participated. Plasticity. Decoder Magazine » Baseball Cap – New Surrealism. Wielding only his finger, a patch cord, and an array of effects pedals, Christian Filardo essentially sculpts the sound of his own body’s electromagnetic nature. Live human tissue has both electrical resistance and capacitance, and Filardo – who runs the Holy Page imprint and records shockingly intense noise-scapes as Baseball Cap – uses these properties to his advantage, coaxing misty clouds of static and feedback from his unassuming fingertip. On Organization. 鬼婆 (Onibaba) / Nick Millevoi. Decoder Magazine » Homebody – S/T EP. Given the punchy percussion, jangly rhythms and glum melodies, you might have guessed Homebody was an unknown castaway from the island of C86.

Decoder Magazine » Aaron Martin – Chapel Floor. Although the imprint still largely exists as a catalog of Justin Wright’s expansive Expo ’70 efforts, Sonic Meditations has been a consistent source of dense and truly moving drone music that has forcibly but quietly evolved experimental sound. Live at Post Terrestrial. Exo Tapes Inc. Decoder Magazine » Blog. Pawlacz Perski. Exist Resist. The Language Of Flowers. THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS is the debut LP from Texas born artists Twigs & Yarn. It is an intimate story pieced together between continents and bedrooms, a collage of musical messages assembled from traditional instruments, found objects, lonely nights, paper cups and trembling voices.

Dream Catalogue™ Alligator Crystal Moth. Black Moss. Unknown Artists - Untitled. MAREK PASIECZNY. Glia. Nicholas Szczepanik. Found Sound Foundation. Heinz Riegler - SLEEP HEALTH. Pale Earth. Bun / Fumitake Tamura. Lou Harrison Suite for Cello and Harp. Milton Babbitt: Arrivals and Departures. Toña la negra/Toru Takemitsu. 20th Century Music for Guitar. Toru Takemitsu.