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features - Webnode Webnode is a tool for the fast and easy creation of web sites. Simple, on-line and free. You can even use your own domain. It's free! features - Webnode
Unsubscribr | Easily unsubscribe from junk and bulk email Unsubscribr | Easily unsubscribe from junk and bulk email Today we're happy to announce that Unsubscribr is now the Swizzle Inbox Manager! When we created Unsubscribr, our goal was to help consumers quickly and easily eliminate junk email from their mailboxes. We worked very hard to make the process as user friendly, easy, and effective as possible and we think we've acheived those goals. The tweets, blog posts, Facebook and Pinterest shares and emails from our users have been amazing and we sincerely thank everyone for your support over the last few months. The team over at The Swizzle has some big plans for the Swizzle Inbox Manager that we're excited to watch take shape over the next weeks and months.
Google Drive Is Alive: 5GB of Free Dropbox-Like Storage on Google's Servers
Use Google Docs to Monitor Your Website's Uptime
why? When you respond to a question on replyz.com, we post your reply to Twitter so the question-asker can see your reply. The reply includes a link back to the full conversation on replyz.com, so anyone who sees the tweet will be able to link over and view and join the complete threaded conversation. Twitter users, whether they follow you or not, will only see your reply in their tweet-stream if they are following the question-asker.


How to Monitor your Website Uptime with Google Docs - Tutorial

How to Monitor your Website Uptime with Google Docs - Tutorial

Learn how to use Google Docs as a free website monitoring tool and receive instant email and SMS text alerts when your website goes down. Do you have a website or a blog? Would you like to receive instant alerts as soon as your site goes down or becomes inaccessible to users? Would you like to receive these downtime alerts as email, text messages on your mobile phone, or both? Most website owners use “freemium” website monitoring services to track the downtime and uptime of their sites. These service offer free plans but are often required to upgrade to the premium version for unlimited email or SMS alerts or if you would like to monitor a large number of websites.
screenleap: One-Click Screen Sharing Without Any Signup screenleap: One-Click Screen Sharing Without Any Signup A lot of applications and instant messaging software allow you to share your screen with others, but the problem is, not everyone uses the same applications. So, instead of downloading, installing or signing up for new services or softwares, screenleap offers you with one-click, platform/tool-independent screen sharing and hassle-free viewing within the web browser. The service does not require any installation or signup whatsoever, and with it, you can allow as many people as you like to view your computer screen at once. To start off, click the bright green button labelled Share your screen now! After this, a Java Runtime permission window pops up, whence simply click Run. Once your screen is visible, you’ll get a link that you can send to as many people as you want, to show them what you are working on.

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Symform: Shared Cloud Backup Solution With 200 GB Free Storage Space Cloud storage services are nothing new to the world of technology anymore, and every other day, we see a new entrant in this rather populated market. With so much on offer, it becomes hard to decide which of the many offerings is something new, and not just a replica of something already popular (they’re more than a lot out there). With that in mind, we found Symform to be something different from the lot – not just in what if offers, but also by how it works. Symform is a cloud-based data backup and storage solution that offers up to 200GB of free space for all your precious data, complete with a Windows client that is essential to use the service effectively. Symform: Shared Cloud Backup Solution With 200 GB Free Storage Space