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Safecopy Recovers Data from Hard Drives and Other Media, Keeps Working When Other Tools Give Up. Create Flow Charts, Network Diagrams, Circuits & More With Dia. Ever found yourself required to make flowcharts, network diagrams, circuit sketches and more at work or for studies?

Create Flow Charts, Network Diagrams, Circuits & More With Dia

Dia is a strong and very powerful application meant for all such occasions. Presentations are a particularly powerful tool to communicate your ideas, and at times, plain old text is just boring. So, for those of you who have a tough time creating diagrams in MS Power Point or MS Word, Dia will make it much easier for you to convey your ideas, with an elaborate set of preset tools that are custom made for a plethora of subjects.


Windows. Android. Chrome. Backup. Webapps. Best Portable Apps. A portable app is a “lite” version of a software, which can be run without being installed on the host computer, and which doesn’t modify the computer’s configuration information.

Best Portable Apps

In other words, you can run it, and use it, and no-one will ever know you were there. Apart from being more flexible and secure when working on public computers, another good use for portable apps is to keep your number of installed apps to an absolute minimum. Installed programs take up space and can cause a computer to run slower, so the less you have installed the better. My personal policy is that I never install something if there is a portable version available. But which portable apps are the best?