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Michigan Orders Detroit Finances to Be Reviewed. Marilyn Salenger: ‘White flight’ and Detroit’s decline. By Marilyn Salenger July 21, 2013 Marilyn Salenger is president of Strategic Communications Services and a former correspondent and news anchor for several CBS stations.

Marilyn Salenger: ‘White flight’ and Detroit’s decline

An almost palpable sadness has swept across the country at the news that the city of Detroit has filed for bankruptcy. While the possibility of this had been discussed, the reality of what was once the fourth-largest city in the United States sinking to such depths is disheartening, a moment people will remember for years to come. To understand that the decline and bankruptcy represent so much more than dollars and cents requires a step back to a time that many would prefer to forget but remains unforgettable. For Detroit, a Crisis Born of Bad Decisions and False Hope. DETROIT — This city was already sinking under hundreds of millions of dollars in bills that it could not pay when a municipal auditor brought in a veteran financial consultant to dig through the books.

For Detroit, a Crisis Born of Bad Decisions and False Hope

A seasoned turnaround man and former actuary with Ford Motor Co., he was stunned by what he found: an additional $7.2 billion in retiree health costs that had never been reported, or even tallied up. “The city must take some drastic steps,” the consultant, John Boyle, warned the City Council in delivering his report at a public meeting in 2005. Among the options he suggested was filing for bankruptcy. “I thought all hell would break loose — I thought the flag would finally be raised,” Mr. Boyle recalled in an interview last week. Kwame M. Kilpatrick, Former Detroit Mayor, Sentenced to 28 Years in Corruption Case. DETROIT — Kwame M.

Kwame M. Kilpatrick, Former Detroit Mayor, Sentenced to 28 Years in Corruption Case

Kilpatrick, the former mayor of Detroit, stood before a federal judge on Thursday and apologized for putting the people of his city through a corruption scandal so vast that prosecutors say it helped accelerate Detroit’s march toward bankruptcy. “They’re hurting,” Mr. Kilpatrick said. RACE - The Power of an Illusion . Go Deeper. How Does a Good Neighborhood "Turn Bad"?

RACE - The Power of an Illusion . Go Deeper

What triggers the decline of an area? Some people claim that once minorities move in, the neighborhood starts to deteriorate. There is a chain of events that will cause even the most affluent area to become an impoverished one. But it's not about who's moving in - it's about who leaves. One thing leads to another… White Flight Begins When nonwhite residents (particularly Black and Latino) begin moving into a neighborhood, white homebuyers "perceive" that the neighborhood is in decline and choose not to move there. CONCLUSION Every family wants the best neighborhood they can afford.

Race does play a role, but it's not the one people think. The most important factor in the health of a community is not the race of its residents, but their ability to work across racial lines to preserve resources, property values, and opportunities. Detroit Is an Example of Everything That Is Wrong with Our Nation. Back on July 18, 2013 the city of Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

Detroit Is an Example of Everything That Is Wrong with Our Nation

Detroit is now seeing a little life, but the city is far from where it once was. Once the wealthiest city in America, known as the “arsenal of democracy,” Detroit was the fourth largest city in the U.S. in the 1960s with a population of two million. Now it has become an example of everything that is wrong with the American economy, Detroit has become nothing more than a devastated landscape of urban decay with a current population of 714,000 whose unemployment rate at the height of the recession was as high as 29 percent, and has only decreased due to the rapidly decreasing population. Visiting Detroit is the closest Americans can come to viewing what appears to be a war-torn city without leaving the U.S. This former powerhouse is a barren stretch of land, devastated by looters and and full of run-down, vacant houses.

Unfortunately, Detroit is not alone. Detroit's amazing transformation captured on camera after it loses ONE MILLION residents in 60 years. By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 01:28 GMT, 2 October 2012 | Updated: 20:28 GMT, 3 October 2012 When it comes to embattled cities, Detroit has suffered more than most - with a dramatically declining population, crumbling industries and homes and buildings abandoned.

Detroit's amazing transformation captured on camera after it loses ONE MILLION residents in 60 years

The Michigan city has lost 60 per cent of its population since the 1950s - around one million residents - when the city was America's fourth largest and the thriving hub of car industry and Motown music. Detroit is "Most Dangerous City in America" for fourth year in a row, Forbes report says. (CBS) DETROIT - For the fourth year in a row, Forbes magazine is calling Detroit the "Most Dangerous City in America," citing statistics from the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, according to CBS Detroit.

Detroit is "Most Dangerous City in America" for fourth year in a row, Forbes report says

Pictures: America's Ten Most Dangerous Cities A high murder rate helped make the Motor City the U.S. metropolitan area most prone to violent crime in 2010, with 1,111 violent crimes reported per 100,000 residents, Forbes reported. The magazine compiled its data using the FBI data for 2010 for each of the country's metropolitan regions in four categories of violent crimes: murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault. Renee Monforton, of the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau, downplayed the "distinction": "There is crime, it's typically centered in pockets, where there might be a lot of poverty, unfortunately, or perhaps from not so many educational opportunities," said Monforton.

The World Series will be coming to Detroit this week. Financial manager: Detroit 'dysfunctional, wasteful' DETROIT — Detroit's emergency manager said Monday that he'll know in as soon as six weeks whether the city's financial crisis can be resolved without declaring bankruptcy.

Financial manager: Detroit 'dysfunctional, wasteful'

Anatomy of Detroit’s Decline - Interactive Feature. Report: Nearly Half Of Detroiters Can’t Read. DETROIT (WWJ) – According to a new report, 47 percent of Detroiters are “functionally illiterate.”

Report: Nearly Half Of Detroiters Can’t Read

The alarming new statistics were released by the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund on Wednesday. WWJ Newsradio 950 spoke with the Fund’s Director, Karen Tyler-Ruiz, who explained exactly what this means. “Not able to fill out basic forms, for getting a job — those types of basic everyday (things). Reading a prescription; what’s on the bottle, how many you should take… just your basic everyday tasks,” she said. “I don’t really know how they get by, but they do. Some of the Detroit suburbs also have high numbers of functionally illiterate: 34 percent in Pontiac and 24 percent in Southfield. “For other major urban areas, we are a little bit on the high side… We compare, slightly higher, to Washington D.C.’s urban population, in certain ZIP codes in Washington D.C. and in Cleveland,” she said. Tyler-Ruiz said only 10 percent of those who can’t read have gotten any help to resolve it.