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Fabric Farms Interiors: Upholstery Supplies & Tools. UK's Leading Upholstery Supplier. 45 Sewing tools you may need to start to sew {Some of them are essential} Online Upholstery Courses. Home — Upholstery on Broadway. Bristol Upholstery & Soft Furnishings Co. CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR We will close at 5.00pm on Thursday 17th December and Re-Open at 9.00am on Monday 4th January 2021.

Bristol Upholstery & Soft Furnishings Co.

We hope you will be able to enjoy Christmas and New Year, albeit differently this year, and that 2021 will be a healthy one for you and your family. We hope all our customers, old and new, are safe and well Due to COVID 19, we are working under the following temporary arrangements: • Our Reception and Showroom will regrettably NOT be open to visitors. • Our incoming phone lines will be open 10.00am to 1.00pm and 1.30pm to 3.00pm, Monday to Thursday only. Due to some of our loyal staff having to isolate because of COVID-19, we are already experiencing staff shortages across our business and anticipate this situation continuing during the Pandemic. If you have an order already placed with us, the lead time originally discussed with you will very likely now be lengthened. The Bristol Upholstery & Soft Furnishings Team Filmed by video production agency TopLine Comms. Sewing for the Home ~ Sewing a Slipcover (Part Three)

Sewing The Slipcover Use your muslin pieces as you would any regular pattern pieces.

Sewing for the Home ~ Sewing a Slipcover (Part Three)

If any of your pattern pieces are deficient in the 1″ seam allowance, you can add that onto the upholstery fabric before cutting (just measure 1″ from the masking tape on the pattern piece pinned to the upholstery fabric and mark with a fabric pencil or pin). Keep in mind that the OUTSIDE WING/ARMREST, INSIDE WING, and INSIDE ARMREST pattern pieces must have 2 pieces of the upholstery fabric cut out and that they must be mirror pieces (a right and a left). The easiest way to do this is to fold your upholstery cloth in half with either wrong or right sides facing each other, align your pattern piece on top (not along a fold), and cut around the entire pattern piece. Align the OUTSIDE BACK, INSIDE BACK, and SEAT pieces along a fold line, and then cut. » Sewing Tutorials + Patterns » Sewing for the Home ~ Sewing...

Kirkby Design - High Performance Upholstery Fabrics. Modern Quilt Fabric, Japanese Import Fabric, Retro Fabric, Contemporary Cotton Designer Fabric. 10 Scrap Refabs: Vintage Reupholstery with Colorful Fabric. Forget fabric stores – some antiques are just too boring to bother re-covering with traditional patterns.

10 Scrap Refabs: Vintage Reupholstery with Colorful Fabric

These hodgepodge pieces use patchwork scraps to create fresh new themes within stodgy old frameworks. (Re)fabric(ation) can be fun. Design by Leftovers takes old and often overly-ornate furnishings that would hardly fit in a modern home, and remakes them to look creative, contemporary and strangely more timeless. If you are at a loss for how to reupholster some household items, look no further for inspiration. While there seems to be much mixing going on, there is a clear set of methods within the madness – each found piece of fabric is stitched into a new whole in a way that is clearly conscious of what appears around it in terms of colors and patterns. Each of this series has a core zone of tonal focus – cool purples and relaxing blues to bright reds, bizarre pinks and earth browns.

How to make a cheap, awesome, professional Curtain Rod. First off, thank you so much for being so kind about my new curtains in the dining room!

How to make a cheap, awesome, professional Curtain Rod

I am taken aback daily by how many genuinely nice people there are in this blogging community. Thank you for loving the curtains along with me, and also thank you for just being plain ol’ nice. Now, shall we get down to bid-ness? Let’s talk Curtain Rods. More specifically, let’s talk about my dining room curtain rod that I DIY’d. I should dedicate an entire post just to curtain rods and best above ground pool, because after this experience, I think I know every single option of inexpensive curtain rod options in the greater Austin area. DIYing a Curtain Rod: I headed to Home Depot on a mission to find a practical inexpensive solution to my curtain rod dilemma. At Home Depot I found a variety of objects that could work, but in the end the heavens parted and I stumbled on Electrical Conduit. Bless the person that invented this light weight, sturdy, and extremely inexpensive product!

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