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Juliamarshblog. Lodoe, Karma. Bath, Simon. October 28th 1962 0932 Two of my secret service bodyguards barge through the automatic sliding door.

Bath, Simon

Chignell, Tom. Clark, Ella. Cotmore, Robert. Cuadra, Javiera. Dean, Danielle. Self reflection I think I did well on the topics last term and I have improved a lot since term one, I have been achieving higher marks this term due to myself working harder and trying to stay on task in class.

Dean, Danielle

I revised the night before the in class essay as well which helped me a lot. I found working with blogs was easier to present information when working in groups. I could have improved on scheduling the time out for when I needed the video to be finished by. I enjoyed filming our Bend It Like Beckham video and being the interviewer in the talk show. The theme in the scene where Tony confesses to Jess about his sexuality in Bend It Like Beckham is friendship. Tony and Jess are sitting on a park bench in the middle of an empty park Jess tells Tony that she nearly kissed Joe in Germany. Tony and Jess are both Indian, tony and Jess most likely would not had been friends if they were not from the same culture (Indian). Dear Lekan Oyekanmi. Evans, Sammy. Day 1: Reaping It’s the day of the reaping and Prim’s name gets pulled out but Katniss volunteers as the female tribute from District 12.

Evans, Sammy

The male district is Peeta Mellark, who Katniss went to school with Day 2: Capitol. Felton, Harry. Gledhill, Hamish. How Frank Butterman develops as a character throughout the film.

Gledhill, Hamish

Halpin, Jamie. Indino, Iragane. Winter morning.

Indino, Iragane

The air sends chills to my bare neck. Crystallised water droplets shine through the strike of the sun. And there, outside my window the lonely frozen pond is waiting for me. I stand up, grab my stuff and head outside. Cold chills quiver across my face. “Janey! Journeax, Alistair. Kemara, Levi. Kidd, Janelle. A dark, gloomy figure appeared over me, ruining my pleasant morning.

Kidd, Janelle

“Rosanna!” She yapped like a chihuahua in distress. We stood on the sidewalk as we awkwardly engaged in small talk. Much to my displeasure we discussed meeting for a job interview for the role of a receptionist at my firm. “Bar 101, four o’clock,” she commanded before she stepped off the tarmac and hailed a taxi. I was swallowed by the massive doors of Bar 101, it was manic. I remember Crystal coming from a wealthy family, who lived a pleasurable lifestyle.

She finally strolled through the entrance as though she was on time, her petite frame hardly measuring up to the door itself. “I own my own company,” I challenged, “the new job opening has made me busier than ever.” She sat smug, arms crossed, perhaps closed off from any type of feedback at all. Layton, Sam. Marangoni, Leonardo. Mountain, Finn. The sun rise breaks the night that never seemed to end.

Mountain, Finn

Around him bodies lie in various conditions, from seemingly unharmed to charred beyond recognition. He trembles as he looks around, his eyes searching for anybody, anything alive. From the far corner of the room a moan rings out, not that of a slight injury but the moan of a man with his life draining away. The man limps over to the corner only to find his camera man buried in rubble.

Roberts, Daniel. Most teenagers now days have to overcome their own problems, the theme of overcoming adversities relates well to us because not only do we understand it throughout the texts; Job,Tomorrow When the War Began and and the films I studied The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Home well but it teaches us a lot about how to overcome these adversities as well.

Roberts, Daniel

The first film we studied was The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. In this film the main character Walter Mitty must face many adversities the biggest one of these is when Walter is scared of losing his job if he can’t find the 25th negative photo. An example of this Adversity was when Walter could either get in a Helicopter with a drunk pilot and pursue Sean or he could stay there and fail his mission of finding the 25th negative photo. When Walter starts to back down and feel defeat he day dreams of Cheryl singing the song Ground Control to Major Tom, this gives Walter the courage to get on the Helicopter. (Gemma) (Neve) Schinacher, Jannik. Slabbert, Britney. Surtees, Nina. Urquhart, Annabelle. 26 Aug Relationship Essay By Annabelle Urquhart In the novel The Outsiders written by S.E.

Urquhart, Annabelle

Hinton the relationship between Johnny and Ponyboy they show that they need each other when they escaping to the church. Then this is showed throughout the novel. They have a strong bond because they share the blame when Johnny kills Bob, they have a close relationship this is shown when Ponyboy talks about the sunset and Johnny just listens and then they run away together and how they support each other in hard times. The relationship between Pony-boy Curtis and Johnny is important because they have a really strong bond. The relationship between Pony-boy Curtis and Johnny is important because a close relationship shows how easy they can bond and trust each other. The relationship between Pony-boy Curtis and Johnny is important because they need someone each other to support themselves. Van Der Meer, Floor. Wakerley, Joshua. Murder at Dunsinane Questions When he first meets the witches what is the most important prophecy told to Macbeth?

Wakerley, Joshua

“Soon you will be king of Scotland” Why was Macbeth so surprised at this prediction? Zitnik, Aaron.