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Mock paper sources B and C analysis. Mock paper interpretations 1 and 2. Question 3a Study sources B and C. Question 3b What is the main difference. Question 3c Why is there a difference. 16 mark mock answer. BBC iPlayer - The Nazis A Warning from History Episode 1. BBC iPlayer - Nazis: A Warning from History Episode Two. 8 mark source usefulness question - Sport. 8 mark source Sport question - model first paragraph on Source B. Revision homework: 09.02.17. Key characters. Are your facts specific enough. Historical literacy. What's the impact. How can you revise effectively & efficiently. Germany topic revision sheets template. Weimar and Nazi Germany RAG for Front of Books.

Germany Revision Notes 1918-1939 ALL THE WAY. Germany revision notes up to 1933 ONLY. President Ebert. President Hindenburg. Franz von Papen. Kurt von Schleicher.